Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Such a lazy weekend

Seriously I've had the laziest weekend ever. I spent most of my time in my pjs on thurs after our school trip, and was feeling great until-
Well, until I got ill.
It's sod's law that I'd get ill on my only weekend off from doing any project work, and I was not happy. Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed watching The Little Mermaid (no joke) and sleeping. I haven't felt this crappy in ages ;_; Today isn't any better, but at least I made the effort to get out of bed, and because I got so fed up with just lazying about and sleeping that I dolled up!
I wasn't pleased with my photos, so I got really lazy (again) until around now I decided to just take one photo to at least put up on my blog. Annoying thing is that my only good photo (how depressing) doesn't even show my "real" coord -_- So annoying how you get a good photo like, 7 hours after you've dolled up and most of your makeup has come off >_>

Was inspired by Kanako Kawabata's coord that she posted aaaages ago, just found it on my tumblr while I was looking for some inspiration :P

Her coord:

And mine!:
Jacket from random store, Forever21 sweater, 
BHS necklace, H&M skirt, Select tights, New Look boots

Tbh what really annoyed me was that my sweater was quite baggy, which made me look... Well, it didn't really flatter me ;_; Think it's 'cause of all of the layers I'm wearing 'cause it's so bloody cold over here >_<" Had to wear like two layers of tights and some socks D: Crazy times. I didn't even go out of the house >_<"

I did my nails too! Actually, I did two sets 'cause I was that bored lololol. They're both a hell of a lot shorter than my first failed attempt and I can actually type with them! o_O They're really simple 'cause I'm not that great at nails >_<"

Also, I bought a really cute MA*RS set off the lovely Emilie! I love it <3 Unfortunately I haven't got any shoes... And it's too cold to wear it ;_; But will definitely wear it in the spring! (If it ever comes OTL).

That's all for now~


  1. awwwwwwwh get better soon girl!! <3
    and I can see the style resemblance ;D ahaha ~
    also super cute top =w= xx <3

  2. Cute outfit and nails! You did a great job matching Kanako's cordi there ^^
    And it sucks getting sick D: I just got over my cold recently, hope you get well soon!


  3. so cute, beautiful. I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The nails with the dots are really cute! *^^* And the MA*RS set too! Hopefully Spring will come soon and bring some nice weather! ;A;

    You look very pretty in the first photo! Love your makeup<3

  5. I often spend my day on my bed,too~:( lol
    And your nails and MA*RS set are soooooo cute!!XD

    I also wish spring will coming soon!! I really hate cold weather!!:'-(((

    Love you,

  6. I love the MA*RS set and I think it really suits you, from the pic you put up on Twitter.

  7. Your really cute on your pic!
    Btw I love the Ma*rs set!!! *o*

  8. Awh thank you! :D Tehehe, I can't wait to wear it properly *_*

  9. Awh bless ya :P We're so lazy! Lololol :P
    Thank you so much *_* I'm quite happy with them this time! ^^

    Me toooo! Can't wait to wear pretty things lololol~
    Love you too! <3

  10. Thank you so much! *_* Yeah I hope so too... It's been too cold for too ong ;_;
    Awh thanks >///< <3

  11. Thank yoou! I'm glad >//< I really liked her coord so tried to do something similar :P
    Yeah ;_; I've got a mega cold now >_<" Thank you so much! ^^

  12. Thank you so much sweet! <3
    Ahahaaa that's good then! I'm glad >//<
    Thank yoou :D Xxx <3

  13. Awh thank yoou so much :D Feelin' much better now ^^


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