Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Let's Partaaaay ;D // 3月14日 //

Hey guys! :3 I'm so so sorry that I haven't posted in a while... It was my sister's party last weekend so was pretty much caught up in all of the rush of travelling and whatnot, but HEY HO I managed to do just fine and even had the time to doll up! ^^
I wanted to change my hairstyle sooo.... *dun dun dun* here it is! :3

You like?
I used to have a side fringe (as you may or may not know) and I wanted to get that back, but my hairdresser didn't get it en point :/ So it's a bit messed up.. D'oh >_<" Not gonna' lie I was pretty stupid and just went away with le fringe and didn't really pester her enough what I wanted it to look like. I did mention that it looked slightly weird, but she said it'll be okay later... >_>


But yeah. I mean, it looks okay now.. I'm getting used to it ;D
Anyways my sister's party was fab even though I acted like a mum, always asking if everyone was alright and getting their drinks and so on~ But I had fun all the same! Stef was also invited which was a bonus 'cause I was able to spend more time with him <3 My cousin came over as well which was a lovely surprise! <3 

Onto some makeup and outfit shots! :3 And then I guess that's all for now~ 

Jewerich no.2 & Princess Eye

Top from, Cross choker from Claire's, necklace from BHS,
Leggings from Reveal, boots from New Look.

But before I go... I have a fb page for this blog! :3 please like it <3



  1. Great top! Youre really rocking... rock recently XD
    and I think your fringe looks nicer when its a little fuller like this :)

  2. You really suit your fringe like that, I like it~ <3

  3. Ahahahaha why thank you ;D
    Awh you do? Awhsum! :3 It looks a lot better now than it did then.. Should probably take some recent piccies lololol :P

  4. I like your hair, I don't think it is messed up. You hair looks really healthy and soft btw ^^
    And your make up is amazing as always :)
    Wooow love your outfit! Totally something I would wear. -goes to and looks for that top-... :D!

  5. I like your hair! It's really nice and suits you :D I am growing mine but... I am always.. ALWAYS tempted to cut them D: haha you just added to my temptation :P

  6. Your hair looks great IMO! I also love your makeup and outfit! Those leggings<33

  7. So pretty!!
    Love the first pic!!
    Your leggings is pretty cool also ^ ^

  8. Actually I don't think it looks that weird. When I saw the pic I thought it looked nice, and that it was intentional.

  9. your new hairstyle suits you and i love the leggings : )

  10. Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so ^^ Yeah they're my fave~ :3

  11. Awh thank you! ^^ Tehehe~ It was supposed to be like a full fringe but with a slight angle to the side >_<"

  12. Awh thank yoou! :3 Tehehe~ Glad you like it! ^^
    Yeah I luurve them <33

  13. Awh thank yoou :3 I haven't dyed my hair ever so that might be why! ^^
    Awh thanks! :3 I'm glad you like it ^^
    Tehehe boohoo is amazing <3

  14. Awh thank you so much! :D Ahahaha well just do what you wanna' do ;D

  15. I love the eyelashes! Very pretty hair-do, too.


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