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Circle Lens: To wear or not to wear // 3月9日 //

During the last couple of posts you may or may not have noticed that I haven't been wearing my circle lens... This is because I'm trying to prove that you don't HAVE to have circle lens to be Gal (but it does help a hell of a lot). It's also because when I went out I think I may have accidentally swapped my lens around OTL But I did manage to go to the optician nearby who said to just try one eye at a time to see if its blurry... so HOPEFULLY I've got the right ones in lololol.

But even though I'm trying not to wear them I've lately been debating whether or not to buy a new pair of lens. If I didn't have astigmatism then I surely would've been able to buy some easily, but I can't ;_; It costs around £40 to get (which includes shipping) but then takes around 3 months to receive people GEO would have to specially make the lens for me D:

It really really sucks. I mean, why does a pair of lens have to cost so much?

The other thing that's making me not buy them is because my eyes are already quite large, so they don't really make a difference >_< They do make a slight difference, but that's very slight D:

To help me decide I took some photos of what my eyes look like with one circle lens in and one without circle lens.

Please excuse the crappy quality OTL

So yeah. I guess looking at it now they do make a SLIGHT difference... But is it enough to buy a new pair of lens that cost like £40? :/ What do you think? ^^



  1. They do make a slight difference in size but the colour difference is lovely :)
    I can totally see your reasoning for not wanting to buy more though and I think if anyone tried to give you stick for not wearing lenses that would just be unreasonable! Its not your fault you need toric lenses D:

    Ive heard some people just get normal ones buts they either cant see and/or the lense moves around a lot
    Which doesnt sound very good to me D: really uncomfortable too I can imagine!

    If you can ever afford to treat yourself to some new lenses then go for it, but youre fine without them so dont feel pressured if its not what you really want :D

  2. Unfortunately Toric lens are expensive almost everywhere. Your eyes' color is beautiful, so you can consider yourself lucky about that. Finally, your makeup without circle lens is perfect!

  3. I have astigmatism, and I just wear the normal lenses. However, I have 20/20 vision so I don't need any power in the lenses. The astigmatism just causes my lenses to sit differently on my eyes (if you look really closely at my pictures you can see it).
    Depending on how much astigmatism you have, you might be able to get away with wearing normal lenses with whatever power you need. It's something you could ask your optometrist or an optician that is familiar with your eyes. Or, you could buy an inexpensive pair in your power and test them out.
    That would open up the amount of lenses you could wear for sure.
    Also, I think if you got a pair with a bigger diameter, the result would be more dramatic. I know that 14.5 and sometimes 15mm have almost no effect on my eyes because my eyes are stupid huge. (but I understand there aren't as many options in toric and they are so expensive xDDDD)

  4. It must suck for having astigmatism D: So Ican understand why you wouldn't want to buy them. But then again, one pair lasts a year if well taken care of, and you already need to wear contacts so.. Win win? Haha but of course it is up to you ^^ Personally, you have large irises already! The enlargement barely did anything! But of course the color affected the look too, overall, you don't NEED it though, you already have nice eyes ^^

  5. There are times when I'm too lazy to put on circle lens or my circle lens is running out also.
    I don't really mind much about wearing circle lens or not as long as I don't have to wear glasses XD

    Your eye color is already beautiful!!
    Sadly,my natural eye color is deep black XD

  6. Ah... I have the myopia so... (em... No sure about the word XD) Actually, I wear glasses but sometimes, when I want to wear color lenses it's really troublesome = I can't. Or I can but it's a littler expensive when you can't wear it a long time. So... I want to do it for one the next time but now. "Oh glasses you're so beautiful" XD

  7. I cant believe they cost that much..I wouldn't even buy it lol..
    They look nice though~

  8. I think you look so much better with them. I think that most people do need circle lenses to look Gyaru, I mean some pull it off without (such as Pin for example) but if you look through all the magazines and look at all the models and Japanese gyaru, do you ever really see them without circle lenses in? I think it does complete make up looks. I know I look so much more gal with my circle lenses then without.

    It does suck that you have to pay so much for lenses because of your astigmatism but then... I've never really thought of Gyaru as being something you can do on a budget lol. Plus as long as you look after them you can keep wearing them for about a year so, when you think about it, £40 a year isn't that much if you want to achieve the right look.
    /end essay lol

  9. I Agree with Holly. I think it makes you look very gyaru with them! I felt the same way about lenses then I got my first pair and now I feel so half gyaru without them XD But i understand completely why you wouldn't want to buy them because of the price and your astigmatism. But like i said I feel like it completes your look! I know 40 pounds may sound like a lot (its about the same price to get toric lenses in america like colorlensworld sells them for 60USD) That much a year really isn't all that bad but ultimately it is your choice:)

  10. Yup.. THe price for toric lenses gave me a shock as well. IMO, you don't NEED it but you look better with them

  11. Yeah that's true... I guess that I should've taken pictures at different angles to see any difference properly >_>
    Ikr? It sucks! I'm so jealous of people who can wear 14.5mm or more, because Toric ones don't do any larger than 14mm ;_;

    Nope that sounds really bad :/ I was considering buying just normal lenses (like cheap ones) and wearing them with glasses, but astigmatism affects the shape of the eye so Idk if it'll work... And might damage my eye >_<"

    Okies! Thanks for your advice :3

  12. Yeah they really are :/ Mukuchu sells the cheapest ones, but they take 3 months to deliver because the manufacturer would have to make the lens to suit my eyes D:
    Awh thank you so much! I'm so glad you think so <3

  13. Aaah, well I'm really short sighted so Idk if normal lens would work ;_; And my astigmatism is quite bad~ I wrote a post on K_P about it ages ago, and I think you made a comment on that saying that I would definitely need Toric lens for my right eye? ^^
    My Optician is extremely against the idea of circle lens and was more than delighted to hear that I'm not getting any more - as I thought that I might not buy any - so... I don't think I'll ask him again about it >_<"
    I was thinking about getting normal lens but then my astigmatism might not make this possible because how they would sit on my eyes >_<"
    Yeah Toric lens only come in 14mm, no larger which sucks ;_; So Idk how I'm able to get any larger D:

    Thanks for your input! ^^ <3

  14. Yeah it really does suck :/ Y'know, that's a very good point... Because if you think of it that way, £40 a year isn't that much for something that I can wear for a year >_>
    Awh thank you so much! :D I think I might try and carry on just wearing heavy makeup, and see what happens ^^
    Thank you! :3

  15. Lololol I have to wear glasses/contact lens, which sucks ;_; If only I didn't have eye problems then I could buy normal circle lens! D:

    Thank you so much :3 I'm glad you think so~
    Awh but that's pretty tooo :3

  16. Awh nyuu that really sucks ;_; I haven't heard of Myopia before >_> What is it?

  17. Awh bless ya :P You have pretty eyes already, so lucky~ Tehehee :3

  18. Yeah I think so too, but like... They're so expensive for just a colour change :/ I might as well just buy coloured lens >_>
    I think that circle lens do help a hell of a lot with the Gal look, but the models in the magazines like Ageha all have fairly small eyes which is why they wear colour/circle lens because their eyes are black... That's my opinion anyways~
    But I completely agree with you that circle lens does complete the look ^^

    Gyaru is pretty expensive so I guess you're right~ I'm just debating about whether to get them because of the only slight difference in my eyes D: If it made a big difference then I would've bought it even if it costed around £40, but because they don't... Idk D:

    True true~ I think I'll think about it again ^^

    Thanks for your input! :3

  19. Awh thank yoou! :3 Tbh I do feel slightly less Gyaru without them~ But I'm trying my best to look Gal without them! It's hard though D:
    I'm gonna' think about it 'cause you're right, they're not much if they're a once-a-year kinda thing~

    Thanks for your input! :3

  20. AH! I remember that! Yeah, I remember your script, now.
    Well, poo! I didn't know that toric only came in 14mm! I would say if that's the case, then with your big irises, I wouldn't waste my money unless you really wanted to change the color of your eyes! I know, at least with my eyes, the brown shows on the outside of 14mm lenses because they aren't big enough to cover my irises, lol!
    And, honestly, in Japan, almost no girls wear circle lenses anyway. It's just something that the magazines like, but hasn't actually caught on to the entire public. Also, many Japanese people have high astigmatism, so they can't wear them either. xDDD
    So, I don't think you need them to be gyaru, especially if they don't do anything but change the color of your eyes!

  21. It's when we can't see far.
    Don't know the word in english ! Sorry ^^

  22. Well I think I might just try out buying another pair 'cause they do last like a year... So yeah >_> Idk though D: Still thinking about it.
    Oooh really? That's awhsum ^^ I was thinking of just wearing normal lens and then wearing glasses~ Idk if that'll work though D:

  23. tbh I actually think and prefer you w/o lenses, your eyes look more striking imo.


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