Saturday, 3 December 2011

PuriKura time in London & a Lil' Announcement!

Today I went to London with my boyf <3 We originally intended to leave at around 8.50, but that really didn't go to plan. Whoopsies. What happened was that I was gonna' get up at like 7am to get ready and shizz but I was just waaay too tired and went back to sleep.
Because of that I was so forgetful! ;_; I forgot my lens case, my umbrella, my gloves... And so many other things! Luckily I made a drink at the last minute 'cause we would've died of thirst without it D:

So at half 10ish we walked to the station to get to London for 11.10, and we arrived there just before 12! We went straight to Chinatown to eat some gorgeous buns <3 (Later I'll update this post with a piccie as it's on my boyf's phone~). We then just shopped around (well, lurked lolololol) and I bought some ramen noodles as the Udon noodles that I bought last time weren't very nice D:

Then it was puri kura time! The main reason I wanted to go to London was to take puri kura, 'cause we didn't have the chance last time at the Pink Marble meet ;_; And they came out brilliantly! :D

I can't decide which one's my favourite 'cause they're all so pretty! Stef looks as cute as ever <3

Japan centre was next because I really wanted to buy the new issue of Ageha but it was quite disappointing ;_; But ah wells! Was still so pretty *_* I think I might start collecting it or something instead of getting scans ~ But Idk >_>

KFC was completely packed, and it was only by sheer luck that me and Stef managed to get a seat. I haven't had a KFC is pharken' ages so it was so good to taste it again! Had a boneless banquet tehe <3

Stef decided that he wanted to go to see the Big Ben and shizz, so off we went! The architecture is so beautiful *_* And the houses of parliament were so pretty! <3 I didn't manage to take a piccie as it was really crowded and getting dark so my phone didn't pick anything up ;_; We went to St.Jame's Park afterwards, and a squirrel was so so so close to me o_O Like, just an inch from my foot. It was so cuuuute! *_* The houses of Parliament was right next to it so we went over there toooo~ It's a shame we can't go in it though o_O

And then we headed home! I wanted to go to Camden Town earlier but I was just waaay too tired so I didn't bother :P But next time I will! I wanna go to Oxford Street too >_>

A couple of days ago I made a decision; that I'm not gonna' give a damn what anyone else thinks anymore. Lately I have been so stressed out about wanting to look 100% Gyaru that I stopped posting because none of the pictures I took were 100%. I got really really down, and so fed up because of all of the hate in the Gal comm. 
I used to post shit loads, like, a post every two days. And do you know why? It was because I was doing it for fun, and didn't feel as if I was forced to look good beforehand. So I'm gonna' start posting whatever the hell I want without any care that I might get slagged off or something, because I just can't be pharked. 

Aaah crap sorry for all of the swearing in the last part! ;_; Buuuut I just couldn't think of any other way to express myself :P 

Think that's all for now! I wanted to show you pictures of my coords from a couple of weeks back but they're on my laptop, and I'm using my brand new and shiny mac ;D Mwahahaha. 



  1. That's why I'm so thankful for my readers that they haven't (and hopefully) wont post me on G_S or G_V ... too much drama, who needs it? Do what you need to do, at your pace, the way you want to look. Gyaru is not supposed to be about stressing 24/7 over your look, after all! <3

  2. At the end of the day do what makes you happiest and ignore the people who try to put you down! We don't want to miss out on all your fun blog posts~

    You and Stef look so sweet together! *-----* I keep trying to coerce my boyfriend into doing some puri when I'm down in London (hopefully the end of January!) but he wont because he hates pictures of himself. D:

  3. I've been the same way! I have a certain dress code I have to follow at work as well as I have to wear more "natural make-up" so, I can't be 100% gyaru everyday (I like to have a job, lol!).

    Don't stress too much and that's what i'm doing, not stressing!

  4. You two are ADORABLE <3 :D

    Also I'm glad to here about you being confident (: Do what YOU wanna do girl! I'm only here to have fun really - people need to stop making such a big deal over it! <3

  5. You two are such a cute couple. I love this purikura!

    I also think you're taking the right attitude to the gal thing. You should just do it for fun and don't worry about what other people say.

  6. @Daniela: Yeah I hate the drama D: Yeah you're right! :D It's all about having fun ^^ <3

    @Mel: Awh thank yoou *_*

    @Eri: Yeah~ I guess 'cause of all the stress I was beginning to dread dolling up and posting because of the fact that I might not look good enough >_<" But I don't have to worry now! ^3^
    Awh bless ya :P Tehehehe~ When you come down we could meet up? ^^

    @Lyn: Aah yeah me too ;_; Can't really wear makeup at all at work D:

    @Riv: Nyaa thank yooou! :D <3 <3 <3
    Exactemondo! You're absolutely right :D <3

    @Bloomzy: Awh thank you so much! Was our first ever one tehehehe <3
    Yeah! I just got so fed up of it ;_; Just gonna' do my own thing now ^^

    @Banny: Awh thank yoou! :D

  7. Oooh what a nice day~ (●´∀`●)

    It's so cool there are actually puri machines in London!! :o Doesn't exist in Copenhagen >n< I've been doing too much in Japan though so it's ok lol

    Aaah and yeah you shouldn't think too much of what people think, as long as you're happy ne? ^^
    It's more fun that way! Do as you want, but stay true to yourself! 。◕‿◕。

  8. I'm glad you had a nice day ^^
    The purikura turned out supercute :D

    Dun worry too much abt what other ppl think, the most important thing is having fun while dressing gyaru.

  9. @Hopy: Yeah it really was! Although it did rain a little bit ;_;
    Ikr? I'm so happy tehe~ But there aren't any other purikura machines anywhere else ;_; Awh bless ya <3
    Exactemondo! So I'm just gonna' do what I want without stressing ^^

    @Xixi: Thank you so much! :D Means a lot ^^ And yeah Gyaru is all about fun in the end, after all :P

  10. You go girl! To hell with the haters! And ur puris look super cute!

  11. @Doll Gal: Awh thank you so much doll! :D


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