Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

I'm going to be predictable and post about my New Years resolutions! I know that I probably won't be able to do them all, but I think it's still nice to set myself some goals.
But before I do that I need to review my "12 before 2012" goals! (This is going to be fun... >_>)

* Find and attempt some Graphic Design tutorials
LOL MEGA FAIL. I mean, I did attempt some tutorials but they were just too advanced so I ended up giving up halfway ;_; 
* Finish off any commissions
All done and dusted!
* Learn at least 15 Chinese sentences
Halfway there, I managed to learn a couple of Chinese characters which was great 
* Attempted 2 different Gyaru hairstyles
Well I attempted one and bought a wig (if that counts?) 
* Do at least one finished illustration
Yeppers! Done one! :D
* Go to London
* Spend Xmas with my family and Stef <3
Definitely :D <3
* Read half of a French book
* Look to buy new circle lenses
With the help of the wonderful Amelie, I have decided which ones I'll buy next time! ^^
* Saved up a bit for mine and Stef's holiday <3
My Xmas money :P 
* Start deco-ing nails
Haven't got the materials yet ;_; 
*Done some art studies
... ;D

I guess I've done pretty well? ;D 
Okay I've done pretty well in the sense that at least I've managed to do some of the stuff... I always make lists and never meet them, so this is actually a massive achievement o_O Maybe I'll be able to do the same for my new years resolutions? ^^

Onto my resolutions! I was tagged by Rena to list 10~ ^^ 

1. Be a better Gyaru
I should probably carry on with my Weekly Gyaru Theme because when I first started I made huge leaps  when I carried out this theme. It was such a good way to experiment and try out new styles as well as makeup and hair tutorials, so what I might do is write a list of things to try out for a month and do it!
(Picture: I wanna be like Risa! She has amazing coords ;_;)

2. Spend less, waste less
I found this amazing idea in my cookery book that involves writing what you're planning to eat for a whole week. It helps you spend a lot less because you know what you're buying, and you wouldn't have the urge to randomly pick something off the shelf. I'm also going to write a list of stuff that I want and work for them by using my points system ^^
The main reason for spending less is that me and Stef are officially gonna' save up to go to Japan either later this year or early next year! :D 

3. Study harder
Because I'm such a lazy bugger lolololol. But this also means building up my portfolio, trying out new Graphic Design tutorials... Everything to do with design (and even art) really.

4. Learn more Chinese
I actually need to find a book on learning Chinese because I get so distracted when looking up on the internet. I was torn between learning Japanese or Chinese but in the end I chose Chinese because of my heritage. I'm so ashamed of myself that I have forgotten how to write Mandarin ;_;

5. Start deco
I've always wanted to deco nails or boxes, because I see lots of Gyarus with beautiful nails! Plus it'll make me feel a lot more girly having them around me~ 

6. Spend as much time as possible with loved ones
Because I miss them so so much! It's so hard for me to communicate with them when I'm so far away ;_; I wanna talk to them, text them, skype them... Anything to keep in contact! 

7. Meet up with more people
I really want to meet more Gyaru, so I'm going to save up to go to London to meets and stuff ^^ It's amazing how many UK gyaru are out there that I haven't met o_O

8. Be a happier person
I'm always getting those days where I'm just so depressed that I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing for the whole day. I need to be more confident in myself, happier, and healthier. 

9. Help others
There's really no explanation to this, but I always feel better when I know that I have helped someone in some way. 

10. To actually do these resolutions
Because knowing me I probably won't do them, whoops.

Think that's all for now~ ^^



  1. LOL my last resolution was also to reach my resolution xD
    Well, I hope you do!

    And I wanted to learn Chinese before but my high school only had French or Spanish. I have been learning Japanese for the past 2-3 years (on and off though T^T).

    Coming from ^^

  2. I wish you can accomplish your goals!:D
    I'll try to learn not only Chinese but also English and French!:D And I also wanna be a better gyaru!!
    Try on our best!;-))

  3. Salut Lizzie!! I think you did well with your '12 by 2012' goals, bravo! I love your new resolutions too. Wow I love the pic of Risa you posted, does she have a blog or something? Keep up the good work. Tu es déjà une excellente gyaru ! A bientôt !

  4. Ahahaha well it still is a resolution if you think about it :P
    Yeah that's the same here D: I only know it 'cause my mum's Chinese and she used to teach me... Awh well I hope you could pick it up again! ^^

  5. Awh thanks so much! :D
    Oooh that's so cool o_O That's loads of languages! ^^ And I'm sure you will be :D

  6. Salut! ^^
    Awh thank you so so much :D Means a lot~ Erm she does but most of her posts are private so I don't really follow it ;_;
    Merci infiniment! Tu es trop sympa <3

  7. awww.. I love your new year's reso list!! :D I really need to do one for myself too.. hihihi.. :D
    but we almost have the same thing on the list! hihihi :D

    xoxo: | ♥

  8. You can do it! I especially like #5, 8, and 9. These are on my list as well;)

  9. Good luck on your goals ^^ Especially like number 7 that should be one of mine as well :3


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