Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Get the Look: Checkmate // 3月6日 //

(I have done so many posts with a checkered shirt as the main part that I ran out of ideas for the title.. OTL)

When I put up a poll most people voted that I should carry on with my Get The Look series sooo... Here it is! ^^ And this time we'll be looking at this lovely lady with amazing coords: Risa!
It's beautifully simple and do-able~

I love love love her. Srysly. Her outfits are just amazing *_*

And now onto the similar clothes!
You could find these in any Western stores, but the shops I'm using from are from the UK (although I do think that they sell worldwide~ I know that New Look definitely does ^^)

Seen a look that you're interested in? Want it to be featured on "Get The Look"?  
Please leave a comment or contact me via my new fb page . Links to pictures would be perfect :D

Right for the checkered shirt I just included one of my own photos, because I couldn't find any online ;_; But you can definitely get them from Primark, 'cause that's where I bought mine ^^ If you can find it anywhere online please lemme' know!

Could really get any kinda' black shorts tbh...

It was kinda hard to tell what shoes she was wearing.. But it was basically black lololol.

I'd seriously get my jewellery from Forever21 'cause they are like, amazing. Srysly. 

Please note that you don't have to buy these clothes in order to achieve this look that the gal has above. You could always buy cheaper & similar things elsewhere! ^^ I've just chosen the ones that look best for this look~



  1. I like these posts Lizzie! And you are always so accurate too ^^
    And is it just me but did you change your blog skin? If yes, then I like it :D haha


  2. Awh yay that's really good to hear! Got any ideas on what I could do for my next one? ^^
    Ooh erm I changed it a couple of weeks ago? ^^ Thank yoou :D

  3. The outfit is so ncie! : D: D

  4. This is really cute! I like the simplicity of the outfit and how you broke it down for those who aren't great at creating their own co-ords! ♥

  5. That's such a very nice guide!!
    I might try it but I don't know if it'd match me :(

  6. Great post Lizzie. I LOVE Risa, even though her outfits are quite simple she still looks amazing. <3

  7. Thank yoou! I'm glad you liked it~ I really missed doing this series :3 <3

  8. Thank you! :D And I'm sure it will ^^

  9. Thank you so much :D I'm glad you like it ^^

  10. Eeee I love her too! She's amazing! <3


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