Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Warmth of the Sun

After having my nap when I returned from Brighton my landlord was hosting a barbecue and invited me, so I just quickly slapped on my lens and some makeup as his friends were already there and I didn't want to be rude in not saying hi.
I wanted to do like rows that I see on some oraora gals and really liked this tutorial on Rii's blog (which you can see here) so decided to just watch the part where she did the rows as my hair was already wavy. I might actually attempt to do it properly next time because I really liked how she did some flicks as well.

So onto the photos!

Argh ignore the glue it went everywhere D:

Top from West One, shorts from Reveal, necklace & bracelet from eBay, 
earrings from Primark, shoes from New Look!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Giveaway Winners!

It is now that time to announce the winners! First off, here is a list of all the prizes the 2 winners shall be receiving!

1st Prize:
 Two pairs of Circle lens sponsored by Mukuchu
 Diamond Lash Angel Eye
 Cute makeup bag
 Eyeshadow palette with over 80 colours!
 2 sets of false lashes
 A set of stickers from Oborocharms
 A set of badges from Oboroccharms

2nd Prize (the additional winner!)
 2 pairs of Circle lens sponsored by Mukuchu
 2 sets of false lashes
 Cute plushie
 A set of stickers from Oborocharms
 Phone charm from Oborocharms

So who are the lucky winners?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Lolo G & Krystal! You are the winners of this fantastic giveaway :3 Lolo being in first place, Krystal in second!
If you are unable to reply to the emails in 3 days, then I shall draw out other winners as replacements
I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this giveaway; thank you so much! I'm hoping to host another this time next year because it was just so exciting! :3 Thank you so much guys <3 I wish I could each give you all little pressies.. But I can only give you my love! <3 (lololol)

Thank you so much! And congrats Lolo and Krystal! <3


Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday in Brighton

It was my Gyaru debut on Saturday, which was also the day that I met up with Amelie, Bunny, Jada and Ruby for Amelie's birthday! I decided to do this gyaru debut thing because recently I've been lazy and not bothering to do gal properly, so from now on I'm going to find a way to doll up more! It's going to be hard - especially with uni and work - but I'm going to try it out.

I woke up way too early (like, quarter to 6 or something crazy) because of the heat so I had plenty of time to just browse on tumblr or what not. But that also gave me plenty of time to doll up as I did this hairstyle from Sui's tutorial so I only had to pull the plaits out. I really like this hairstyle!

I went for something sweet this time just because I always do rokku, so needed to so something else for a change!

MA*RS dress, Di Depux necklace, earrings from Claire's and 
shoes from New Look

Eyemake~ Tried using more gold shades ! 

Anyways, when I got there we - me, Amelie and Bunny - went shopping for a bit while we waited for the others and I bought some sun cream, nail varnish, flip flops.. Unfortunately the flip flops really started to hurt after 2 mins :/ So I decided that I might just use them for indoor/home use as I really don't wanna' wear fluffy slippers at this time of year lololol.

After that we went to get something to eat in this lovely Chinese resturant, and I had so much food! I was so full afterwards! I felt like such a greedy pig with 6 plates of food OTL I had to leave some of the mango and pineapple though as it didn't taste fresh ><

Then we headed to the beach as it was still incredibly warm and sunny. I came up with uber amazing idea and covered my head with a Primark bag for protection from the evil seagulls. Mwahahaha.


Then that was it! Me and Bunny headed to hers and we went to sleep almost straight away because of the amount we walked!

I met up with Amelie and Jada the next morning for breakfast and lunch at this Japanese resturant! It was so yummy~ I had Gyoza and Katsudon ^^ After that I headed home... I really wanted to stay longer but travelling was gonna' be hectic. I nearly slept on the train o_o

But anyways, that was it! I loved seeing my girlies~ Can't wait to see them again!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Blog Questions & Technical Issues

Hello readers!
I realised that there seems to be some issues with commenting as it doesn't show up on my dashboard, so this little post is a little test to see if it works now.

I guess that I should use this post to also ask; What would you like to see on my blog? I'm always looking for new ideas to make this blog a little more interesting! ^^

Thanks guys!


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Inspirational Post: Current Inspirations

Now that it finally feels like summer over here, I can wear shorts and skirts! I have been waiting to wear pretty things for ages, when I realised that I haven't got as many clothes as I originally thought. Most are actually left at my parent's house (if I call it home I'll get confused with where I'm staying now) so this is the perfect excuse to build up my wardrobe!
The only problem with that is that I'm desperately trying to save up for Japan and for general everyday life, so I can't really buy as many clothes as I want. So I'm going to only buy the stuff that's repeated across my inspirational coords.

I started off with looking at Popteen!
I was quite disappointed in their coords because they didn't really seem at all that interesting, however I did spot a trend; monotone! I especially like the 5th coord where she's wearing a patterned skirt with a pink belt around her middle just to add a bit of colour to her coord! Tres elegant. 
This trend makes it easier for me to find stuff to put together as most of my wardrobe is black, so all I need to do is add some pretty blouses or something similar. 

I never actually liked EGG, but this month I really liked their coords! I think that I shall be reading EGG a lot more in the coming months... Even though they don't have many hair and makeup tutorials that really caught my eye, I loved the way they put their outfits together and how "fun" everything looked!
The thing that I really liked the most were the leopard print shorts; they are so pretty! And they kinda' make an outfit more exciting.
They still had some outfits that looked similar to the winter trend, like the dark yellow and red colours. To be honest I prefer whites, denim and leopard print~ But their coords looked nice anyway.

 Ageha has never failed me yet, and I just love Sakurina's outfits! She adds a bit of rokku to everything she wears which is great for me as I have mainly dark clothes. Crochet is definitely on trend this season because not only is it shown in Ageha numerous times, but also on EGG! There are some hints of crochet in Popteen as well~

Guess that's all for now! I haven't really described the things that really inspire me, because they really do vary. But it's mostly the monotone and the crochet trend that I currently like at the moment... Only problem is, my clothes are way too dark for this elegant trend! Oops.

Until next time!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sponsored Review: ES A613 Lashes from KKCenterHK

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own. 

So here's my review sponsored by kkcentrehk! I was very pleased to receive a package from them as I love their lashes ^^ I chose the ES A613 which are 10 pairs of handmade glamour lashes with a natural stem.

Communication ★1/2
They always replied to my emails within 2 days, which is much quicker than I expected from a large company! However they didn't notify me that they were actually going to send the lashes which was why I was so surprised in receiving them~

Postage and Packaging 
I received their item quite swiftly (in just around 2 weeks, which is normal from overseas) and they came in a sort of envelope lined with bubblewrap, and then inside the box. However because of the cardboard of the box was quite soft it was slightly bent, but that didn't effect the lashes fortunately!

This is what they wrote about the lashes:

ES 10 Pairs Handmade Glamour Big Eye False Eyelashes
100% New, 100% Authentic, Handmade Lashes
10 Pairs in one pack, black lashes and very thin Transparent stem
Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
handmade eyelashes are very soft
Suitable For Everyone
Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

And I have to say that their description was extremely accurate!
They have a rather thin stem that was transparent, which was why I had to do two layers of glue on it because once it dried for a while it seemed to separate, much like it does on Diamond Lash Princess Eye. This is because of their transparent stem; glue doesn't really seem to go as smoothly as it does on a black 

I found the stem to be quite hard to bend because of my almond shaped eyes, but this was a good thing too because despite how thin the stem was they are really strong, and didn't go horribly bent even when I forced it to bend to see how durable it was. 

Eurgh ignore my brows ><

These are perfect for getting the really dolly and elegant look because of how fluttery they appear~ They's so soft and blend perfectly with natural lashes. I normally buy really spikey and dramatic lashes so it was nice to have glamorous ones for a change!

I'm quite happy with these lashes and shall definitely be wearing them for everyday use, and maybe even when I'm going out for dinner and what not because they really do have that glamorous and elegant feel. I love them!

To purchase some of these pretty lashes, click here! And you should totally check out what else they have in store because they have a very wide range of not only lashes but wigs, makeup, etc.

I would also like to announce that I shall be launching my Gyaru debut! What is this, you might ask? Basically I am going to start afresh and research into gal more and try out new hairstyles, makeup and coords as I've been slacking lately. With uni over I have plenty of time to experiment on day that I don't work~ before my gyaru debut I'll be going through a practise week so that I can see how long it'll take me e.g. To get ready in the morning so that I am prepared for uni. So my lifestyle is going to change a little ^^
So at the same time of launching my giveaway winner, I shall be launching my gyaru debut! How exciting. I'll definitely be blogging a lot more and try to spread out and make various posts instead of my everyday life all of the time.

Guess that's all for now! Enjoy :3


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day O4; A picture of a memorable night

Hello readers! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while (compared to the frequency of my last posts), but I'm just so busy nowdays. I haven't had the time to doll up recently unfortunately ><

Today's post is about memorable days & nights! I know that's a bit more than what the meme asks for, but I find it hard to pick just one.

My first one would be my surprise birthday party! For the day Stef made it out as if he was going to take me out to dinner, but instead he took me to my house where Kathy set up a party for me! I was so happy, and so surprised *_* <3 Because my close friends were there too! >//<

Another memorable night was with Amelie and Eri! It was the first time I slept round Amelie's house, and I had so much fun >///< We went shopping, and then stayed at hers as Eri arrived a bit later and then just surfed the internet and watched a film!
As a surprise, Amelie did my hair! I didn't know she had already planned on doing this to surprise me so I kinda' ruined her plans by asking her to play with my hair lolololol. Whoops! Oh well.

Another memorable time was at the October meet with Pink Marble! I had so much fun! And it was amazing to explore London~

And finally, my night with Stef when he came round for the first time to Kent! <3 And we also had Wagamama for the first time too! :3 

I'm so busy at uni so I may take a little break from blogging ;_; It's just taking up too much time to doll up, take photos, go out, and then write a blog post. I'm going to focus entirely on uni until it's all over, and then will come back properly!
Speaking of uni, I've launched an art blog on tumblr! Please check it out here . It will mostly be graphic design stuff from uni but I'll try and squeeze in an illustration every now and then.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day O3, Shopping Fail & Modelling

Me and Stef decided to go shopping (well, I wanted to, and just dragged him along lololol) as the weather was so crap that there wasn't any point travelling to another city. It had been ages since I treated myself but I only bought food and that was it ;_; There's nothing decent in shops anymore... I want more skulls and shizz! D: If only where I live was a lot bigger and had a Primark, then I would be satisfied. So that shopping trip pretty much failed :/ Oh well! I still had fun walking around with my bby <3

Anyways, it was the second time that I wore my lenses (I love them so much!) so I wanted to doll up again, but this time just left my hair because it'll only be ruined by the rain, and I was really behind schedule D: We were supposed to go in the morning and have a nice night in but it took me longer to get ready than expected lololol. 

Here are some pictures!

Eyemake~ Wearing Jewerich no.2 & Princess Eye!

Why does a perfectly good photo have to be ruined by being slightly
cut off? Argfdhkgjbdsfkgjsdf D: 

Day O3 - What's your worst and best experiences with non-gyarus?

Once I dressed up in gal at uni for this presentation that I had about it. When I went down for lunch there was a massive queue in the canteen, and this boy pushed in front. He gave me a weird stare and said, "What's wrong with your eyes?" I was really taken about because of how rudely he said it, and how upfront he was.
So yeah some people do think that makeup and what-not (especially the circle lens) think it's really unusual because of how dramatic it is. My parents hate the fact that I wear lashes and when I had a problem with my eyelid they went all spazzy and blamed it all of them (to be honest it was the makeup that made it bad ><).

But others really like the makeup I wear, and the compliments are the good things about Gyaru. It really has made my confidence grow and I really enjoyed wearing it because it made me feel good about myself.

Over the weekend I modelled for Didepux! She was looking for models to promote her jewellery, and I was really happy when she replied to me email >//< In about a week or so I received the necklace I was modelling for, alongside instructions on what kind of shots she wanted. I was so excited!

Here's the image she use which is displayed on her website! :3

Click here to go to her shop! She sells really amazing jewellery, AND she's a graphic designer! ^^

That's all for now!

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