Thursday, 23 February 2012

Recent buys and current inspirations

It's been a while since I wrote a post about my inspirations, and I thought that I'd make a new one as my style has changed slightly... I used to love the "natural and sweet" appearance of Gal, but now I'm more into the rokku style! I quite like Agejo too, but with a rockier edge :P

My main source of inspiration is the beautiful Sakurina, who has always been my inspiration <3 Her eye make is just stunning and I love what she wears! I love how she does her eyeliner as they make her eyes look huge~ 

Another is Risa, who has an amazing dress sense. It's a shame that she doesn't post much about her make ;_;
What I tend to find with Risa's coords is that they are actually quite simple which is what I love because I'm hoping to create similar looks >//< It sounds silly I know, but I just love her outfits o_O Especially ones with shorts and what-not~

I also tend to find myself reading over Chie & Chika's posts (although mostly Chie's!) as I find that they have amazing coords too~
I just love the sweater Chie's wearing here, as it looks really similar to the one I got from Primark! Whenever I see a gyaru model wearing similar items I get kinda excited lololol~ Feel spesh. 

So how has my style developed exactly? 

Well before I used to look at models like Yui Kanno (shown above on the left), GuGu and Tsubasa Masuwaka for inspiration because of their "simple" looks (e.g. brown eyeshadow and thin liner) but now I go for the more dramatic look. And this is mostly because of my current favourite magazine Ageha.
Ever since Ageha was mentioned to me months ago I found myself reading it more and more, and I'm inspired by their make and use it all the time! I just love how my appearance can change with slightly heavier makeup~ It's amazing <3 So now I'd like to share a few photos of Ageha (although mostly coords) that I'm currently inspired by ^^

The scans that really catch my eye are the ones that are quite simple but with an attention to detail to it that makes the whole coord a lot more gal. It's the way that the models wear the clothes too that I envy... Especially Sakurina <3 My current loves at the moment are distressed jeans, skull tops, cross necklaces and denim shirts~

My gets also reflect what I'm inspired by ^^

I saw the denim shirt repeated a couple of times in mags such as Jelly and Happie Nuts (both of which I read for coord inspiration) and had to buy one because I thought it would look so cute! I also really liked Chie & Chika's coord in Ageha (as you can see above somewhere) so another reason to buy it :P Funnily enough most of my buys are from Primark ('cause I'm a cheap skate lolololol).

(You can see the shadow of my hand taking the pics :P)

I have a love for checkered atm! It reminded me of one of the outfits in my old Get The Look posts, and I thought it would go well with some rokku-casual outfits~ And I was inspired by one of Risa's coords where she wore a checkered shirt and black vest over it ^^

The top/dress is from Select, and my boots from Primark! I was sick and tired of wearing my other black boots all of the time~ And my issue of Ageha! I've collected Ageha for a couple of months now ^^

And a cross necklace that Stef bought for me! >///< <3 <3 It amazingly goes with any coord really, which I love *_*

My MA*RS set reflects my change... Before I would never buy these kinda' clothing because I'd rather wear jeans, but when I laid eyes upon it a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to get it! I guess this was the starting point of me liking MA*RS~ ^^

Remember my Golds Infinity top? Well this was actually the starting point of liking Agejo and the more "mature" style of Gal~ I really like Golds Infinity, and I want to buy more in future ^^

I've also begun to look at more dramatic hairstyles such as bigger curls, and I purchased my first ever week a couple of weeks ago ^^ I would never have considered getting a wig before because I was too possessive over my own hair colour, but now I'm consideringbuying more! :3

So yeah. Quite a few changes in my style actually the year; I changed my makeup style from simple to dramatic, my coords from girly to rock, and my hair... Well, its still kind of the same but less girly and childish :P 

I guess that's all for now! ^^ But before I go I'd like to add a special mention to Amelie for her undying support and friendship! <3 Thank you so so much <3



  1. Baww I'm glad to see this post! alway interested to see how people have evolved in their style <3<3 and bawww you didn't need the special mention and the end but thank you T0T you know I'm always here for you silly <3 Love you!

  2. Awh yay that's really good to hear! >///< Sorry it's a bit... like, not very explainable D: Aaah well methinks I've changed mine like, completely o_O It's crazy :P <3 <3 Awh well you're always there helping me out and shizz so I hadda :3 Awh love you too ! <3 <3

  3. I love the more edgier rock punkish style too! But I like the cute styles as well ^^ but on me, I prefer the chic looks haha
    Cutesy wootsy just doesn't suit me irl I think >> Anywho, I enjoy looking at their cordis too, this was a nice post ^^

  4. Ah, I love your inspo/style and that cross is simply GORGEOUS. *o*

  5. I like Sakurina also,she's very sexy!!Wish I could develop to her style.
    But that's still far away from the point I am now XD

    Your items are cute also ^ ^

  6. This was really fun to read. I loved hearing about how your style has changed and why.
    I think your look now really suits you, and you can only get even better :D

  7. Yay I'm not the only one! :D Yeah me too, but I don't think they suit me either ;_; I just like wearing dramatic mske lololol :P
    Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^^

  8. Yeah she's amazingly beautiful <3 Awh bless :P You'll get there though ^^
    Thanks! :D

  9. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked reading it~ ^^ Thank you! :D I really hope so >///<

  10. I like your inspirations a lot, Sakurina is gorgeous. That denim shirt is really cute :)

  11. Its always good to change and be comfortable in it too :D
    I love your new shirts, I have an oversized WC denmin shirt and I live in it haha theyre super practical!

  12. I also love Sakurina n Guri&Gura(Chie&Chika)!!!

  13. They're amazing aren't they? ^^

  14. Yeah! :D I can't believe how much I've changed though... Well, it's not that much I guess >_> But still! :P
    Thank you so much! :D Got them from Primark tehehehe~ Oooh well I'm looking forward to wearing lots of coords with it :3

  15. Thank you so much! :D Yeah, Sakurina is amazing <3


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