Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Uni Meal

Hello again!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while... Haven't really been feeling inspired to write a blog post OTL.
But anyways, seeing as I'm so behind in things I thought I'd make a quick post of my meal with uni people~ It was during the really hot summer days (although now it's raining, again ;_;) and I decided to wear my new MA*RS dress for the occasion! I've been slowly building up my brand wardrobe tehe~

Unfortunately the day before I had obtained a collection of blisters all over my feet from my new shoes, so I wasn't able to wear heels and had to wear OTK socks so that people won't realise that I had plasters all over ;_; So I wasn't feeling quite as great about the meal as I should've done ><

I wanted to curl my hair as it has been a long time since I've done so... And now I remember why I didn't do it anymore OTL. It takes SO long to do! >< But surprisingly I was patient with it and didn't rush at the very end just to get it over and done with.

My eye make~ Sorry that it's so blurry!

MA*RS dress, Primark OTK socks, Dorothy Perkins flats. 

And then one last picture~

On another note, I am hoping to blog a lil' more over the summer holidays and doll up more to experiment with new styles. So hopefully my next blog post would be better than this one! ><




  1. The MA*RS Dress is so cute! I feel like heels and maybe more dolly accessories and a cute jacket would go great with it<3 You look adorable as usual though!

  2. rebeca edmondson6 June 2012 at 13:53

    I love your dress! You look mad cute :) Hope you had a nice meal! 

  3. Yeah I am definitely going to wear it with heels next time :3 Damn blisters! Always ruin things ;_;
    Thank you so much doll <3

  4. That dress is so cute! And I know the uninspired feeling of blogging T^T

  5. awwwh I love your outfit! sooo cute! <3
    Hope you had a grand time :D

  6. IKR! that actually happened to me once! I wanted to wear my ankle boots but couldn't! It really looked great with my outfit too!

  7. jessica none ya6 June 2012 at 18:51

    you look comfy and cute!!

  8. I love your outfit! So cute.

  9. Thank you so much doll! :3 <3 
    I did thanks :D

  10. awh thank you so much sweet! <3 But yeah, it sucks ;_; 

  11. wow really love ur style and blog!!  followed u! hope u can check out my blog and follow if u like it :)

    xoxo <3

  12. lovely outfit~!
    Aww~~ that dress is so cute!

  13. Alicia Subirana Bruach7 June 2012 at 20:23

    Your dress is amazing!! I'd love to have curl hair, so everyday I sleep with braids and the next day I put hairspray. It's easier, it doesn't look the same, though xD

  14. That dress really looks good with those OTK socks! 8D
    I also love your hair curled like this. Oh god all of your pretty, it is amazing!

  15. You look beautiful, lovely blog!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway!

  16. Awh thank you very much! I'm glad you think so ^^

  17. Ooh yeah I tried that out before! It's more like waves isn't it? ^^ I think I prefer waves tbh lololol :P 

  18. Awh thank you very much! I'm glad you like it ^^


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