Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day O3, Shopping Fail & Modelling

Me and Stef decided to go shopping (well, I wanted to, and just dragged him along lololol) as the weather was so crap that there wasn't any point travelling to another city. It had been ages since I treated myself but I only bought food and that was it ;_; There's nothing decent in shops anymore... I want more skulls and shizz! D: If only where I live was a lot bigger and had a Primark, then I would be satisfied. So that shopping trip pretty much failed :/ Oh well! I still had fun walking around with my bby <3

Anyways, it was the second time that I wore my lenses (I love them so much!) so I wanted to doll up again, but this time just left my hair because it'll only be ruined by the rain, and I was really behind schedule D: We were supposed to go in the morning and have a nice night in but it took me longer to get ready than expected lololol. 

Here are some pictures!

Eyemake~ Wearing Jewerich no.2 & Princess Eye!

Why does a perfectly good photo have to be ruined by being slightly
cut off? Argfdhkgjbdsfkgjsdf D: 

Day O3 - What's your worst and best experiences with non-gyarus?

Once I dressed up in gal at uni for this presentation that I had about it. When I went down for lunch there was a massive queue in the canteen, and this boy pushed in front. He gave me a weird stare and said, "What's wrong with your eyes?" I was really taken about because of how rudely he said it, and how upfront he was.
So yeah some people do think that makeup and what-not (especially the circle lens) think it's really unusual because of how dramatic it is. My parents hate the fact that I wear lashes and when I had a problem with my eyelid they went all spazzy and blamed it all of them (to be honest it was the makeup that made it bad ><).

But others really like the makeup I wear, and the compliments are the good things about Gyaru. It really has made my confidence grow and I really enjoyed wearing it because it made me feel good about myself.

Over the weekend I modelled for Didepux! She was looking for models to promote her jewellery, and I was really happy when she replied to me email >//< In about a week or so I received the necklace I was modelling for, alongside instructions on what kind of shots she wanted. I was so excited!

Here's the image she use which is displayed on her website! :3

Click here to go to her shop! She sells really amazing jewellery, AND she's a graphic designer! ^^

That's all for now!



  1. Those are some lovely photos! The modelling one is really lovely too. :)

  2. the necklace looks really nice ;) your hair looked nice on the modelling picture ^.^

  3. I thought you dyed your hair at first! :O Doing it like that would look so cool! haha
    I completely understand how people are not used to seeing gyaru makeup and fashion, where I live nobody knows what it is AT ALL. So when I did wear dramatic makeup out others just stared wide-eyed at me! But if you like it, rock it ;D

  4. Aha nyuu Didepux did some photoshop to it ^^ But yeah it would look pretty awesome :3
    Yeah that's the same here D: Most reactions are quite nice, but there are some like creepy old pervs that annoy me >_>
    Hell yeaaaah ;D

  5. Thanks! They did an amazing job and have a really nice range of jewellery! ^^

  6. Thank you so much doll! :D

  7. Aija_WanderHartje3 May 2012 at 22:25

    Your eyes look so big and beautiful!
    The photos for the webshop look great. I like the color streak they added too~

  8. Awh thank you so much! :D
    Yeah I really liked what they did as well ^^

  9. Awh I think you look super pretty in these pics! (*w*) <3 <3 <3
    Its cool you got to model that necklace too! :D
    And wow about what the guy said about your eyes :S how incredibley rude are some people though

  10. Awh thank you so much lady :D <3 <3 <3
    Yeah I was so happy! >///< Felt really good about it during the shoot :3
    Ikr? It was really surprising o_O Damn people >_>

  11. Love your Di Depux pics :)

  12. Aw that's cool that you got to model for a website xD
    I think pink lipstick is cute on you

  13. I wanna go shopping! >< And honestly, I think that guy who asked what's wrong with your eyes need a punch. >:( ! You're like so gorgeous! Teehee! Have a nice weekend!

  14. I like her magenta hair streak and lips! You look stunning btw :D

  15. Alicia Subirana Bruach4 May 2012 at 15:18

    Oh my God, you're super cute hahaha Really nice photos :)

  16. Awh thank you so much lady! :D

  17. Yeah it was amazing >//< I was so happy :D
    Thanks! :3

  18. Awh me too D: Well, I wanna go where I actually buy something >_> Haven't bought anything decent recently :/
    Ikr? I was so annoyed because he was just downright rude about it -_-
    Thank you so much bby <3 And you! :D

  19. Thank you so much doll! :D

  20. Oh gosh-- that necklace is gorgeous!! (And so are you-- clearly you were meant to model it. ;D)

    Now I kinda' wonder what you'd look like with all violet hair...

    Anyway, those lenses really ARE super-dolly. And your make only amplifies that adorable effect. Awesome~~.

  21. Yeah it is! I love it <3 Awh thank you so much lady :D
    Ahaha well I might just buy a wig, just for you :P
    Ikr? They're amazing *_* Thank you so much >//<

  22. I totally love your jewelery <3 suits you well! I think I don't own any big earrings at all...maybe I should change that!^^

  23. HI^^
    I love Japanese fashion.
    This is my blog.
    I would appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you so much.

  24. love your necklace!! 


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