Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My day with Amelie~ // 4月4日 //

Today I visited Amelie in Birmingham! It had been ages since I saw her and I really missed her ;_; I had all these ideas for my hair and make and had a pretty decent but then-
It snowed -_-
It was so annoying because I was planning on wearing shorts but as soon as I looked outside I knew it wasn't gonna' happen >< luckily I packed some jeans but it didn't have the same effect D: I didn't bother doing my hair in the end because of the snow and it'll be ruined within a second :/

This was my look~

Anyways, so I met Amelie at 2 and then we headed for some shopping! She bought this top and we thought that it looked a bit like the stuff worn in Soul Sister~ I am really liking the stuff worn in that mag recently... Trouble is, I haven't gotten any tracksuits that look pretty or anything D: Don't really want the plain kind that chavs wear ><
We then headed to Forever21! We don't have one down in Kent and the nearest one is in London which is waaay too busy D: So, as you might've guessed, I really really really looked forward to it!

Our usual Forever21 picture! Argh I look so herp derp :P

Amelie found this amazing camouflage skirt, and I noticed the label... And it said it was £2.49 o_O £2.49?! It was too good for that price! So we bought it :P When we got to the till the guy said that it was supposed to be £12.49 but whoever did it wrote it wrong :P Crazy! But we managed to get it for £2.49 anyways.

Me trying it out. Don't I look so cool ;D Not like the clothes clash or anything...

Wagamama was a must as Amelie was hungry and I wanted some deep fried chilli squid *_* We talked about anything and everything! I really missed her <3

Me and Amelie! She's so cuuute~

I wanted to go to a Chinese supermarket to find some Sake and dashi, as well as mirin as I wanted to try cooking some Japanese, Chinese and Korean food! ^^ A friend of mine showed me some amazing videos on YouTube that I wanna try out :3 But yeah. I managed to find some sake ^^ We popped over to the next shop and I found some amazingly-decorated iPhone 4 cases!

How the hell do you use these cases? o_O Especially that Hello Kitty one...

I found these glasses there as well! And surprised Amelie with them lolololol :P

Don't I look so cool brah.

We went back to Forever21 as I found these pair of shorts that I LOVED (they were acid-washed, distressed, and had studs *_*) but the only one that was left was way too big ;_; So had to leave it in the end :/ It sucks so much! I even tried looking online but I can't find it :/

I decided to buy the jacket in the end :P I mean, it was exactly expensive sooooo~ Yeah! Just gotta' think of what to wear in the end :P

This is the pictures of my buys <3 Sorry it's so crap, my lighting isn't great D:

And with this jacket, me, Amelie and Alice are now skanky jacket triplets lolololol.

That's all for now! I had an amazing time with her~ Kinda gonna' miss her now though as I won't be seeing her for a while ;_;



  1. Bawww I missed you bby T___T I NOW I'LL MISS YOU MORE D: End of May is soon enough then End of June I'll be permenantly closer T0T -loves on- Is always kinda weird looking back at things like this and thinking Ohhh we did do that didn't we! I Still can't believe the price of those socks in the end though ffffffffffffffff

  2. You still looked very lovely, well you both did :D :D

    I should read Soul Sister, I never find the scans though

    Rofl at the Hello Kitty case, thats just overboard!! It would be soooo heavy haha

    Oh and mega winner getting the Golden Curry!! It's the best :D
    I think Im going to have to make some soon actually nom nom

  3. Awh thanks doll! :3 Damn rain D:

    Ooh you can download them from Sukebans on tumblr! She posts scans up regularly, and has lots of pictures to reblog on there too! :3

    IKR?! It was crazy! I mean, how the hell are you gonna' fit that into your pocket? o_O

    Oooh is it nice then? 'cause I really can't wait to use it >//<

  4. SAME SAME ;_; Suuuucks D:
    Yeah exactly! :3 Can't wait <3 <3 Lololol yeah :P Which is why I take many photos ;D Shame I didn't get any of those shorts ;_;
    Ikr? £10 for a pair of thin and poor-quality socks? No way D:

  5. Yeahhh soon we will find you awesome shorts T0T!! <3<3

    just ebayyyyyyyyy ;;D

  6. I hope so! *_* <3

  7. Haha you guys are so cute! It seemed like you had a really fun little get together after a long time ^^

  8. you're sure is have great time,love all your new stuff that you buy..(^_^)
    -i hope you will join my first giveaway on blog-

  9. awwh you both look super pretty!
    Nice new things ;D

  10. Thanks so much :3
    Tehehe well I just had to buy everything in the end ;D

  11. Awh thanks! :3 Yeah I had an amazing time :D

  12. Aww, looks like you both had loads of fun! It must be lovely to go out shopping with another blogger, oh the things you must talk about!

  13. We really did ^^ Yeah it was amazing <3 We've been friends for ages now :3



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