Saturday, 31 December 2011

London Fail & Brighton Hail

On Wednesday I went to London with the lovely boyf seeing as he was staying round mine until New Years! >3< It was really a last minute decision (again) so we were REALLY unorganised, lawls. Next time we decided that we'll do some research beforehand 'cause we didn't want to wander aimlessly for hours like we did this time.
Idk, I guess it's because I really didn't know where to go... All I wanted to do was to take purikura, and the rest was just improvised :P But we went to the Japan Centre (and I didn't get Ageha as it look too similar to last month's) and then to Oxford Street and ZOMG IT WAS SO BUSY! Srsly, couldn't walk anywhere without being stopped by the person in front ;_; Guess that's London for ya...

I didn't really buy anything from London apart from the purse (oh how lame) because a) I didn't really want to spend loads of money and b) I couldn't find the stuff I wanted to buy! How annoying! But still, it was nice to explore around London a bit ^^

Here's our purikura!~

And now for some pictures of my look :3

Did a silly pose tehehehe >:] 

Close-up of my eye-make~ 

Jacket from New Look, Jumper from Select, 
New Look vest, Quiz jeans, Red London boots.

Me and my bby <3

Okay I know that this is a MEGA-HUGE-POST but I have to include a lil' section about my time in Brighton today! It was - yet again - a last minute decision, and to make things even better we met up with the lovely Emilie :3 I was so excited to meet her >///< She is such a sweet gal! ^^
But, unfortunately, it was pissing it down with rain o_e
So it wasn't as nice to go shopping in Brighton as it would've been if it were sunny, but it was still lovely to finally see the sea! ^^ Although it was so so cold ;_;


Some guys were crazy enough to actually jump into the sea o_O

Me and Emilie! <3 I didn't have any makeup on as my eye messed up yesterday, again ;_; Was such a shame 'cause I really wanted to doll up and shizz D: But yeah... I should probably go to the doctors or something >_<" 

My gets for today! Bought more than I did in London LOLOLOL.

Also, I'm gonna' be hosting a giveaway sometime next year! Think I might host it when I get to 350 or something followers~ ^^ 

Just to let you know that you are all so beautiful, and good luck on 2012! ^^
(I was about to put this message on another post but I cba, lawls)


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Xmas day

Technically I'm still on my Xmas holiday as the New Year hasn't really started, but this post will cover what I've been doing over Xmas! ^^

Luckily I was able to get time off work so that I could spend Xmas with my boyf and the family <3 I would rather be working on New Years than Xmas, 'cause... Well, I just would :P I was so worried about whether or not my boyf would like his presents, but I'm so glad that he did! >//< I can't believe this is our 2nd Xmas together <3
Speaking of presents, I received lots of lovely ones! I got some new clothes (and a Golds Infinity top from bby *_*), laptop case, books, lush products... They were all so lovely! I'm so grateful ^3^ Especially because I've moved away an' all, so I really didn't expect anything >//<

I would post piccies of my Xmas here with my family, but Idk if they'll like being posted on here or not D: So I don't have any where I'm by the Xmas tree them... Sorry! ;_;

I do, however, have piccies of my make and of me wearing my new top ! >3<

Sorry for the really dark photo ;_; 
But this was my make of the day! ^^

So how was your Xmas? Did you receive lots of wonderful pressies? ^^

P.S I've completely changed my layout! Tehehe~ I feel so much better with this one ^3^

Friday, 23 December 2011

(Finally) Getting into the Xmas mood!

So today I'm back to meet my family & friends, and of course my lovely boyf! >//< It's been so long since I've last visited... Well, it felt like it anyways :P

I've been feelin' more Xmassy now that I've given everyone their pressies and sent off some cards! I've also received some which was awhsum >//< I really didn't expect any seeing as I moved away and shizz... So I'm really grateful! ;_;

When I was here last time (about 3 weeks ago? Something like that?) I decorated the family Xmas tree with le boyf <3, my sis & a family friend!

We made sure that it had A LOT of decorations lololol.

And this was my look for that day! I know it's such a delay to post this, but I wanted to include it anyways seeing as it was just lying around on my phone~ Went for a really simple look ^^ So not very Gyaru I suppose :P

And then I went back to my place and decided to decorate my own room! ^^ Although I didn't have very many decorations at all ;_; So me and my housemate went to do some Xmas shopping ^^

My lil' xmas tree! I didn't really have any space in my room so I had a clear some space on my desk~ My theme was blue and silver! My two favourite colours ^^

And I decorated my chest of drawers with some tinsel! ^^ Just to make the room more Xmas-y :D

The next Xmas-y thing that I did was attend a Xmas meal with my work people~ We went to this pub and the food was gorgeous (although the veg was rock solid) :/ I had a wonderful time ^^

I had Prawn Cocktail for my starter! It was delicious *_*

And then the good ol' turkey for my mains~

And a chocolate pudding! Idk why they use a massive plate for it >_>

Because it was my manager's birthday we had some birthday cake too ^^

I was so full up after it all! o_O

Anyways, I suppose that's all I have to say for now :P So I'll wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Wonderful New Year! ^^


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Treating myself before Xmas~

I can't believe that it's nearly Xmas! I'm quite excited >//< But I don't feel as excited as I used to be ;_; I think it's 'cause I'm stressing more now that I'm living on my own D:
Now normally I would make this post later on seeing as I didn't really post any recent photos of myself last time, but my eye messed up again ;_; Idk why... But I'm "testing" my eyelid to find out what caused it to go all swollen~

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I'm trying to find out lots of different ways that could cause my eye to go swollen, and I came up with these reasons:

 That I was allergic to the latex in the lash glue
My brushes needed to be cleaned very frequently
When I take off my makeup I rub REALLY hard onto my eyelid, which may have caused some  
My makeup was expired

So I cleaned out all of my makeup that I had and threw away my "old" makeup that came into contact with my eyes. I then went to buy new mascara, eyeliner, eye makeup remover, and some new lash glue that didn't contain any latex!
Because I spent over £15 I got a free gift from Maxfactor >//< And it came in such a cute little box (which I now use to hold all of my makeup lolololol).


All of my makeup essentials~ ^^ 

The free stuff I got! 2 Nail polishes, one eyeliner, and mascara! :3

I also treated myself to a wig today~ It'll be the first wig I've ever purchased! >///< It'll look like this~

I'm ever so excited in receiving it, although it'll be a while yet methinks ;_; At least 13 working days D: D'oh. Hopefully it'll arrive sooner though! ^^

That's all for now I guess~ Will probably post on Xmas day tehehe :D <3


Friday, 16 December 2011

My Gyaru development

Zomg I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I tripped up upon the Gyaru fashion o_O Amazing how time flies. Jeez. I even remember my first attempt!
To celebrate I have decided to show you all my stages in Gyaru ^3^ Starting off with the really crappy photos lolololol.

I did want to use my meme for this, but I want to show y'all my development in detail (tehehe... this is gonna' be fun) so I'm just taking every picture and I'm gonna' label them to show you the time period ^^

M a k e  a n d  H a i r 

Okay so let's start with last year, when I first looked into Gyaru. I was a total n00b; I was stubborn and didn't want to wear lashes, and was horrified with the thought of wearing circle lens as I thought that they looked ugly. I kept saying how I did all the stuff that Gyaru did (ZOMG I was annoying -_-) so didn't really take advice that well...
Thankfully by the end of December I actually started to come out of my stubborn shell and began to talk to people as well as listen to advice and crit. I began to wear false lashes from really cheap shops like Ebay. I started looking at models like Yui Kanno and Mizukitty too~
In February I started to wear darker makeup, but still lacked in lower lashes.
And in March I met Amelie and began to realise that there were other Gals in the UK! From then on I tried my best to improve to fit in more, and if I had to pick which were my favourite "Gyaru months" it would be from March to July... Basically Spring to early Summer ^^ I tried new styles (and attempted Hime in May) and obtained my first pair of Japanese lashes, both uppers and lowers! ^^
My contouring began to get more defined as well as my eyeshadows, as I really liked the darker shades and whatnot. I had a haircut as well which helped things ^^ And then in October I had my first pair of circle lens! ^^

The only thing I've noticed is that my hair hasn't improved much ;_; So in 2012 I will make it my priority! (Or my outfits, which I'll talk about now!)

C o o r d s

I couldn't find any of my outfits from when I started, and only up in February 2011 did I take pictures of my outfits. I have to admit that I started very poorly, often throwing on some jeans and a pretty sweater with some accessories *facepalm*. D'oh...
In March I had some improvement, but my real improvement began in April after I started talking to other Gyarus and shizz. I tried lots of different styles like Agejo, Onee, Hime, Rokku, Mode... And even some sweet hime kaji ^^ I really did like to experiment with different looks!

Recently I have been focusing more on my outfits (mainly due to my eye problems ;_;) So I'm quite happy with myself to see that I've improved ^^ Although this is of course because of the many beautiful Gyarus that I talk to ! They know who they are <3

And so that it all for now... In my next post I'm going to be drawing up inspirations from the web! ^^

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