Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Goals for this month & Improvement // 3月21日 //

I recently looked at my stats and realised that my pageviews keep going down each month. It really saddens me... But at the same time I figured it was my fault for not posting as much lololol.
This time last year I was like, posting nearly 2 posts everyday... And on some I posted like 3 a day o_O Guess it's because I had a hell of a lot more time on my hands back then >_<" Damn you uni! Y u no give me enough time to blog? D:

So I'm gonna' make a list of goals! ^^ Most of them I aim to do for the end of next month (even though not all of them link in with this blog... )

Post every 2 - 3 days
Doll up more
Attempt to do at least 2 NEW hairstyles by the end of April
Become more active
Save up and buy stuff for my giveaway
 Save up for Japan! Only buy things that I NEED rather than want

I also decided to post up my improvement (I've created a meme here) because I haven't posted it in ages o_O Well, kinda >_<" I mean I posted a lil' picture of my development before in a previous post but not a really recent one ^^"

I guess I have made some sort of an improvement? D: Not much tbh *fail*

The other week I was speaking to some of my gal friends and we were saying whether or not it's important to wear particular clothes to be "gal". In my opinion I think the whole package - the hair, make and clothes - are important in gal because you've gotta' coordinate everything, but then I began to think... 
If you've got the hair and the make correct, then surely clothes wouldn't matter so much?

Well obv jeans and t-shirt with a hoodie might not be gal, but if you wore it the right way with the right accessories and did the hair etc then it could be gal! ^^ 

But that's only what I think~ ^^

WOW I've rambled, so I'm gonna' leave it at that for today! ^^



  1. I think you have improved significantly :D
    Especially in your clothing! You always have such great outfits!
    You're makeup has gotten really cute ;3
    I'd love to see some more hairstyles on you though (OwO) <3

  2. Posting every 2-3 days!?Wow...I used to post daily when using my old exteen blog.
    And now I'm trying not to post so often so that I wouldn't get too few comments XD

    btw,I love your looks in August,really sexy!

  3. I love the August look too!

  4. Yeah I'm going to try my best tehe :3 Or I might just post more frequently >_> like maybe every 3 to 4 days?

    Awh thanks so much :3 What do you like about it? ^^

  5. Awh thank yoou so much bby >///< <3
    Yeah I'm going to try more hairstyles methinks ^^ <3

  6. Hey :) first of all: you're pretty on any picture! seriously :3 but if I was to pick a look, I'd say it's January 2012. Absolutely gorgeous. What kind of hair colour is this? It looks really, really unique :3
    Keki ^-^

  7. Thanks so much :3 Tehehe >///< Oh it's actually a wig~ ^^


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