Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting ready for the Xmas Meal

Just getting ready for the Xmas meal with work! I hope that my pressie is alright for the secret santa thing >///<

Went for this makeup look today from Ageha ^^

Sweater: Select
Vest: New Look
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Select
Boots: Can't remember D:

I also had some cute buys~ And I'm wearing them all! Well, apart from the foxtail ;_;

I'm going to do some more small posts like this from now on ^^ What cha think?


  1. I love you hair! :d so cute <3
    Damn you and ur model legs! haha

  2. def following you. please check my blog too ^^

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. .. those leeeegs! ^////^<3

    I really like the sweater! It looks very nice! And you look very pretty with that makeup girl! ^^v

  5. @La fleur du mal: Thank yooou! :D

    @Rivriv: Awh thanks doll! :D<3
    Lololol why thank yooou ;D <33333

    @Tadukhipa: Thank yooou! ^^

    @Yumii: Thanks doll! ^^

    @Jeongie: Uwaah thank yooou >///< <3
    Awh yay! It's so warm and fluffy tehehehe <3 I do? Thank you so much! :D <3

  6. I love this whole look on you.

  7. Thank you so so much :D I'm glad you do <3


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