Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Current Wishlist! //三月一日//

It's that time again where I have so many things that I wanna' buy but I can't believe a) I need to work harder for them and b) I'm going to be saving up for Japan with Stef <3 We're planning on going next year,  so I'm going to set myself goals of how much to save and shizz~

So let's get onto the wishlist! I'm going to include some items that I know I'll never ever be able to get because... Well, because I still want them >//<

Real MA*RS items
MA*RS belt (or, even better, D.I.A!)
White skirt to go with my JD top
Anna Smith handbag (it's so pretty *_* and my black handbag is falling apart ;_;)
Three-barrelled rollers, or crimpers
Diamante belt
Nail deco stuff
Circle lenses (maybe... Might not though 'cause they're bloody expensive :/) 
Iphone 4S case
T-shirts from Republic because they're amazing

I also wanna buy some other stuff like nail decals, wigs, half wigs, makeup... But I forgot to include them D:

Psst, you may have noticed some Chinese characters next to the title... That's because I'm trying to incorporate as much Chinese as possible in my everyday life ^^ It's such a good feeling to learn the language again >//< Thing is that I can't find a pinyin thing to download on the mac.. D'oh :/
I don't know whether to write the full date e.g. 三月一  or just the "simple" date e.g. 3 月 1 ... Might do the simplified version though >_> Although the full looks cooler :P



  1. We set the dates out like 3 月 1 日in our chinese lessons. if you leave the characters in the date, it'll be a bit like writing "March/first" which is a bit of a weird way to write a date XD

  2. Oooh okies! I'll do that then ^^ Thank you so much for letting me know :D

  3. Hehe the writing of the date is exactly the same in Japanese :)

    Also, check eBay for those rhinestone wheels! I won one for 26p last week with free delivery
    Same for iPhone cases, I got so many on eBay for cheap XD

  4. your wishlist is awesome, I love the MA*RS belt! Xoxo

  5. Thank you so much! :D Yeah it's pretty isn't it? ^^

  6. Oh wow really? That's awhsum! :3
    Wowie that's amazing o_O The wonders of Ebay <3

  7. I like your wishlist! And for the date, I leave the number characters out of it and just use the numbers.. But that's for Japanese that I write, not Chinese :P But they should be the same :)
    And you never wore circle lenses before? :O girl you gotta tryyyy haha

  8. I think 3 月 1 日 is the usual writing. At least one sees it more xD

    And for circle lenses, why don't you try to enter a giveaway or something? For example shoppingholics will send you a second pair for free if you review the first pair and mail them about it (and post on their fb or sth). There are quite some options to get them cheaper, one just needs to look for them ^_^

  9. The dolly eye has cheap lenses. o: 15 dollars = around 11 euros = probably like 7 pounds! And free shipping, too! I always get mine there. Swearing by them lololol XD

    I want that ora ora shirt :l Like now. RIGHT now.

  10. Why would you never be able to get this stuff? You can get all of it! :) "If you can dream it..." :P

    I agree with Sami about eBay for the rhinestones. Also, some cheap Chinatown stores sell them for like $1! Keep a look out! :)

  11. All very nice items, I want some of them now!

  12. The items are really cool!!
    But the white fluffy skirt looks really cute.

    I wish I could have learned Chinese but anyway,I know what it mean a little from studying Japanese.

  13. Thank yoou! ^^
    Yeah my mum taught me when I was a kid but I slowly forgot how to write and read ;_;

  14. Yeah but I have to get Toric lens because I have astigmatism, which is why I've only got one pair ATM... It's so expensive ;_; thanks for letting me know though! I'll see if that place sells Toric lens ^^

  15. Thank yoou! ^^
    Yeah I talked to my mum and she said the same thing ^^
    I've got one pair but it's very expensive as I have to get Toric lens ;_;

  16. Okies thanks! ^^
    Yeah but the thing is I have to wear Toric lens as I have astigmatism ;_; so can't buy circle lens as they don't do them... Only Mukuchu sells them ;_;

  17. Tehe yeah I really want some stuff too ;_;

  18. Tehehe ;D idk... I don't know much about shopping services so I can only dream for now :P
    Okies! Thank you very much ^^

  19. OUCH! Aww man, that is so bad! D: I'm sorry :c

  20. Ikr? It sucks D: Please watch out for my next post as I'm going to be comparing my eyes when I wear circle lens and shizz ^^

  21. Heya, i noticed you mentioned something about putting pinyin on your mac? If you mean what i think you do, then click on your Settings, and click on "Language and Text". Then click on "Input Sources" and choose which languages you'd like to add. Apply these changes, and close settings. Then you see the bar at the top of your screen? Next to the battery is an American flag (perhaps it is British for you :)), click on it and you get to choose which language you'd like to type in. I hope this helped! And if not, i am sorry for making you read this XD

  22. Heya!
    Thank you so much for the tip~ It worked perfectly :D Thanks so much <3

  23. Hehe, i am glad! :) I am not much of a mac geek, (i am clueless for the most part), but this is one of the first things i looked up! XD


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