Monday, 11 June 2012

Day Out with Charli!

Argh this is so so late OTL
At the end of May I went to London to visit the lovely Charli! I have met her once before at the Pink Marble meet, but haven't actually been able to talk to her properly then ;_; So when I made a post about wanting to meet people, I was so happy when she said she wanted to meet me! ^3^

I had curled my hair the day before, but seeing as the weather was so crap/rainy/windy I decided to just put it as a side pony, going for the très chic onee look. It's been ages since I went for that kinda' style as I'm usually doing the more darker stuff, so it was a nice change!

When I got to London I was rushing towards Chinatown when I saw her! It was so scary... 'cause for a few moments we were walking next to each other before realising that it was me/her! So funny~ We first headed to a clothes shop (which sold really cute liz lisa-inspired items, but... Didn't really suit me :P) that was pretty darn expensive - damn London - and then to take some purikura! :3 Here are my faves <3

After our purikura session we went to this lovely Japanese restaurant (Charli please lemme' know the name! I love that place ;_;) that I haven't been to before. When I saw the seating arrangements I was  thrown into the culture of Japan and I loved it! But then I said, "Erm... How are we supposed to sit?" And then she told me that there's a hole where we can put our feet in so it forms like a sort of chair o_O So crazy and hard to describe D:

I ordered some prawn ramen, and underestimated how large the portions were. At first I thought they were bringing out mine and Charli's food, but it was only mine o_O Really worth the money!

We went shopping afterwards (I need to take a picture of my buys... Maybe in the next post or something >_>) on Oxford Street when it started to rain again ;_; I swear the weather is nearly always horrible when I wanna' meet friends! OTL

It was half six by the time we finished, and seeing as our train was around 7 we decided to kill some time. We were starting to get hungry anyways so Charli showed me this Haagen Daas (sp?) restaurant! Was so yummy *_*

I kept pulling this face at her for the whole day...
hello little children *perv* ;D

After that I headed home~ I had such a lovely time with her! ^3^ I can't wait to meet her again... She's such a sweetie ^^

Guess that's all for now! I shall be posting an Outfit Post in my next one with some close-ups I wore in meeting Charli ^^



  1. nice outfit =). OMG now i'm hungry haha

  2. Awh thanks so much! :3
    Ahahaha <3 The food was delicious! ^^

  3. I love both of your outfits! <3 very cute
    Thats such a cool resturant O3O wow!~ yummy :3 haha

  4. lololol! I love the last picture xD it's the kind of face I always pull with my friends too. Haagen Daas has restaurants??? I need to check that out :) The seating at that restaurant is so cool~ hope you had fun in London!

  5. always.alexander11 June 2012 at 16:18

    That pervy photo is by far my favourite of yours ^_~ x     

  6. Hahaha. The last photo is so cute Lizzie!! :)) I'm jealous that you awesome girls get to meet! Next time maybe! <3 I can meet you too. And Damn. That ramen looked really yummy!!

  7. Awh thanks lady <3 Glad you do! :3
    YESH! You should totally go there if you're on this side of the UK! ^^

  8. Aha why thank you ;D It is becoming my signature face that I pull in serious meetings, lololol. 
    Well yeah, where they sell like their icecream but in beautiful designs *_*
    Indeed it was! Tres Japanese <3

  9. AHAHAHA why thank you Alex ;D x

  10. Aahaha why thanks deary! :3
    Yesh definitely! I would love to meet you one day <3
    It was so delicious *_* Wanna go there again!

  11. jessica none ya11 June 2012 at 18:48

    cute lashes looks like u had a great time!!

  12. The last picture is amazing, haha! You both look very cute (in the other pictures ;D)
    Also love your Hello Kitty phone cover btw ♥

  13. It sounds so fun! Haha, that face! I think everyone does that face to their friends! -_____-" ;)
    It looks like you guys had a really good time - it must have been super fun to meet with another blogger! >U<

  14. Your makeup is gorgeous!  Ooh do you ever get nervous meeting fellow bloggers? 

    There's Purikura in London?! and that dessert looks amazing *.* 

  15. Thank you so so much! ^^ And yes, I do, but it gets easier as I talk to them more :3
    Indeedy there is! In Chinatown~ 

  16. Yes I had so much fun! :D Ahaha, I always pull faces at my friends :P 
    It was! I loved it ^^

  17. Why thank you very much ;D You're too kind <3
    Awh thank yoou ^3^ My grandparents got it for me ^^

  18. you and your friend so pretty XD
    xoxo, i love your eyes~~!!! XD
    hei, i send your email, please check it :)

  19. Awh thank you so much doll! Charli is beautiful <3
    Okay! I replied to it~ ^^

  20. Alicia Subirana Bruach12 June 2012 at 12:29

    I'm so jealous!! I want to go shopping in London as well hahahaha And that kind of crepe with ice cream looks delicious :D

  21. Awh you totally should! It's really busy though ;_; 
    It was! Shall definitely be having it again ^^

  22. Your purikura was so cute!
    I love your outfit!!It looks very good on you but I guess this style won't suit since I have a bad shape XD 

  23. Awh thank you! I love it <3
    Thank you so so much >//< Awh I bet you'll look lovely! ^3^

  24. Aww, looks like you had such a lovely time! I'd love to have a friend like that to raid different towns with.

  25. it was such a good day^^ I am glad you had a good time, was fun, shame about the weather though, just wish it was a bit nicer!
    and the restaurant I think its called suki? or something like that, sorry they recently changed their name when they did renovations.
    see you soon ^^ x

  26. it was such a good day^^ I am glad you had a good time, was fun, shame about the weather though, just wish it was a bit nicer!and the restaurant I think its called suki? or something like that, sorry they recently changed their name when they did renovations.see you soon ^^ x


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