Saturday, 3 March 2012

Outfit Post: TGIF // 3月3日 //

It's been a while since me and my housemate have been out together, so we decided to go out on Friday! I had so much fun~ I wore my wig to go out but it didn't hold very well ;_; I'm still not used to wearing it D: Anyone got any helpful tips ? >_<"

Kinda got perved on by quite a few old men as well... Ew. I felt like such a weakling 'cause I just stuck with my friend as I didn't want to be rude to tell them to phark off :/ Damnit. 

ANYWAYS. Onto the photos! ^^

Top from Primark, Dress from West Coast, OTK socks from a random stall, 
Shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Hate how my wig looks strawberry blonde rather than light brown ;_;

My "Lazy" makeup 'cause I didn't really feel like doing dramatic stuff OTL

And let's end with a silly picture 'cause I'm just too cool herp derp

That's all for now! Adios amigos~

P.S I now have a FB page for this blog where I'll post my regular updates and random shizz~ Please "like" it! ^^ 

[[Edit]] 9 more followers until I get started on my giveaway! ;D <3


  1. I was thinking "aww she looks like a doll" then the last picture made me splurt out my tea haha
    Got to love the funny faces :D

  2. Tehehehe that made me laugh :P Bless! Hope it didn't go all over your laptop/computer/whatever-you're-using ;D
    Thank yoou! :3 Was thinking of submitting it to that fb group you have? ^^

  3. Wow! You look so cute! :D Last picture is funny!

  4. Emilie Baudelocque3 March 2012 at 21:10

    Well... The wig really suits you ! I like it =)

    & The last piture is funny xD

  5. Ugh, old men doing that makes me cringe *cringe cringe* But it`s because you are just too pretty&cute~ ;D

  6. Thanks doll! ^^
    Tehehe I'm glad you think so ;D

  7. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you think so~ I'm quite pleased with it ^^
    Ahahaa why thank you ;D

  8. Ikr? They were like, 50 o_O Scary D: Uwaah thank yoou, you're too kind >//<

  9. Thanks for your comment ! ^^
    Haha perverted old men are the biggest problem of girls x)
    Actually I like your "lazy" makeup lol

  10. Lol you're welcome ;)
    I just discovered your site but I like it =)

    Anyway, for this pervert... I had the same the last time! That always piss me of ! And he was drunk ><"

  11. De rien! ^^ Je suis desolee si je n'ai pas ecris en francais D:
    Yeah they are :/ So annoying >_<"
    You do? Why thank you ;D

  12. No it's okay I prefer that you talk to me in english, like my english is poor I want to practice more lol

  13. Ah merci! J'ai vu sur ton blog que tu es francaise? ^^ Sorry if my french isn't that great D:
    Yeah it was so annoying and awkward >_<"

  14. Okay that's cool~ My french is crap lololol

  15. Haha don't worry, your french is good ;)

  16. Oh ! You speak well ! =D Any mistakes ! [On my way, I'm sure there are ^^' Sorry O_o]
    I have receive my wig soon ! I look forward *o*

  17. I love the derp face!! Usually your face looks too perfect! Haha

  18. Looking so cute as always!
    Loving the bow detail on your top!

  19. I used to wear wig for going out also but it didn't look very natural and my mom always complain about it so I just stopped using wig.But maybe a half wig will do better,never try one tho.

  20. Awh bless ya ;_; Maybe you could use talcum powder to reduce the shinyness?

  21. Thank you so much! :D Tehehe~ ^^

  22. I think the makeup looks lovely, not lazy.
    And I was really impressed with the dress, I thought you may have been a Japanese brand.

  23. Thank you so much! :D
    Awh thank yoou >///< Yeah I'm really happy with it too~ Was a lucky find!


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