Friday, 13 April 2012

Sponsored Post: Acrylic Narwhal Necklace

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own. 

Hello! Today I'm reviewing the Kawaii Acrylic Narwhal Necklace provided by Oborocharms!
Oborocharms is a cute company run by the lovely Miss Rountree who produces necklaces, plushies, stationary and much more. 

Postage and Packaging 
The postage process was very swift, especially seeing as she sent it to me over the Easter holidays. From this I predicted that it would probably take around 2 weeks for it to arrive, but it arrived much earlier than that! 

The product came in a nicely wrapped envelope that was lined in bubblewrap to keep it in perfect condition, and also placed in a little plastic pocket so that it didn't get tangled. The way it was presented in this pocket was very professional as she had designed a necklace holder. I was really impressed by this as the resolution of the print was brilliant. 

The design looks exactly like the one shown on their website, so I'm giving it full marks!

I just love the way that she borders the design so that it doesn't "bleed" over the edge, as it really gives it a clean appearance. It is painted/printed on so beautifully and doesn't look at all pixelated. The curves in the design makes it look playful and fun, which completes the Narwhal. It's so so cute! It brings out my inner child. 
The only minor thing is that I noticed on one of the edges had a slight jagged feel to it, but it's so small that I didn't notice it at first! 

This was really easy to put on, but when I did I found that the clip wouldn't clip shut. It's a bit stiff but I managed to get it on in the end. But this would be because the necklace is really new and being used for the first time, and with time it'll be easier to use. 

And now for pictures of me wearing it! ^^

Overall I found this to be a pleasant experience because she always replied to my emails and kept me notified with what's going on. She has also given me a coupon for you lovely readers! So remember to use it ;D Click here for the link to her shop! :3 



  1. omggg sooo adorableee *m* <3333!!

  2. Ikr? I'm still wearing it now tehe :3

  3. Awesome review, super in depth!! :D :D

  4. Awh yay thank you so much! :D
    And this is all thanks to you for guiding my way through sponsors ^^ <3

  5. That necklace is amazingly cute!! I've seen some of oborocharm on deviantart and always thought they were adorable, I'm seriously considering buying one because of your review, ahaha. It's really awesome that you're sponsored by them!

    I love your blog, by the way~

  6. It is isn't it? I love her designs! They're amazing~ Aha well you should definitely buy from her as she runs a brilliant service :D And when you do, you can enter my coupon code ;D

    Thanks so much! :D

  7. That's so cute! :)

    Anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

  8. kirakiramidnightcircus15 April 2012 at 20:58

    So cute! My friend loves narwhals, I have to show this link to her!

  9. It's much more fun to read your blog now. I always thought it was pity that your pictures were blurry, but now it's much better.

    That necklace is really cute.

  10. Nice blog!!!
    I just found it!!!

    I made a blog recently too!
    Check it out and follow if you like it!!
    Thank you!

  11. Thank you! Oborocharms have a wonderful selection! ^^

  12. Thank you so much! Yeah, I was a bit annoyed with my camera quality... So I'm very happy that it is now a lot clearer! ^^
    Thank you~


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