Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pressie Time! // 3月29日 //

We exchanged gifts a day or two before our actual 2 year anni because we weren't able to wrap them and we had to pick Stef's up from the delivery office >< I was so very excited, and hoped Stef liked what I bought for him! This is what he bought for me~

Anna Smith bag, beautyUK glitter liner, top from Select and Angel eye lashes! >\\\< I luuurved them all so much *_* 

I realised I didn't take a piccie of my top so here it is ^^
It looks so much better when worn OTL

The bag had little bows on it! Was so pretty *_* It's now my fave bag :D 

Isn't it so pretty? *_* And at a perfect size to fit everything in tehe~

I got him this Thermaltake gaming mouse which I had been saving up for as I was unable to get it for him for Xmas ;_; he looked so happy! Tehe >\\<

I have to say that this mouse was actually pretty impressive o_O Looks so... Graphical! And sleek too.

That's all for this post! It's very short and haven't got many pictures but OH WELL.



  1. The bag is super nice and it really suits your style too :)
    It reminds me of Juicy Coture :D

    and boys do like their toys! Im sure he loved the mouse!

  2. I'm in love with that bag! It looks very impressive..

    Haha, is your boyfriend a gamer? What's he playing? Happy Anni btw! <3

  3. I envy your boyfriend. I WANT THAT MOUSE

  4. Wow love that purse and those lashes!
    Your boyfriend is so lucky to have that mouse! I NEED that in my life.

  5. Such lovely gifts! And you look so fabulous ~ <33

  6. Lucky boyfriend to have you and that mouse <3 :) Hahaha! I love those lashes!

  7. Awh nyuu I'm the lucky one! <3 Thank you :D I love them too ^^

  8. Thank you! I'm in love with them lololol.
    Aha well it looks amazing :D

  9. LOLOLOLOL I'll tell him that ;D

  10. Yeah me too! :3

    Yesh he is ^^ He plays Battlefield 3 and Minecraft :3 Thank you :D <3

  11. Thanks doll! ^3^ Ooh yeah, come to think of it, it does a lil' o_O

    Ahahaha Ikr? I hope he did ^^

  12. That's so cute!!
    I wish I could do that,too but then my bf has no sense of gyaru fashion and he's not into game....
    I want to buy him a gift too but it's just so hard to find what he may likes ;w;

  13. Ah thanks :3
    Ahahaha well I just hint what I want to him ;D Aah yeah I know what you mean :/

  14. The Anna Smith bag...oh my god!

  15. omg i love that bag!! *_________*!!!!!


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