Thursday, 28 June 2012

Having a lil' break

Hello readers! ^^

After thinking about it I've decided to write some of my blog posts in French (with English of course) because I really need to keep on practising so that I don't "lose" any of it D: I really like French as well, and hopefully I'll be able to go on holiday there soon! It all depends on money though ;_; So sorry, my dear French readers, if there are any grammatical errors~ Please let me know if there are! ^^

Depuis les jours deniers j’ai décidé d’écrire en français sur mon blog, parce que je ne veut pas oublier la français quand je l’étudiais depuis 6 ans ou plus. Je sais qu’il y aura beaucoup de problèmes de ma grammaire mais j’essayerai de faire mon mieux sans traducteur. J’ai seulement utilisé « Microsoft Word » pour les accents. Mais j’écrirai seulement pour les blogs shorts~

Lately I've been getting a lot more shifts at work, so I haven't really been able to doll up recently ;_; I'm either too tired for it or I just don't have the inspiration nor time for it~ So I'm going to be taking a little break from this blog! I need to focus more on my uni work and work in general, so it'll be good to take a little breather for a bit. When I get back I'm hoping to doll up more or just blog about other things such as my gets, wishlists, current inspiraitons... Etc. Just something to keep me posting frequently ^^

Malheureusement,  j’avais été travaillée presque tous les jours alors je n’ai pas les temps pour Gyaru ;_ ; J’essayerai de faire mon mieux dans les semaines prochaines mais je ne peux pas promis D : Alors, j’ai décidé de prendre un « break » de mon blog afin que je peux concentre plus en travaille et mes devoirs d’université. 

Righties, I guess that's all I've got to say for now... Kind of in the process of cleaning out my room out tehehehe. But just before I go I'd like to tell you, lovely readers, that I have re-opened my Formspring! So please feel free to ask me questions and what not :3 

Just cleaning my room yo'. 
(Don't ask)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Outfit Post: Back in London!

Once again I have split this into two posts - a main post and an outfit one - because I felt I had too many photos for just one D:

I'm beginning to love this makeup style! Think it really lengthens my eyes~ I've been trying to experiment with different make techniques, but I found that I always have done this one throughout my "gal" life...
LOLOLOL please ignore the lil' shiny thing on brow... Idk what it is or how it got there! :P

Looking oh-so-mysterious into the distance.. Ish.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back in London!

The wonderful Emilie is leaving in a couple of days to go to Japan for a year, and she hosted a leavers get-together in London to say goodbye to everyone. Luckily I wasn't working on that day - as I've been working the past couple o' Saturdays - so I could see her one last time! I'm going to miss her a lot; she's such a nice person and I wish her good luck in Japan!

This was my look for that day! Wanted to wave my hair again as I'm beginning to fall in love with that hairstyle <3 I'm going to do an outfit post with more details so keep your eyes out for it!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Feeling like a princess

Okay so one of my friends Tobi suggested that I should try out Hime Gyaru, and I decided to give it a go! It's not normally the type of style I would go for but I was interested in it a couple of months back. I just love how princessy and elegant they were... But it was just too much for me. I don't think I'd cope with all of the frills and bows and pretty things.

But now that I'm not going to commit myself to any kind of style I think I might try out some not just rokku all the time, but like oraora, hime, onee, mode... It's going to be exciting! And then hopefully I can develop my own style. I'm going to do more research into each substyle to gather loads of pictures for my tumblr so that I could easily find some inspiration.

I've never felt so princessy and girly in my life, and almost tried improving my posture as I walked~ Unfortunately it wasn't the warmest of days so I just stayed inside lolololol. 
While I was dolling up I was just thinking about the hime gyaru style and what I like most about it. Well I really just love the way they are totally recognisable, and whenever I think of hime gyaru I think of pearls, bows, elegance, romance... Makes me feel so much like a princess >//< 

My eye make~ Tried some different colours this time! 
I think I actually prefer my purple lenses to my black ones...

Jesus Diamante top, skirt from Stef, New Look shoes

So I guess that's all for now! Although I enjoyed Hime gyaru, I think I prefer the more agejo side of it like the clothes portrayed in MA*RS. But it was really fun experimenting with it!

Talking of experimenting... Is there a particular style of gal that you would like to see me try? I'm really open to ideas! ^^


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Outfit Post: Day Out with Charli

I decided to split this into two posts as it would be too long otherwise D:

Like I said in my previous post, I went to London to meet the lovely Charli! I had an awesome time, and loads of fun <333

Here's some close-ups of my outfit and make for that day ^^

My eye make! Please excuse the stray eyelash on cheek... Didn't realise until now D:
I tried something new(ish) this time by doing half of the liner on my waterline, and the other just below
to maximise my eye shape. 

Blouse and vest from New Look, necklace from eBay, earrings from Primark, 
shorts from Reveal and shoes from Dorothy Perkins.

Now that I look back, this outfits leans more on the mode side than the onee... Oh wells! :P

Guess that's all for now! Think I might break down the posts into two like this if I'm taking loads of pictures at events and what not... >_>


Monday, 11 June 2012

Day Out with Charli!

Argh this is so so late OTL
At the end of May I went to London to visit the lovely Charli! I have met her once before at the Pink Marble meet, but haven't actually been able to talk to her properly then ;_; So when I made a post about wanting to meet people, I was so happy when she said she wanted to meet me! ^3^

I had curled my hair the day before, but seeing as the weather was so crap/rainy/windy I decided to just put it as a side pony, going for the très chic onee look. It's been ages since I went for that kinda' style as I'm usually doing the more darker stuff, so it was a nice change!

When I got to London I was rushing towards Chinatown when I saw her! It was so scary... 'cause for a few moments we were walking next to each other before realising that it was me/her! So funny~ We first headed to a clothes shop (which sold really cute liz lisa-inspired items, but... Didn't really suit me :P) that was pretty darn expensive - damn London - and then to take some purikura! :3 Here are my faves <3

After our purikura session we went to this lovely Japanese restaurant (Charli please lemme' know the name! I love that place ;_;) that I haven't been to before. When I saw the seating arrangements I was  thrown into the culture of Japan and I loved it! But then I said, "Erm... How are we supposed to sit?" And then she told me that there's a hole where we can put our feet in so it forms like a sort of chair o_O So crazy and hard to describe D:

I ordered some prawn ramen, and underestimated how large the portions were. At first I thought they were bringing out mine and Charli's food, but it was only mine o_O Really worth the money!

We went shopping afterwards (I need to take a picture of my buys... Maybe in the next post or something >_>) on Oxford Street when it started to rain again ;_; I swear the weather is nearly always horrible when I wanna' meet friends! OTL

It was half six by the time we finished, and seeing as our train was around 7 we decided to kill some time. We were starting to get hungry anyways so Charli showed me this Haagen Daas (sp?) restaurant! Was so yummy *_*

I kept pulling this face at her for the whole day...
hello little children *perv* ;D

After that I headed home~ I had such a lovely time with her! ^3^ I can't wait to meet her again... She's such a sweetie ^^

Guess that's all for now! I shall be posting an Outfit Post in my next one with some close-ups I wore in meeting Charli ^^


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Uni Meal

Hello again!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while... Haven't really been feeling inspired to write a blog post OTL.
But anyways, seeing as I'm so behind in things I thought I'd make a quick post of my meal with uni people~ It was during the really hot summer days (although now it's raining, again ;_;) and I decided to wear my new MA*RS dress for the occasion! I've been slowly building up my brand wardrobe tehe~

Unfortunately the day before I had obtained a collection of blisters all over my feet from my new shoes, so I wasn't able to wear heels and had to wear OTK socks so that people won't realise that I had plasters all over ;_; So I wasn't feeling quite as great about the meal as I should've done ><

I wanted to curl my hair as it has been a long time since I've done so... And now I remember why I didn't do it anymore OTL. It takes SO long to do! >< But surprisingly I was patient with it and didn't rush at the very end just to get it over and done with.

My eye make~ Sorry that it's so blurry!

MA*RS dress, Primark OTK socks, Dorothy Perkins flats. 

And then one last picture~

On another note, I am hoping to blog a lil' more over the summer holidays and doll up more to experiment with new styles. So hopefully my next blog post would be better than this one! ><


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