Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Outfit Post: Checkered Shirt and High Socks

On Saturday I went to Marie's birthday party! I had so much fun, and it was really nice seeing the girlies and meeting new people~ ^^ I met Ananya for the first time too :D I've been really looking forward to meeting her, and she was so nice! She even let me stay round for the night so that I didn't have to travel alone at night >///< I stayed there with Emmie and Marie, as well as Toni (who I met for the first time there! ^^)

The week beforehand I had so much trouble finding a coord that I went through my tumblr and searched through gyaru coords, and I even looked at my latest Ageha magazine but couldn't really think of one suitable for the party. In the end I just asked for some help from Amelie ^^
I finally settled for this look:

Close-up of my eye make~ With my lashes were more dramatic OTL

While I was at Ananya's I borrowed her three-barrelled rollers and Emmie did my hair! >///< I look so... different o_O Wasn't really used to it lolololol :P

That's all for now I guess! ^^ I would post more of my weekend with the girlies, but I didn't really take any pictures ;_; D'oh >_<" Next time I see them I will! ^^



Thought I'd make a post of all of the giveaways that I'm going to enter! ^^ I'm so excited~ I love joining them even though I've never won one lololol.
Also, that reminds me, I'm gonna' be hosting a giveaway soon! Just need to gather some goodies for y'all~ ^^


Friday, 24 February 2012

Outfit Post: Studded Roses

(ZOMG it was so hard for me to think of a title for this post ;_;)

I've decided to post more frequently (well, whenever I doll up) because of the results of my poll. Most votes were for me to post more Outfit and Makeup shots, with the Get The Look series in second! So I'm hoping to do both a hell of a lot more ^^
So the other day I just randomly decided to doll up! I was hoping to go for the more dark rokku look, with red lips and all~ But then afterwards I realised that red lips don't really suit me ;_; What do you guys think? ^^

Eurgh look so herp-derp in this D:

Maxi dress from Boohoo, New Look boots,
Claire's choker.

[Edit] Forgot to include the actual picture of my eye, so here it is! ^^
Tbh I think my eyes look better when they're not close up... Think I drew the bottom line too far from the bottom lash line :/ Oh well!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Recent buys and current inspirations

It's been a while since I wrote a post about my inspirations, and I thought that I'd make a new one as my style has changed slightly... I used to love the "natural and sweet" appearance of Gal, but now I'm more into the rokku style! I quite like Agejo too, but with a rockier edge :P

My main source of inspiration is the beautiful Sakurina, who has always been my inspiration <3 Her eye make is just stunning and I love what she wears! I love how she does her eyeliner as they make her eyes look huge~ 

Another is Risa, who has an amazing dress sense. It's a shame that she doesn't post much about her make ;_;
What I tend to find with Risa's coords is that they are actually quite simple which is what I love because I'm hoping to create similar looks >//< It sounds silly I know, but I just love her outfits o_O Especially ones with shorts and what-not~


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Please answer my poll!

And leave any feedback here if you want to ^^ It's really important to know what you guys like! ^^ <3

(Poll is on the right! >>> )

My week back at home~

Just a really quick post because unlike me I didn't take many photos of my time back at home, because a) I felt soooo tired for the whole time and b) I was lazy. Really really lazy. I just can't be bothered to do the full gal make... D'oh. It's mostly the hair that I cba to do because it just takes so much time and effort to style ;_;

I got a new phone which I love love love >///< But I didn't know that I had flash on it (*facepalm*) so my photos are really blurry and shizz ;_; Even though I went to two parties I only took pictures of what I looked like for one 'cause I felt crap in the other one D:

Went more for Mode gal this time~ but really really casual form.
New Look blouse, Muse necklace, West One sweater, New Look jeans.

I'm hoping to blog more frequently and doll up as I need to get my ass in gear. I've just been so so lazy for the past couple of weeks... And then I found this interesting article on Universal Doll which has really inspired me. I'm gonna' follow it and create a timetable to become more organised! It's not necessarily going to be the same each week 'cause of work and whatnot... But I wanna do something to get back into Gal! ^^ 
I guess that's enough of my rambling... Hope everyone has a good weekend! ^^ 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

My New Lashes! :3

Hey guys! ^^
This is just a quick post to show yoou my new lashes! :3 I bought Princess Eye by Diamond Lash from Ichibankao (the most AMAZING online shop for lashes ever!) and received them a couple of days ago ^^ I'm not wearing gal make or anything, I just wanted to try these babies on :P


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Such a lazy weekend

Seriously I've had the laziest weekend ever. I spent most of my time in my pjs on thurs after our school trip, and was feeling great until-
Well, until I got ill.
It's sod's law that I'd get ill on my only weekend off from doing any project work, and I was not happy. Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed watching The Little Mermaid (no joke) and sleeping. I haven't felt this crappy in ages ;_; Today isn't any better, but at least I made the effort to get out of bed, and because I got so fed up with just lazying about and sleeping that I dolled up!
I wasn't pleased with my photos, so I got really lazy (again) until around now I decided to just take one photo to at least put up on my blog. Annoying thing is that my only good photo (how depressing) doesn't even show my "real" coord -_- So annoying how you get a good photo like, 7 hours after you've dolled up and most of your makeup has come off >_>

Was inspired by Kanako Kawabata's coord that she posted aaaages ago, just found it on my tumblr while I was looking for some inspiration :P

Her coord:

And mine!:
Jacket from random store, Forever21 sweater, 
BHS necklace, H&M skirt, Select tights, New Look boots

Tbh what really annoyed me was that my sweater was quite baggy, which made me look... Well, it didn't really flatter me ;_; Think it's 'cause of all of the layers I'm wearing 'cause it's so bloody cold over here >_<" Had to wear like two layers of tights and some socks D: Crazy times. I didn't even go out of the house >_<"

I did my nails too! Actually, I did two sets 'cause I was that bored lololol. They're both a hell of a lot shorter than my first failed attempt and I can actually type with them! o_O They're really simple 'cause I'm not that great at nails >_<"

Also, I bought a really cute MA*RS set off the lovely Emilie! I love it <3 Unfortunately I haven't got any shoes... And it's too cold to wear it ;_; But will definitely wear it in the spring! (If it ever comes OTL).

That's all for now~
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