Saturday, 31 December 2011

London Fail & Brighton Hail

On Wednesday I went to London with the lovely boyf seeing as he was staying round mine until New Years! >3< It was really a last minute decision (again) so we were REALLY unorganised, lawls. Next time we decided that we'll do some research beforehand 'cause we didn't want to wander aimlessly for hours like we did this time.
Idk, I guess it's because I really didn't know where to go... All I wanted to do was to take purikura, and the rest was just improvised :P But we went to the Japan Centre (and I didn't get Ageha as it look too similar to last month's) and then to Oxford Street and ZOMG IT WAS SO BUSY! Srsly, couldn't walk anywhere without being stopped by the person in front ;_; Guess that's London for ya...

I didn't really buy anything from London apart from the purse (oh how lame) because a) I didn't really want to spend loads of money and b) I couldn't find the stuff I wanted to buy! How annoying! But still, it was nice to explore around London a bit ^^

Here's our purikura!~

And now for some pictures of my look :3

Did a silly pose tehehehe >:] 

Close-up of my eye-make~ 

Jacket from New Look, Jumper from Select, 
New Look vest, Quiz jeans, Red London boots.

Me and my bby <3

Okay I know that this is a MEGA-HUGE-POST but I have to include a lil' section about my time in Brighton today! It was - yet again - a last minute decision, and to make things even better we met up with the lovely Emilie :3 I was so excited to meet her >///< She is such a sweet gal! ^^
But, unfortunately, it was pissing it down with rain o_e
So it wasn't as nice to go shopping in Brighton as it would've been if it were sunny, but it was still lovely to finally see the sea! ^^ Although it was so so cold ;_;


Some guys were crazy enough to actually jump into the sea o_O

Me and Emilie! <3 I didn't have any makeup on as my eye messed up yesterday, again ;_; Was such a shame 'cause I really wanted to doll up and shizz D: But yeah... I should probably go to the doctors or something >_<" 

My gets for today! Bought more than I did in London LOLOLOL.

Also, I'm gonna' be hosting a giveaway sometime next year! Think I might host it when I get to 350 or something followers~ ^^ 

Just to let you know that you are all so beautiful, and good luck on 2012! ^^
(I was about to put this message on another post but I cba, lawls)



  1. thank you for posting this~! You really are adorable and I am glad i finally got to meet you! (And Stef of course!)
    It was an awesome day, and that purikura looks so cute. You two are lovely together~! <3

  2. too cute<3 I love your makeup here you look gorgeous! and love the new look of your blog!

  3. You're welcome doll! :3 Tehehe yeah me too >//<
    Awh thank you so so much ^3^ You're too kind <3

  4. Hi Lizzie ! You 're really improve your make up dear ;)
    Btw I've just tagged you :D

  5. Castanha De Cajuu31 December 2011 at 02:27

    Hello! I'd like to say that I really like your blog and you're so beautiful! You became a great gal in no time, I'm impressed! *-*
    Can I make a constructive critic? I really think that when you're passing the flat iron in your hair, you should place the tips slightly inward to give it a more natural look. I'm sorry if I wrote this wrongly x-x I haven't been practising my english too much :/
    Thanks for your attention, goodbye! ♥

  6. Lizzie! You're super pretty and your eyemakeup looks fab! :) Hope you'll have a great year ahead. Happy new year! ♥

  7. You are sooooo sweet on your purikura!!XD
    And I like new your look:3 Please tell me about your make,for example,eye lash,cosmetics,and so on<3

    Happy New Year,Lizzie❤

  8. Nyaa thank yoou! :3
    You do? Awhsum! :D And yeah, that's a really good idea actually o_O I'll post piccies of the products I use from now on if yoou want? ^^

    Happy New Year to you too! <3

  9. Awh thank yoou so so much doll >//< And the same to you! :D Happy New year! ^^

  10. Awh thank you so much >///< That's really made my day *_*
    Sure you can! I'll happily welcome some crit ^^ And okay sure! I'll definitely try that next time ^^ Don't worry about it, I can understand you perfectly :D

  11. Awh thank you so much! :D
    Ooh I'll have a lookie now ^^

  12. Yeahhh,I want it so much!:D I can't wait for your postingXD

  13. Aww, thank you! Happy New Year! n _ n ♥

  14. You and your boyfriend are so cute!
    Love your outfit and make up girl!

  15. Awh thank you so much doll! :D

  16. You're welcome! ^^ Happy New Year to you too :D <3

  17. you're always so pretty. cute makeup

  18. Happy New Year and all the best for 2012! ♥
    The purikura is so cute!!!

  19. Awh and the same to you sweet! :D <3
    Thank you so much ^^

  20. Happy New Year to you too!! ♥♥♥ Just stumbled onto your blog and you are really cute!! ♥♥ (^-^)

  21. I hope your eye gets better! It kinda sounds like conjunctivitus D: I would check it out ;3; <33


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