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Outfit Post: Uni Trip in London // 3月31日 //

Lazy makeup is lazy OTL

On Thursday I arranged to go to London for like a "uni trip" because most of us were unable to go on Wednesday 'cause of our deadline, so we visited Somerset house for an exhibition called "Pick Me Up". They had loads of pretty weird illustrations there~

Before that, we decided to go to Nandos instead of the usual Mcdonalds 'cause a) that food is skanky and b) we wanted to try something different! I've never been there before so it was something new for me ^^

They had this weird thing up on their wall... Didn't want to touch it incase I got stabbed LOLOLOL

Food time! One of my friend's ordered this dish with houmous (?) so I tried it out.. It was quite yummy! ^^

And this was my main dish! I ordered a Chicken burger with chips at medium chill (if that makes sense? D:) and it was still quite spicy! :P I luurved it though~ Was quite expensive which sucks ><

After some food time we went to Somerset house, and this is what it looked like! When I was last here the lawn was replaced by an ice rink (as it was around Xmas that I went) so I was kinda surprised... And at first I thought it was real flowers on the field... But they were clay flowers o_O I kid you not, CLAY FLOWERS. Each individual one had been handmade and boy that must've taken them ages to do o_O

Inside it was divided into little sections for the different exhibitions, and the one we needed to go to was on the other side~ I've got tons of illustration piccies, but I'd prefer to display this all on my blog art which I have just started! (Well, just started to use :P) But I'll give you a sneak peek of some of my faves ^^ I wrote the artist name's by them ^^

I think I've found a style that I love! But I just can't describe what kinda style this is o_O 

Just another photo of me tehe ;D 

Why do I look so moody? D:

I just put my hair up into a ponytail because I'm a lazy git I didn't have time to style it or anything :/ Lately I've been so lazy with my hair, only straightening when I doll up... And I kinda miss the days when I curl it and whatnot >< But what's the point when I never go out? When there's never an occasion to doll up properly? :/ Argh D: What do you guys normally do about this? 

That's all for now~


  1. Looks like a fab day, Im jealous you can just pop to London like that! Its so far away and expensive for me D:

    I love Nandos its amazing, though Im so weak and I cant even handle medium haha
    I once has a win roulette but I managed to identify which was the "XXX" toxic hot wing and avoided it hahaha

    To be fair you will be doing your hair a lot of good but cutting down styling to only when you really "need" it
    So don't worry about it too much, your hair will love you in return :D

  2. It was a gorgeous day out! Really sunny but cool ^^ Awh bless ya :P That sucks D:

    It was my first time visiting and I quite liked it~ Was quite pricey though if I'm honest :/
    Awh bless ya :P

    That's true I guess >_> But I miss having a reason to curl it and whatnot D:

  3. It looks so beautiful,I wish I could visit there someday :D
    But travelling to Europe from here is even more expensive than to Japan :(

    Normally,I'm too lazy to do anything with myself also,sometimes I don't makeup even I have to go out XD

  4. Cute makeup and hair :D <3
    mmmm those food pics have made me hungry >w< hehe

  5. At first I thought you cut your hair! :O But then I thought that you would look so chic with it :3
    Those paintings, I like the style too but do not know the correct term for it >.<

    And For lazy hair days, for me that is everyday almost! haha But I never straighten my hair(I have the typical Asian straight hair =.='') So I use my straightener to add volume which also kinda gives it shape too ^^

  6. I really like ben olivers work..I should get back into drawing lol. You look really good in your pics :)

  7. Me too! I want to find his blog lololol :P

  8. Tehe~ Oooh really? o_O Hmmm, interesting ;D
    Yeah I can't think of what it is D: It's like scrapbook style... Gah can't think D:

    Aah I'm glad that I'm not the only one! ^^

  9. Awh thanks bby :D <3
    Tehe yeah it was quite yummy! ^^

  10. It is quite pretty tehe ^^
    Awh bless ya ;_; Where abouts are you from? ^^

    Wow really? I have to go out with a lil' bit of makeup lololol :P

  11. I live in Thailand...South East Asia =w=

  12. When I know the next day is going to be a lazy day, I sleep in my neGoo rollers. It's great because it takes less than five mins each side (putting the rollers in is like super easy, and taking them out takes literally thirty seconds) and it makes my hair look super gorgeous and like naturally styled I guess. Then accessorize with a cute alice band or a cute Liz Lisa style bow or something. It helps to have a nice layered cut in your hair, but they still work miracles on straight and one length hair.
    I sound like an advert.
    If I don't do my rollers then I either pile everything on top of my head in a super messy bun or put it in two braids. I have a typical Asian layered cut and pretty heavy bangs, so my first layer stars at my jawline and so sticks out above the braids. Instant cute. I used to be a no big hair no life girl but now I am scared of ruining my hair so I invested in two really good wigs for when I'm desperate for big hair but short on time. Then of course Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for having big gyaru hair.
    Sorry about the essay www

  13. Oooh okay! I need to invest in some rollers >_> I don't really have any... I bought these cheapo ones before and they didn't come out of my hair that easily, and ripped half of my hair out D:
    I used to do a bun quite a lot... But had so much trouble keeping it up ;_; How do you keep it up? Do you use loads of pins and what not? ^^
    Do you style your hair everyday before school then? ^^


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