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Sponsored Review: Toric Magic Gray Black

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own. 

I received my pair of circle lenses sponsored by e-circlelens ! I was really happy that they did astigmatism lenses, as I couldn't wear normal ones ;_; The ones I'm reviewing here are the Toric Magic Gray Black and here are the details displayed on their site:

This Lens's CYL is up to -3.00.
Water Content
using cycle period
1 year
Approved by
They always replied to my emails quickly and were able to keep me up-to-date on what was going on, so I'm going to give them 5 stars!

Postage and Packaging 
Unlike most circle lens distributors, the lenses arrived in around 2 weeks! Wow o_O I was expecting it to arrive in like at least 2 months, so was very surprised when I got an email from them saying that they had sent the lenses. 
The lenses came in a little box, and inside that there were leaflets on how to take care of your lenses, how to put them in, and also some leaflets of their company. The box was filled with these polystyrene tubes to protect the lens, even though the lenses were encased in a polystyrene case and put into a purple bag! They really did think of everything, and I was really pleased with this.
As well as the lenses they provided a little travel lens case! Awesome! 

However I was a bit confused because on top of the circle lens bottles they wrote down the power rather than having it typed up... I think this might be to save time and money printing out labels with power, but I'm not too sure. Anyhow nothing was damaged and the lid was really tight (so tight that I had to use scissors to get them off lolololol). 

Image of the lens from their website
This has to be one of the prettiest lens I've ever seen, as they blend so well with my natural colour! Above are pictures of one in, and then both in with no makeup, and then both in with makeup. Even though they're only 14mm in diameter they make my eyes look huge because of the thick black border. Amazing! I look really doe-eyed when I wear them. 

I managed to wear these for a whole day without having any problems with dryness! They were a bit dry at first because I haven't worn circle lens in ages but after five minutes they were fine. 

Overall I was extremely happy with these, and shall definitely buy more of this series! Not only are they Toric lens but they also make my eyes look huge even with a small diameter. They are extremely comfy and nothing was damaged at all. E-circlelens were amazing and provided me with much more than I imagined (like the travelcase) and I was very happy with their communication and postage.

To purchase these lenses click here! Or view their website to see what they have in store for you! They have loads of styles to choose from, and their service is brilliant. I would highly recommend them!

Me with ma' new lenses ;D



  1. The package is really cute!!
    But well...since I was already born with black eyes so the lens didn't excite me so much XD
    I think your natural eyes look more beautiful but then again,that's because I originally have black eyes = =

  2. They look amazing on you Lizzie! :-D But may I just say that your natural eye color look so damn amazing! <3 I'm loving them! :-)

  3. Thank you so much :D
    Awh thanks! :3

  4. It is! I love it <3
    Awh bless :P I really like them 'cause of their enlargement ^^ It's amazing o_O
    Awh thank yoou :D

  5. Pretty~
    I really like the package too. x)
    Also, I really love your eye color.

  6. Ooh these lenses are gorgeous! It's nice to see how black lenses look on light eyes, and these look like they blend well. I have light eyes, too :3 and have always wanted to try black lenses but thought they might look too harsh and alien like! These are definitely going on my list~

  7. pretty lenses! and also your nose make up looks really good... ehh that's a weird thing to say. it does tho.

  8. I'm so hapy that you were sponsored by them! Now you get to wear more toric lenses ^^ They look nice on you too!!

  9. The lenses make you look like a doll! I wish my eyes were light enough to wear black lenses. I would just look dead XD

  10. Awh thank you very much! I quite like them tehe~ Awh bless ya :P

  11. Yeah me too! >///< I'm really amazed :D Thank you so much doll! <3

  12. Thank you! I'm glad you like them :D And the nose make! ^^

  13. Yeah I love them! I think it's because they have that gradient effect so my natural colour blends with it~ You should definitely try these out! ^^

  14. Awh yeah me too! ^^
    Thank you so much :D

  15. the black goes unusually well with your greenish eyes!

  16. I am deeply in love with you eye shape. So beautiful. I agree with the one comment about the lenses, they don't excite me as much because i have really dark eyes myself, and they wouldn't do anything but enlarge ^__^ i mostly buy my lenses for color rather than enlargement :) nevertheless... You're beautiful, the lenses look great on you, and you made a wonderful review! !

    1. Thank you so much ! This really means a lot to me ^^ <3

  17. Fantastic review!!
    and it's great they were able to get them out to you so quickly!

  18. Lovely review, these are beautiful lenses! Lovely packaging too.

  19. Thank you so much! :D Yes I love the lens cases <3

  20. Ikr?! I'm so amazed! Shall definitely order from them in future~


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