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Shopping with Emmie // 4月12日 //

Hello readers! :3
Before I write anything else, I'm going to make slight changes to the way I blog! First off, my pictures would be in a better quality, and I'll also add things like rounded borders and headers for each blog! Hopefully this would make it look more interesting :3

On Tuesday I and the fabulous Emmie went shopping in Bromely! It was my first time there, and I quite liked the shops they had~ It was so much better than Kent.... And it had a Primark lolololol. I swear I like, do too much bargain shopping... But oh well! At least it saves me money :3

I decided that together with my new jacket that I'd try out oraora! ^^ Unfortunately I had to go to work beforehand so my plans of doing up my hair were ruined D: Sucked big time because I was really looking forward to trying out a new hairstyle... Oh well! Next time maybe ;D

And the reason that I tried out oraora is because I've been looking at Soul Sister lately, especially because of this amazingly awesome tumblr called Sukebans has put up their scans! It is my main source for oraora, tsuyome, kurogyaru etc. and I love it! The people running it are really acknowledgeable and I love reading their posts on the oraora lifestyle :3 These kind of coords and makeup tuts really caught my eye and inspired me with my look ^^

And this is my inspired look :3 My make and my outfit shots ^^

Tried a flick this time instead of the good ol' droopy eye! Quite liked it~
Jewerich no.2 & Baby Eye lowers

I got some amazing advice from Alice who showed me a tutorial by Kanako 
for contouring! For ages I've been annoyed 'cause of my nose contouring,
 and now I've finally found a technique I'm satisfied with :3

Jacket from Hypnotic, vest from New Look, jeans from 
New Look, Boots from Reveal, accessories from Primark.

But yeah. So I met Emmie 2 hours after my shift and went along to Bromley! It was actually quite sunny but freezing ;_; And - I kid you not - at one point it did rain D: Hate this British weather! D: Luckily most of the shops were indoors so we didn't have to worry about our make and what not~ I also had a KFC for the first time in yonks which was naaaice :D I love that place OTL

I bought only a few items because I'm now on a money diet~ Sounds silly, but... I really need to stop spending and save up for Japan D: So stuff like a necklace, vest, socks, blusher... Nothing of great interest, although I did buy a crop top too! ^^

After we went around shopping I wanted to take some quick shots as I haven't had a photo with Emmie before like, on our own :3 

It had to be done.


I guess that's all for now!



  1. Really like the idea of a post header etc :D looks nice!

    Also, love your make up here, I think the flick really compliments your eye shape :)
    and any chace I can snag that Kanako tutorial from you? :D

    Daww youre both so pretty!!!

  2. Thanks very much! :D

    You do? Awh thanks >//< I don't really go for a flick that often, but maybe I will no ^^
    Suuure you can! I got it from Sukebans :3

    Thanks so much :D <3

  3. Is this the tutorial? :)

  4. I LOVE your inspired look by her! :D
    (shes so cool >w< haha)
    That makeup is seriosuly so pretty (=w=) ~ <3
    Also I love Emmie's hair (^w^) So pretty!
    You both look gorgeous :D

  5. Girl you so attractive, I love your make up like this! Oraora kei is amazing, especially on men, especially since I find most gyaru-o repulsive xD

  6. You just look so beautiful I dun even <3
    And Sukebans are just doing an amazing job show casing Oraora, it is one of my favorie tumblr blogs atm.
    Your contouring also looks really good! I still struggle a lot with it, so I am full of admiration XD; <3

  7. Awh thank you so much >//< <3
    Yes same here! I love it :D I just find it so informative... It's amazing!
    Thank you :D I only knew about this through a friend of mine as I've had loads of troubles finding the right techniques for my nose ^^ Awh thanks :D <3

  8. Awh thanks lady <3 Yes it is isn't it? ^^ <3

  9. Thank you so much! :D Her coord really caught my eye, and reminded me of my jacket ^^
    Yeah she has amaaazing hair :D
    Thanks so much <3 <3

  10. I love your eyes! They are sooo stunningly gorgeous! >_______< And your friend looks cool! :D

  11. Jesus girl, Ora2 really suits you!! Ayame's makeup honestly suits your face shape and it makes you look extremely sexy! Keep it up and I want to see you soooooon xx

  12. Awh thanks bby! <3 I'm so happy you think so >//< It does? Yay! :D I'm glad~
    Yeah we should totally meet up sometime :3 xxx

  13. Thank you so much >///<
    Yeah she's awesome :D

  14. kirakiramidnightcircus11 April 2012 at 23:33

    That jacket is so awesome!

    And your purple lenses are such love, the color is perfect for you!

  15. oh, you two look so pretty ~ <33
    what shadow are you wearing?! it's so nice

  16. decomposingblasphemy12 April 2012 at 03:19

    aah your makeup and coords are always so perfect ;u; <33 I also really really like your jacket omg *A*

  17. you are so pretty!and I love your make up and false lashes!

  18. lol my baby hair is mental IT HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN it was lovely to see you again my dear :D xxx

  19. LOLOLOL I did not notice that tbh :P Awh yay and the same to you! :D Should do it again sometime ^^ xxx

  20. Awh really? Thank you so much *_* <33
    Tehehe thank yoou :D

  21. Awh thanks lady <33
    I'm wearing BeautyUK - the best makeup brand ever! :3

  22. Thank you so much! :D I love them tehe <3

  23. Ffffff- ora2 DOES suit you! I'm with Em. :33

    Your make is always so spot-on, too! Love the Soul Sis. scans on that tumblr! And of course, the super knowledgeable mods. <3

    Ah-- I like your contouring! The way you did your nose is so smooth-looking.

    Looking forward to more entries, as always. :] The new header/image shapes are pretty nice~. Great idea.

  24. love the outfit,and your photo are so gorgeous...≧^◡^≦

  25. Awh thank you so much! I quite like Oraora~ So I'm glad ^^

    Thank you so so much :D I love sukebans, they're so helpful <3

    Awh yay I'm really happy with it :D

    Thank yoou! ^^

  26. I really think you have nice sense!
    Your design sense of blog such as round shape photos and your fashion are excellent!
    I hope to enjoy your next blog soon. ^^

  27. Primark's so expensive now! LOL. I was in yesterday and the blazers were about £22. I would probably think of it as a bargain if it was Zara or something but it was Primark. ^^' It's hard to get rid of that first impression even though some of their clothing have improved in quality

  28. Awh, why thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :D

  29. Yeah I can't believe it either o_O Like, when Primark originally came out it was the cheapest place ever! Now I tend to look at other shops too :P


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