Saturday, 26 May 2012

Inspirational Post: Current Inspirations

Now that it finally feels like summer over here, I can wear shorts and skirts! I have been waiting to wear pretty things for ages, when I realised that I haven't got as many clothes as I originally thought. Most are actually left at my parent's house (if I call it home I'll get confused with where I'm staying now) so this is the perfect excuse to build up my wardrobe!
The only problem with that is that I'm desperately trying to save up for Japan and for general everyday life, so I can't really buy as many clothes as I want. So I'm going to only buy the stuff that's repeated across my inspirational coords.

I started off with looking at Popteen!
I was quite disappointed in their coords because they didn't really seem at all that interesting, however I did spot a trend; monotone! I especially like the 5th coord where she's wearing a patterned skirt with a pink belt around her middle just to add a bit of colour to her coord! Tres elegant. 
This trend makes it easier for me to find stuff to put together as most of my wardrobe is black, so all I need to do is add some pretty blouses or something similar. 

I never actually liked EGG, but this month I really liked their coords! I think that I shall be reading EGG a lot more in the coming months... Even though they don't have many hair and makeup tutorials that really caught my eye, I loved the way they put their outfits together and how "fun" everything looked!
The thing that I really liked the most were the leopard print shorts; they are so pretty! And they kinda' make an outfit more exciting.
They still had some outfits that looked similar to the winter trend, like the dark yellow and red colours. To be honest I prefer whites, denim and leopard print~ But their coords looked nice anyway.

 Ageha has never failed me yet, and I just love Sakurina's outfits! She adds a bit of rokku to everything she wears which is great for me as I have mainly dark clothes. Crochet is definitely on trend this season because not only is it shown in Ageha numerous times, but also on EGG! There are some hints of crochet in Popteen as well~

Guess that's all for now! I haven't really described the things that really inspire me, because they really do vary. But it's mostly the monotone and the crochet trend that I currently like at the moment... Only problem is, my clothes are way too dark for this elegant trend! Oops.

Until next time!


  1. Yay summer is on it's way! It is so hot right now and will be all week! Finally short skirts and tiny shirts haha!
    I am really love EGG's outfits. They are sooo my style!

  2. Yes it is! It's absolutely boiling here o_O Bad thing about it is that it's so hard to go to sleep ;_;
    Me too! I love them ^^

  3. Sakurina looks awesome :-) I'm loving the Ageha coords big time! <3

  4. I've always loved Sakurina too~ She always looks so flawless(*´▽`*)
    I really like your idea of having an inspirational board. I think I'll go print some pics out and tack them onto my bulletin board on my wall! >‿‿<;;


  5. I am in total need of inspiration T^T College has no motivation for me to dress up LOL
    The cordis are cute! I love love love mode and monotone outfits ^^

  6. She is amazing <3 And so pretty too! *_*
    Yeah you should definitely go for it! It's great to gather some coord ideas ^^

  7. Eurgh same here ;_; But now that uni is over I have time for Gyaru tehehe ;D
    Awh I'm not that into mode but I love monotone! *_*


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