Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wow it's been a while~

I mean, nearly two weeks?! Jeez, I really should update this blog more often >_<" Which is why I'm posting today rather than a Get the Look post (because 1. I need to update you all and 2. I haven't got an outfit to break down OTL).
So what I've been up to? I'll be lying if I said "not much", 'cause hell I did. But it was mostly uni work and all that shizz~ I did manage to have some spare time though, and my boyf came over to visit me for his birthday <3

It was his first time over at my new home, so I wanted to make it special (especially 'cause it was his birthday). So I had a plan mwahahahaha...
The plan was that we'll "go to town 'cause I was bored" and stroll around for a bit, and then head home. PFFT. What I didn't tell him was that the way we were walking home was past...


I've never been before, and I knew he would love it there as he luuurves Japanese stuff! So I made him close his eyes and I dragged him in there~ He was so surprised! And methinks he had a really good time tehe~ <3
We both ordered the same dish - by no fault of our own, we just liked the same thing - and had spicy fried Squid for starters and chicken Miso soup for mains! It was so yummy *__*

So cute <3

There was a lil' girl next to us who was given this cute lil' thing! They're like the easy form of chopsticks for kids. Awh.


After that we headed home <3 and while I plonked him down in front of the TV I sneakily went to the fridge aaand brought him his birthday cake! With candles an' all! If I said he was surprised at going to Wagamama's boy he was REALLY surprised at this! The look on his face was priceless when I came in singing "Happy Birthday". He's so cute <3

Buuut yeah. Overall, it was an amazing day ^^ Especially for him tehehehe~ ^^

My look for his birthday~ Ignore the spot on my nose ;__;

Wearing my new Jewerich & Diamond Lash lashes! I'm so happy with them *__*

Primark top, West Coast dress, Peacocks OTK socks, New look coat, Claire's

Btw, decided to split this post into two 'cause I had waaaay too many piccies OTL.
Until next time~



  1. Awh, thank you so much for an amazing weekend! :D The best birthday ever ^_^ You look absolutely beautiful >//<
    I love you <3

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  3. Lol i fucked up trying to comment on my phone :(
    Anyways you looked cute and the food looks yummy <3

  4. Ahh gorgeous lashes! I love your bottom ones.

    That was so sweet of you ^__^

  5. You look great as always and you both are cute <3

  6. @KrypticDust Nyaa you're welcome! Teheheh <3 So happy that yoou enjoyed it ^^ Awh thank yooou! ^3^ I love you too :D <3

    @Banny N'aww bless ya :P Tehehe~ Awh thank yoou! ^^

    @Gyaruru Awh really? Thanks so much! ^3^

    @Beann Zomg me too! They're my new fave ones <3 Tehehe why thank yoou~

    @さくらガール Awh you're too kind! Thank you so much ^3^

  7. Cute as always ^__^ <3 <3 <3

  8. @rivriv Awh thanks sweet! ^^ <3 <3 <3 <3

    @xiaoqing♥Aki Awh thanks so much ^3^

  9. Your makeup = always perfect. <33

    And d'aww, you guys are so cute together! Glad your surprise went off without a hitch. Haha.

  10. @♥ Noxin ♥ Uwaah, you're too kind *__*

    Awh thank you so much! :D Aha, yeah me too!


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