Friday, 27 January 2012

Hair ideas and tutorials

I've been looking over at my archive and I realised that I used to post a hell of a lot. It wasn't necessarily just about gal, but... Everything. My worries, my thoughts, my new finds... Everything. Then it made me think "Why the hell have I stopped?" I guess it's because this blog is no longer just something that I and a few friends would read, but quite a lot of people are actually passing by~ It makes me so happy to see that I have actually gotten followers. When I first started I thought it would just be a faze that I'll stop doing after a couple of days, but now I just love blogging!

So I'm going to blog a hell of a lot more like I used to; my inspirations, video tutorials that I find on Youtube, and I'll probably start up some of my series posts again ( e.g. Get The Look).

Anyways, this is what brought me to this post: Hair tutorials!
I've been trying desperately to do more hairstyles but I am a complete and utter fail OTL. And I keep losing the links of the videos that actually helped ;_; So I'm just gonna share some hair tutorials and pictures that I really like ^^

Guess that's all for now, since I'm such a lazy bugger lololol~ Hope these videos & photos have inspired you like they have for me! ^^


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Off to Wagamama's, again. Oh dear I'm addicted.

I can't believe that it's been over a week since I last posted o_O I remember when I used to post like four or five times a week... Geez I need to get my ass back into gear >_>

Anyways. I was supposed to be going out with my friends tonight but some stuff cropped up so I'm gonna' be heading to Wagamama with Stef! I know we go there like, every time he's down in Kent, but he's hardly ever down so... Yeah. I mean, he comes down once a month now, which sucks ;_; So it's no wonder that all of my posts about him; I only ever doll up when he comes down lolololol.

I managed to get my hands on some talcum powder and dry shampoo, and I used them to make my wig less shiny! I have to say that it looks SO much better. I also brushed through it so that the curls didn't look so, well, curly (a tip given to me by the lovely Rox!) so it feels great to wear ^^

I also received my order from boohoo the order day! I'm so so happy with it >///< And I'm wearing it today :D I wanted to go for the rokku theme 'cause I love rokku... I seem to be wearing it quite a bit OTL.

Because it is rather chilly I can up with the idea of wearing my patterned tights underneath my ripped jeans~ ^^ Some deatil shots! ^^

Boohoo top, Claire's choker, BHS necklace (lol), 
West Coast leggings, New Look jeans, 
New Look shoes.

And this was the lovely food we had at Wagamama! It was weird though, 'cause we spent less than an hour there o_O Like, we left around 6.56ish and then came back just before 8 o_O The service was just so good though! And the orders came out really quick o_O

Stef had the yaki soba, and I had the karai lomen (?) or something like that, but it was GORGEOUS. Om nom nom. And we had the usual deep friend chilli squid and gyoza ^^ 



Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ageho, new nails & a package from Sui!

Wow it's such an amazing feeling to doll up after what seems a very long time... Hopefully my eye won't be messed up tomorrow morning. Hopefully.

I decided to try out Agejo 'cause Stef bought me this beautiful Golds Infinity top for Xmas, and I just HAD to wear it (even though it's too cold lololol). I also quite recently bought a wig, so it was perfect for this theme! ^^

I used this photo of Sakurina as a reference for the makeup:

And here are my photos! ^^

Jewerich no.2 are currently my fave lashes! *_*

Golds Infinity top, Reveal shorts, 
Peacocks socks, Dorothy Perkins heels. 

I also bought this hat that I've been looking EVERYWHERE for! ^^

My last part of my Xmas pressie from Stef arrived in the post yesterday! I was so happy to receive it ^3^ I was worried that I wouldn't be in when it arrived, but as soon as I told Stef my worries I heard the door go!

So I just had to do something with them, and voila! My first set of nails decorated by myself ^^ The only problem was that they were too long for me, so I took them off a couple of hours later ;_;

I also forgot to blog about this before but I bought a beautiful Jesus Diamante top from Sui Princess around October! (I'm so sorry that I haven't wrote about it before, Sui, I thought I had ;_; <3)
 I really want to try out Hime one day, so buying the top was my first step towards it ^^ I still have yet to get all of the clothing and head gear... But at least I've got something! ^^ <3

I'm so happy with it, and it fits wonderfully! ^^ <3 She's so sweet, she even included some earrings and beads as gifts! ^^

Anyways, I guess that that's it for now! Sorry for all of the photos~ Tehe ^^


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review - Light Brown Synthetic Wig

This was my first time ever purchasing a wig, and with the help of the lovely Amelie I chose this one in light brown! I was so excited, and a bit nervous too because I was worried on how it would look on me...

Please keep in mind that I'm not wearing makeup for this review because of my eye ;_;

In the seller's description it said that it would arrive in at least 11 working days, which would mean that it would've arrived on Jan 11th. But it arrived on the 30th December! I was so surprised and happy to receive it so early, so I'm giving him 5/5

(I haven't got a picture of the packaging, sorry ;_;) The wig came in a net bag, which was then in a plastic one, and then in a grey one. Three layers of packaging! It was very sufficient as nothing was damaged. They have even included a little wig cap as well! 5/5 

As you can see, in my photo the wig looks slightly more ginger than it does in the photo. However, this might be caused by the lighting, but nevertheless it was only a slight difference. I was worried that the colour wouldn't suit me at first... I think it's 'cause I never had light hair before lololol.

I fell in love with the curls, as it made me feel so princessy wearing it! >//< I was wary of getting the curls caught in my coat (which they did when I went out to dinner with Stef ;_;) so I guess that the length was a bit of a problem for me... But I still loved the length! The wig was in a beautiful colour, and great condition o_O You wouldn't be able to tell it was a wig because it was so thick o_O

It looks quite shiny when I use flash. but I guess I could overcome this by patting some powder into it or something~ Looks very "real" in natural lighting though! ^^

Ease of putting on 
I found it quite difficult to put on because of it's length and lack of experience. This was my first time in getting a wig, so I can't really judge this fairly so I'll give it a 3/5 as it got easier to put on after a couple of times ^^

ZOMGDJKBGSJIDSFGJB IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously. I got this wig for £7.99! And postage only cost me £4! Amazing. 

So I guess that's it for the review! ^^ Thanks for viewing, and I hope that this is very helpful to you :D I'd totally recommend this seller due to brilliant service and quality. 


Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

I'm going to be predictable and post about my New Years resolutions! I know that I probably won't be able to do them all, but I think it's still nice to set myself some goals.
But before I do that I need to review my "12 before 2012" goals! (This is going to be fun... >_>)

* Find and attempt some Graphic Design tutorials
LOL MEGA FAIL. I mean, I did attempt some tutorials but they were just too advanced so I ended up giving up halfway ;_; 
* Finish off any commissions
All done and dusted!
* Learn at least 15 Chinese sentences
Halfway there, I managed to learn a couple of Chinese characters which was great 
* Attempted 2 different Gyaru hairstyles
Well I attempted one and bought a wig (if that counts?) 
* Do at least one finished illustration
Yeppers! Done one! :D
* Go to London
* Spend Xmas with my family and Stef <3
Definitely :D <3
* Read half of a French book
* Look to buy new circle lenses
With the help of the wonderful Amelie, I have decided which ones I'll buy next time! ^^
* Saved up a bit for mine and Stef's holiday <3
My Xmas money :P 
* Start deco-ing nails
Haven't got the materials yet ;_; 
*Done some art studies
... ;D

I guess I've done pretty well? ;D 
Okay I've done pretty well in the sense that at least I've managed to do some of the stuff... I always make lists and never meet them, so this is actually a massive achievement o_O Maybe I'll be able to do the same for my new years resolutions? ^^

Onto my resolutions! I was tagged by Rena to list 10~ ^^ 

1. Be a better Gyaru
I should probably carry on with my Weekly Gyaru Theme because when I first started I made huge leaps  when I carried out this theme. It was such a good way to experiment and try out new styles as well as makeup and hair tutorials, so what I might do is write a list of things to try out for a month and do it!
(Picture: I wanna be like Risa! She has amazing coords ;_;)

2. Spend less, waste less
I found this amazing idea in my cookery book that involves writing what you're planning to eat for a whole week. It helps you spend a lot less because you know what you're buying, and you wouldn't have the urge to randomly pick something off the shelf. I'm also going to write a list of stuff that I want and work for them by using my points system ^^
The main reason for spending less is that me and Stef are officially gonna' save up to go to Japan either later this year or early next year! :D 

3. Study harder
Because I'm such a lazy bugger lolololol. But this also means building up my portfolio, trying out new Graphic Design tutorials... Everything to do with design (and even art) really.

4. Learn more Chinese
I actually need to find a book on learning Chinese because I get so distracted when looking up on the internet. I was torn between learning Japanese or Chinese but in the end I chose Chinese because of my heritage. I'm so ashamed of myself that I have forgotten how to write Mandarin ;_;

5. Start deco
I've always wanted to deco nails or boxes, because I see lots of Gyarus with beautiful nails! Plus it'll make me feel a lot more girly having them around me~ 

6. Spend as much time as possible with loved ones
Because I miss them so so much! It's so hard for me to communicate with them when I'm so far away ;_; I wanna talk to them, text them, skype them... Anything to keep in contact! 

7. Meet up with more people
I really want to meet more Gyaru, so I'm going to save up to go to London to meets and stuff ^^ It's amazing how many UK gyaru are out there that I haven't met o_O

8. Be a happier person
I'm always getting those days where I'm just so depressed that I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing for the whole day. I need to be more confident in myself, happier, and healthier. 

9. Help others
There's really no explanation to this, but I always feel better when I know that I have helped someone in some way. 

10. To actually do these resolutions
Because knowing me I probably won't do them, whoops.

Think that's all for now~ ^^

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