Sunday, 11 December 2011

Maidstone with Stef

Zomg this post is so late... Like, 3 weeks late? But there's a valid reason for it and that is that I never really thought of posting about this :P

Basically I was getting bored of just staying in Kent all of the time so I decided to go with Stef when he came down for the weekend to go to Maidstone! It was mainly because that was the nearest place that had Primark (lol) and it was the closest city to where I'm currently living.

The only problem that I had was that my eye was still messed up so I couldn't do my make, and so I focused on my coord ^^

I realised that when I wanted to take a picture of my coord that a) I had kinda dirty boots and b) my carpet was white. So I went along with Rika's (is her name Rika? Idk D: ) idea of putting tissues under her feet but I put paper there instead. It was a pretty good idea! ^^

Yummy hot chocolate at Cafe Nero! *_*

I ripped my old jeans to create this tehehe~ 

My buys~ This was a recent-ish picture so it includes what I bought when I went to London last week <3

I think I might also change the way I blog and do it more frequently! But Idk yet :P Tehe~ 

That's all for now ^^



  1. Cute outfit =w= mmm that hot chocolate looks so good~ and ooo cute new buys ;D

  2. Hi ! I really love your old jeans. I want to ripper my jean but i don't have a old jeans...
    To do :
    Never throw my jeans

    Very nice outfit ! Xoxo

  3. I love your look and purchases n__n ♥ Where is the pullover from? So pretty~!

  4. @Riv: Awh thanks doll! ^3^ Tehehe, it was delicious o_O And at the right temperature so that I could drink it straight away :3 Thank yoou! :D

    @Astralys: Awh thank you! They were getting a bit old so I just modified them lawls :P Awh bless ;_; Yesh you should definitely try it out as old jeans are pretty useful lawls :P
    Thank yoou! ^^

    @Wen: Thank you so much doll! :D I got mine from Primark lawls ;D

  5. I have that primark jumper 8D its so warmmmm

  6. @Emmie: Zomg really? Awhsum! That's so cool :3 And yeah it is o_O

    @Momickey: Awh thanks so much doll ^3^

  7. I'm loving your outfit girl!

  8. I have that jumper from Primark too! Just the grey-er coloured one. Good choice ^_^ x

  9. @Banny: Thanks doll! ^^

    @Taylala: Ahaha gotta love that shop ^^ x

  10. You style is soo cuteee. And you seems really tall! Whats your heighttt? ^^

  11. Merci pour ton commentaire ! La meilleure boutique pour les extensions c'est.. Hedakandy ! (this is where I bought mine) :) Bisou !


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