Friday, 23 December 2011

(Finally) Getting into the Xmas mood!

So today I'm back to meet my family & friends, and of course my lovely boyf! >//< It's been so long since I've last visited... Well, it felt like it anyways :P

I've been feelin' more Xmassy now that I've given everyone their pressies and sent off some cards! I've also received some which was awhsum >//< I really didn't expect any seeing as I moved away and shizz... So I'm really grateful! ;_;

When I was here last time (about 3 weeks ago? Something like that?) I decorated the family Xmas tree with le boyf <3, my sis & a family friend!

We made sure that it had A LOT of decorations lololol.

And this was my look for that day! I know it's such a delay to post this, but I wanted to include it anyways seeing as it was just lying around on my phone~ Went for a really simple look ^^ So not very Gyaru I suppose :P

And then I went back to my place and decided to decorate my own room! ^^ Although I didn't have very many decorations at all ;_; So me and my housemate went to do some Xmas shopping ^^

My lil' xmas tree! I didn't really have any space in my room so I had a clear some space on my desk~ My theme was blue and silver! My two favourite colours ^^

And I decorated my chest of drawers with some tinsel! ^^ Just to make the room more Xmas-y :D

The next Xmas-y thing that I did was attend a Xmas meal with my work people~ We went to this pub and the food was gorgeous (although the veg was rock solid) :/ I had a wonderful time ^^

I had Prawn Cocktail for my starter! It was delicious *_*

And then the good ol' turkey for my mains~

And a chocolate pudding! Idk why they use a massive plate for it >_>

Because it was my manager's birthday we had some birthday cake too ^^

I was so full up after it all! o_O

Anyways, I suppose that's all I have to say for now :P So I'll wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Wonderful New Year! ^^



  1. You look sooo happy!!XD

    I can see a "Koakuma ageha" on your desk.
    I also like it!!
    I especially like Sakurina!<3

  2. Jodie O&#39;Callaghan24 December 2011 at 12:17

    At least you have a christmas tree; that little one is so cute!
    Glad to see that you're finally in a christmassy mood; pass some on to me, eh?

    Lovelovelove your lashes, those bottom ones are stunning.

    Enjoy the holidays! :D

  3. Thank you so much! It was a last minute thing lololol.
    Awh don't worry I will! *sends yoou some xmas luurve* <3

    Thank you so much! They're Diamond Lash ones ^^

    And the same to you! :D

  4. Tehehe I am! :D


  5. Aww how cute!! I don't have any xmas decorations in my house ;__;.., next year I'll get a little tree like yours XDD!! hope you have a great xmas and eat lots of food *0*!! <3

  6. thank you miss, merry christmas!

  7. food looks sooo delicous! merry christmas!! i tagged you in a tag game on my blog

  8. Merry (belated) Christmas to you. ♥
    I really like your make-up here. :) And the food looks so yummy, too!

  9. Oh merry christmas :)
    You look so pretty and omg all that food!
    Loving your layout girly!

  10. Merry Xmas to you too! ^^
    Thank you so so much :D Tehehe >//< Yesh it was nom! *_*
    Thank yoou! :D Just did it last night ^^

  11. Awh and the same to you! <3
    Thank you so much :D I'm glad yoou like it~ Yesh it was delicious!

  12. tehehe~ Awh nyuu, you should! Gets you into the Xmas mood ^^ Yeaah! :D Awh thanks, and the same to you! ^3^


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