Monday, 30 April 2012

Day O2 & My New Lenses! :3 // 4月30日 //

I've decided that because I'm going to be posting the meme so frequently, that I'll put two posts in one! This is because I have so many things to blog about and I don't have time to blog daily D:

Stef was visiting me this weekend, and because the weather was so crap we didn't really go out :/ However that didn't stop me from dolling up! Another reason for dolling up was because I received some lenses from my sponsor that I really was excited in trying out >//<

So, ladies and gentlemen, my new lens! :3
You may have already seen them in my last post, but I only included one picture of myself wearing them~

My eye make!

D.I.A top, Reveal shorts, Primark thigh high socks,
Dorothy Perkins' heels. 

Today's meme is to include a picture (or pictures, in my case lololol) of myself and to include 15 facts! Sounds really easy doesn't it? That's what I thought at first D: but it's actually pretty hard to think of 15 things that aren't the same >_>

Anyways, here goes :3

1. I'm incredibly lazy and hate exercising, which is why I don't do any. The most exercise I do is walk to uni or to town OTL
2. I have a pretty darn amazing boyfriend <3
3. I'm studying Graphic Design and I love my course! But I wished that I designed more in my free time than lazed in front of the computer doing nothing ^^"
4. I wish I was a genius at something, 'cause then I wouldn't have to work so hard to get only good grades, not brilliant ones :/
5. I love art and design
6. I'm half Chinese
7. I'm pretty crazy when I'm with my friends, and can talk to people quite easily.
8. I've had bad experiences with memory sticks, but I still rely on them for all of my files OTL
9. I have astigmatism which is a b*tch.
10. I've never had a hangover, ever.
11. Not gonna' lie, I'm a bit of a poser.
12. I get distracted really easily
13. I love dolling up and feeling pretty, especially when it's for a special occasion.
14. I'm really crap when it comes to games; I'd get crazy over it, but after a day or two I'd get bored and never play again lololol.
15. I spend most of my day in front of the computer. I'm so addicted to the internet <3

Me and my bby <3

That's all for now! I actually really like these meme posts tehe~ Gives me more things to blog about!



  1. So cute! 。◕‿◕。

  2. Ooh I love your top. It's super super cute. And more pictures of the lenses really makes me want them even more.
    You're super pretty and you and your boyfriend are so cute together!

  3. Oh I love your top !
    DIA a so good brand !
    Your pics with your boyfriend are cute ! Fufu (And funny XD)

  4. Your whole outfit just works! I dont know how else to word it haha
    But everything just goes together really well and I am so glad you got that top, it's lovely! :D

    I had no idea you were half Chinese? That's crazy :O

  5. Gah! Love your top Lizzie! And the lenses look so nice with your natural eye color :3

  6. haha the last pictures looks so funny ^.^

  7. Awh thank you so much! I'm in love with it tehe :D
    Thank yoou hun :3

  8. Awh thank you so much lady! Means a lot <3

    Aha yeah, my mum's Chinese :3

  9. Thank you! And yeah, I love DIA so much! Really wanna own more of their stuff :3
    Thank yooou :D

  10. Thank you! :D And you should totally get them, they are amazing ^^
    Thank you! :D

  11. I love your shirt. <3
    And that last photo is priceless. xD

  12. Thank you! I love it too tehe :D <3
    Awh why thanks :3

  13. I love your 2nd fact XDD
    I'd love to say the same.

    I've just noticed that your natural eye color still can be seen inside the lens.
    It turns out really nice :D

  14. Awh bless ya <3

    Yeah, that's why I love them so much! I love the fact they have a gradient as well~ ^^

    Thank you so much :D

  15. Those are some pretty nice lenses, and you look lovely!

  16. hey you look kind of like lindsay price^^

  17. The clothes here suit you so well and your eye make-up is really beautiful. I'm in love with your top :)

  18. you both look happy together............ wish you have smooth journey together. God bless


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