Thursday, 19 January 2012

Off to Wagamama's, again. Oh dear I'm addicted.

I can't believe that it's been over a week since I last posted o_O I remember when I used to post like four or five times a week... Geez I need to get my ass back into gear >_>

Anyways. I was supposed to be going out with my friends tonight but some stuff cropped up so I'm gonna' be heading to Wagamama with Stef! I know we go there like, every time he's down in Kent, but he's hardly ever down so... Yeah. I mean, he comes down once a month now, which sucks ;_; So it's no wonder that all of my posts about him; I only ever doll up when he comes down lolololol.

I managed to get my hands on some talcum powder and dry shampoo, and I used them to make my wig less shiny! I have to say that it looks SO much better. I also brushed through it so that the curls didn't look so, well, curly (a tip given to me by the lovely Rox!) so it feels great to wear ^^

I also received my order from boohoo the order day! I'm so so happy with it >///< And I'm wearing it today :D I wanted to go for the rokku theme 'cause I love rokku... I seem to be wearing it quite a bit OTL.

Because it is rather chilly I can up with the idea of wearing my patterned tights underneath my ripped jeans~ ^^ Some deatil shots! ^^

Boohoo top, Claire's choker, BHS necklace (lol), 
West Coast leggings, New Look jeans, 
New Look shoes.

And this was the lovely food we had at Wagamama! It was weird though, 'cause we spent less than an hour there o_O Like, we left around 6.56ish and then came back just before 8 o_O The service was just so good though! And the orders came out really quick o_O

Stef had the yaki soba, and I had the karai lomen (?) or something like that, but it was GORGEOUS. Om nom nom. And we had the usual deep friend chilli squid and gyoza ^^ 




  1. The wig looks great on you!
    Omg that fooood ugh i have not been out to eat in so long LOL <33!
    You and your bf so cuteee.

  2. Wow you're gorgeous!! you look great!
    I like your outfit! I also have a pant like yours! ^^

  3. Oooooo you and your coord are awesome! That shirt. omg give it to me<3

  4. The wig looks better! ^^ And I really like your outfit :)

  5. Love your outfit!
    tights under ripped jeans is always good you can easily modify outfits
    i used to wear leopard ones under mine when I was younger (ergh I sound older than I am haha)
    The wig is looking better too! Especially in the picture of your earring, you can see how less shiny it is there for sure :D

    Hateeee wagamamas though lol Ive only been once and blergh it was gross hahaha
    You should look for less chain style Japanese resturaunts, there could be some hidden somewhere heh

  6. Liking the outfit! And i cant get over your wig :O


  7. Thank you very much! :D Ahahaha~ I am in love with it >//<

  8. Thank you so much! :D
    Oooh that's a really good idea actually o_O Maybe I could do that >_> tehehehe :P
    Thank you so much! I'm glad~ It was definitely too shiny before ;_; But I'm glad that it's much better now! ^^

    ZOMG no way! I love it there! <3 Yeah Idk if they do any around Tunbridge Wells ;_;

  9. Thank you so so much! :D Your advice helped me out ALOT. So was all thanks to you! ^^ Thank you <3

  10. Awh thank you so much! :D
    Ahahaha when I first saw it I was like "WOW I HAVE TO GET IT!" Lololol :P

  11. Thank you so much sweet! ^^
    Ooh you do? Awhsum! ^^

  12. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you think so~ ^^
    You should totally go to Wagamama! It's beautiful there *_*
    Thank yoou so much >//<

  13. in AIRY20 January 2012 at 04:58

    I love your outfit :) and you are skinny! jealous!!ww Bisous AIRY

  14. Bawww looking cute Lizzie *__*! THe wig looks so much better! And I really like that co-ord :O That top is awesomeee

  15. Awh thank you so much doll! *_* Tehehehe, I'm so glad you think so >//< Oooh yay! I fell in love with the top almost at once :D Tehehehe~ <3

  16. Thank you so so much! :D Aaah, tu n'a pas besoin d'etre jalous (sp?) ^^ <3

  17. I was looking forward to see your post!!!XD
    I love your outfit it's soooo cool and stylish!!!!!<333
    You're so skinny. Your wig become you. I love all of you~:D I really wanna be like you!!!!!haha

    You and Stef are soooo soooo sweeeeeeeeet!!!XD


  18. Awh you're sweet ^3^
    Thank you so much! :D Tehehehe <3333
    Awh! Well I want to be bigger lawls :P Tehe nyuuu, just be yourself ^^

    Thank you so so much! :D <3 <3

  19. I think that wig looks gorgeous on you =w=
    Also I love your outfit here (OwO) punky and sweet ;D
    and omg foooood <3

  20. Love the skull top! Looking gorgeous aswell ;)

  21. Is that a wig?? OMG!!! SO REAL!!! I really like it!!

  22. Awh thank yoou so so much! :3 Been wearing a lot of like, rokku stuff lately o_O
    Thank yoou >//<

  23. Yesh it is indeedy ;D Tehehe~ Awh thanks! :3

  24. Thank you so much >///<
    Awh yayayay! I really like rokku, tehe~ ^^
    YESH! It was amazing <3

  25. Yesh it is indeedy ;D Tehehe~ Awh thanks! :3

  26. Yesh it is indeedy ;D Tehehe~ Awh thanks! :3

  27. You and the food look delicious XD
    The wig is looking a lot more natural now, especially in that last photo.

  28. Your outfits arrangement is very awesome! I felt your nice sense from color coordinates,accsesories and so on. Wagamama's menu looks very yummy. I also like gyoza and karai ramen.

  29. i love your style! you actually look like a dolly! hehe xxxx

  30. Awh thank you very much! ^^ I try my best~ Yesh Wagamama has gorgeous food *_*

  31. Your outfit is perfect, I love it!


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