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Room Inspirations // 4月2日 //

For the past couple of days I've been thinking of changing rooms 'cause my housemate is gonna' move out soon, but then I decided not to! Even though it'll be a bigger room the room I'm currently in feels MINE, like, as if it's becoming my little home all to myself... But the problem with it is that a) it's small and b) it needs some decorating!
So when I got back from uni I cleared out nearly all the crap that had been cluttering the room and managed to make more room! It actually looks quite big o_O Srysly. I would show pictures of my room but I'm kinda' bit meh about posting it onto the net for all to see lololololol.

Instead I'm going to show pictures that I'm inspired from! I was thinking of buying new storage spaces and shizz, but Idk... I just want to make the room feel more "me" than it does right now.

I love the idea of sticking cute notes on the wall! ^^

The shoes are amazingly pretty, but too girly... Anyways I like how they arranged them! :3

Such a cute theme! Those storage boxes/thingies are so cute <3

Just amazing how everything looks so neat o_O

Gotta' love a bit of zebra print <3

But I prefer leopard print ;D

I love this one 'cause it's got a theme but it's not too OTT

My theme: I want to go for something that reflects my style too, and I really like leopard print and the black&pink colour scheme.. But I know that this isn't really possible for my room as I can't paint my walls and whatever ;_; So gonna' try and make my storage reflect my theme as much as possible! ^^ I was also thinking of getting like patterned covers/sheets to cover boxes and make them boom a lil' bit >_> Oh well that's just my creative juices coming through :3

There's this amazing tutorial on decorating your room here that I thought I'd give a lil' mention to ^^ I might even follow some of it myself! ^^ It's amazing. Alternative Kei just covers everything you wanna know in there! ^^



  1. Amazing inspirations:) First bed is so cute^^

  2. At my friends flat at Uni we had a wall covered in post it notes of all the funny and weird stuff our friends would come out with XD haha

    I have leopard print all over my room haha XD and my drawer handles are spoons lol
    I love to decorate, sometimes things seem a little cluttered though!

    Check out places like Wilkinsons, they usually sell storage boxes in nice patterns
    if you can get to an Ikea thats good too, some things are really cheap but still nice
    There was mini tables for like £7 when I was there last week

    It can be hard to decorate at Uni though! Just throw as many pictures up or fleecey blankets over chairs hah :D

  3. I'm looking for some room inspirations also.
    I love girly style but I think maybe it's nearly impossible for me so I might just try to adapt to what I could afford here = =

  4. So glam :O I want to decorate my room again now >.<

  5. I love the pic with all those shoes in, I want them!

  6. Awh me too! They\re so pretty *_*

  7. Awh bless ya ;P I wish I could D:

  8. Awh bless ya! That's the same with me tbh D: I wish I had the money ;_;

  9. Oooh wowie! Maybe I should do that? :3 Like do lots of lil' post it notes? ^^

    Zomg I'm so so jealous D: Mine's a mixture of all of my crap that doesn't blend together lolololol :P

    Oooh yeah I could do! Only problem is that we don't have a Wilkinsons here, nor an Ikea ;_;

    Oooh yeah I could do >_> I'll try and do my best ;D

  10. love the first room (only my wall already is full with my drawings) so can't do that here.
    now i have the urge to decorate my room more cute :3

  11. I know, it can be kinda hard and difficult to find the right style for your room. :S I have the same problem with my flat atm. ...

  12. Ooh awesome! I really want to fill a wall with cute sticky notes ^^ Aah same :P

  13. It sucks 'cause I can't exactly change everything, so will just have to do as much as possible ;D

  14. *w* Lizzie I just now realized you mentioned me in this post! And the timing couldn't have been better, I just made a D.I.A. room post if you're interested <3

  15. Ahaha well of course! I loved that series <3 Yeah just read it now! It's amazing *_*


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