Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Where the hell have I been?

*EDIT* After I dolled up my eyelid went messed up again... So I've gotta stay away from wearing any makeup around my eyes ;_; D'oh!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Living alone has made me realise just how hard it is not being able to rely on anyone but yourself, so I've been spending a lot of time just buying food and going to uni.
Luckily I've now got a job so I'm not so poor lolololol.
I've spent the past couple of weeks thinking over of what I wanna' achieve in life. Things like I used to do every day just disappeared since the beginning of this year, and I want to bring them back. I want to be able to draw like I used to with the same passion, pick up my Chinese skills that I had long abandoned four years ago, and doll up as if it was the funnest thing to do.
I must admit that I've been really lazy. Like, really really lazy.
So I've come up with a basic outline of what I want to do to bring all of those things back to life again. And today I've found this amazing "theme" thing called 12 before 2012 where I think of 12 things that I wanna do before 2012.

banner and idea from oh, hello friend

* Find and attempt some Graphic Design tutorials
* Finish off any commissions
* Learn at least 15 Chinese sentences
* Attempted 2 different Gyaru hairstyles
* Do at least one finished illustration
* Go to London
* Spend Xmas with my family and my boyf <3 
* Read half of a French book
* Look to buy new circle lenses
* Saved up a bit for mine and my boyf's holiday <3
* Start deco-ing nails
*Done some art studies 

ANYWAYS. Onto the Gyaru side of things; my eye's messed up ;_; It was really sore and swollen after the meet back in October and it's still kinda' there.. The skin's gone all ew as well >_<" So I lay off makeup for a while... Until today :P I also took some pictures of my coord but I can't find them atm D: 
It's not really a decent photo 'cause my phone camera is so crappy ;_; Wish I had boyf's HTC D: 


Monday, 7 November 2011

Get the Look: Cute polkadots

I'm really sorry that I haven't done one of these posts in so long; I just felt so uninspired and couldn't really find a coord that caught my eye... It's also because I didn't know if yoou guys still wanted me to do these kinda' posts >_<" But ANYWAYS, I'm back with this series! ^^

[ EDIT ] The person below isn't me! In my Get The Look series I always use images on the internet~ 

The coord we're looking at today is this cute one here I found on tumblr: 

And now onto the similar clothes!
You could find these in any Western stores, but the shops I'm using from are from the UK (although I do think that they sell worldwide~ I know that New Look definitely does ^^)

Seen a look that you're interested in? Want it to be featured on "Get The Look"?  
Please leave a comment or contact me via twitter (3LizzieBee). Links to pictures would be perfect :D

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Outfit Post: PM Meet in London!

 This is a lil' post of my outfit and my makeup! Like I said in my other post "Epicly-awhsum week", I didn't want to overcrowd it lololol.
So this is my make I did for the PM meet! It's been my second proper time that I wore my lenses and my eyes didn't hurt even after 8 hours o_O Am pretty proud of them tbh <3 Such a shame that they didn't really make my eyes look bigger than they are already ;__; I suppose they give me the dolly look though ^^
I wanted to go for a dramatic look, and used brown & black eyeshadow ^^ I used a bit of blue eyeshadow too, just to experiment! I wanted to go for something that Saeko Chiba did but it didn't come out so well ;__;
So this is also part of my Gyaru meme thing that I used to do before ^^

This was the look I was aiming for, although changed the colours slightly~

I also need to find another lippy or something OTL. 

My eyemake! Tehehehe~ 

Scarf: Primark
Skull top: Select
Sweater: West One
Leather Jacket: Hidden
Jeans: Quiz
Boots: Red London (I think?)

Also, I'm now officially employed! YAYAYAYAY FINALLY! I've been looking around and applying for ages and I've finally gotten a job just around the corner from me~ Had my first shift on Tuesday and I'm already getting settled in! ^^ 

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