Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Xmas day

Technically I'm still on my Xmas holiday as the New Year hasn't really started, but this post will cover what I've been doing over Xmas! ^^

Luckily I was able to get time off work so that I could spend Xmas with my boyf and the family <3 I would rather be working on New Years than Xmas, 'cause... Well, I just would :P I was so worried about whether or not my boyf would like his presents, but I'm so glad that he did! >//< I can't believe this is our 2nd Xmas together <3
Speaking of presents, I received lots of lovely ones! I got some new clothes (and a Golds Infinity top from bby *_*), laptop case, books, lush products... They were all so lovely! I'm so grateful ^3^ Especially because I've moved away an' all, so I really didn't expect anything >//<

I would post piccies of my Xmas here with my family, but Idk if they'll like being posted on here or not D: So I don't have any where I'm by the Xmas tree them... Sorry! ;_;

I do, however, have piccies of my make and of me wearing my new top ! >3<

Sorry for the really dark photo ;_; 
But this was my make of the day! ^^

So how was your Xmas? Did you receive lots of wonderful pressies? ^^

P.S I've completely changed my layout! Tehehe~ I feel so much better with this one ^3^


  1. Love the top! :D Sounds like a good xmas for you! <3

  2. I like this outfit!<3 It likes GOLDS infinity;))
    He has a good sense of fashion!!

  3. Awh thanks doll! <3 And yeah it is Golds Infinity! ^^
    Lolololol Ikr? :D

  4. Awh thank you so much! ^3^ Tehehe, it was >/< <3

  5. Oh i like your new top! Too cute!!!
    Your make up is really nice

  6. i like the new layout n.n

    aww your top its really pretty n.n

  7. Aww I love your new layout~~ Wonderful, I think! <3
    Lovely makeup <:

  8. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are beautiful

  9. Awh yayayayay! I'm so happy that you like it ^^ <3
    Thank yoou :D

  10. Thank you very much! I'm glad you do ^^
    Awh thanks! 'tis my fave now tehehe <3

  11. Nyaa thank yoou! I'm so happy with it <3
    Thank yoou ^^

  12. That top is so cute! And I really like your new layout :)

  13. You look absolutely stunning! :)

  14. Thank you very much! :D Glad you like them~

  15. you look so cute and beautiful! I really like the shape of your face! sexy ne!

  16. Awh thank you so much doll! :D


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