Sunday, 8 April 2012

Outfit Post: Cosmos // 4月9日 //

Argh my blog posts are so messed up time-wise; I have yet to post a couple of posts that I wanted to do before... So may as well start now :P
The night before I went to see the wonderful Amelie I went out with my family and Stef <3 to Cosmos! Even though we always go there with the family I love that place (and it's the only nice restaurant there lololol) because they always bring in something new. Being a buffet helps a lot too, and they not only cover Chinese dishes but some Thai and Japanese too! ^^ They have even added some Indian dishes there~

Anyways, this was my look! ^^ Went for the more onee look this time instead of my usual rokku :P

I have downloaded this new app on my phone to adjust the contrast etc~
 So this was a little tryout! I quite like it ^^ 

Top from Select, Vest from New Look, Jeans from
Quiz, flats from New Look.

Wearing my Angel Eye lashes that Stef bought for me! ^^

P.S You may have noticed that I have brought back the rounded edges on my photos, and that's because I want to spend more time writing blog posts and what-not ^^

P.P.S Happy Easter! :3 <333333


  1. Your make up and outfit look great!
    Love the lashes :3

  2. Angel Eye lashes look good on you!!love your make up :)

  3. Cute look! :D <3
    That resturant sounds really yummt (=w=) haha

  4. Thanks bby :D <3
    It is! ^^ Got loads of dishes to choose from :D

  5. Thank you so much :D I'm glad you like them! ^^

  6. Your eyes are so beautiful!!
    The lower lashes looks really nice,too.


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