Friday, 16 December 2011

My Gyaru development

Zomg I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I tripped up upon the Gyaru fashion o_O Amazing how time flies. Jeez. I even remember my first attempt!
To celebrate I have decided to show you all my stages in Gyaru ^3^ Starting off with the really crappy photos lolololol.

I did want to use my meme for this, but I want to show y'all my development in detail (tehehe... this is gonna' be fun) so I'm just taking every picture and I'm gonna' label them to show you the time period ^^

M a k e  a n d  H a i r 

Okay so let's start with last year, when I first looked into Gyaru. I was a total n00b; I was stubborn and didn't want to wear lashes, and was horrified with the thought of wearing circle lens as I thought that they looked ugly. I kept saying how I did all the stuff that Gyaru did (ZOMG I was annoying -_-) so didn't really take advice that well...
Thankfully by the end of December I actually started to come out of my stubborn shell and began to talk to people as well as listen to advice and crit. I began to wear false lashes from really cheap shops like Ebay. I started looking at models like Yui Kanno and Mizukitty too~
In February I started to wear darker makeup, but still lacked in lower lashes.
And in March I met Amelie and began to realise that there were other Gals in the UK! From then on I tried my best to improve to fit in more, and if I had to pick which were my favourite "Gyaru months" it would be from March to July... Basically Spring to early Summer ^^ I tried new styles (and attempted Hime in May) and obtained my first pair of Japanese lashes, both uppers and lowers! ^^
My contouring began to get more defined as well as my eyeshadows, as I really liked the darker shades and whatnot. I had a haircut as well which helped things ^^ And then in October I had my first pair of circle lens! ^^

The only thing I've noticed is that my hair hasn't improved much ;_; So in 2012 I will make it my priority! (Or my outfits, which I'll talk about now!)

C o o r d s

I couldn't find any of my outfits from when I started, and only up in February 2011 did I take pictures of my outfits. I have to admit that I started very poorly, often throwing on some jeans and a pretty sweater with some accessories *facepalm*. D'oh...
In March I had some improvement, but my real improvement began in April after I started talking to other Gyarus and shizz. I tried lots of different styles like Agejo, Onee, Hime, Rokku, Mode... And even some sweet hime kaji ^^ I really did like to experiment with different looks!

Recently I have been focusing more on my outfits (mainly due to my eye problems ;_;) So I'm quite happy with myself to see that I've improved ^^ Although this is of course because of the many beautiful Gyarus that I talk to ! They know who they are <3

And so that it all for now... In my next post I'm going to be drawing up inspirations from the web! ^^



  1. Great up Lizzie chan ! Thx for your comment =) How are you ?

    Chu ~~ ♫

  2. Aw such an improvement! You are too cute Lizzie :)

  3. so cool Lizzie n.n ~!! keep going up !!

  4. You improved a lot girl! I love the last make up photo were your skin and lips looks more pale, it really suits you and your hair color! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  5. I can actually remember your first ever post in E_G. You have definitely come a long way. I do love looking at people's gyaru "before and afters". It's great to see how much people improve and that everyone has to start somewhere, you know?

  6. @Doku: Ahaha no problem! I'm good thanks, yourself? ^^

    @Banny: Awh thanks doll, your'e too kind *_*

    @Lizzy: Thank yooou! ^^

    @Liya: Awh thanks so much! I'll definitely stick with pale lips then :D

    @Strawberry Cupcake: Awh really? That's so cool! Zomg I was so embarrassing D: Wish I wasn't such a n00b >_>
    Thank you so much! :D Tehehehe~ I quite like looking at people's before and after too! ^^

  7. You're such a cutiee! Keep going babe you're doing great!

  8. @Lolo: Awh thank you so much doll! :D

  9. RP to: "Oooh does she have a blog? ^^" - This ameblo blog, and twitter!/reno_syalecove, I believe! :)

  10. Hey cutie, you got tagged here! =D LOVE xoxo

  11. Awh thank you so much! Will definitely do the post soon ^3^

  12. Thank you so much! :D

  13. You're sooo~ cute everyday!!!
    I want to be woman like you;D

  14. Uwaah thank you so much sweet! <3 Tehehehe ;D

  15. wuaua your change!! n.n congrats!! n.n


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