Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's.. Or, in my case, dinner at Wagamama.

Hello beautiful readers! How are you?
It's been ages since I last saw my friends from uni so one day I just picked up the phone and decided to ring one of them, and we immediately arranged to meet up for dinner at Wagamama! I arranged to meet another friend to go shopping beforehand as I really missed seeing her, and saying that I bought a few items is an understatement. I bought a lot of things. I spent around £23.63 on just bath products to pamper myself every now and then, and then I bought a dress and a top~ So quite a few things! I shall make another post of my gets for you all.

In my last post, Searching for My Identity, I mentioned that I wanted to find the "me", and with this post I have to say that I'm still making small steps towards it. Well, I didn't actually mention it but I was on about that I needed to take more care of my appearance Gal-wise; I'm getting sick of just floating around thinking that I need to fit into a particular style so I'm just going to dress what I feel like, even if it's something that I would never really wear like Hime.
Actually I want to thank all of those people who made such lovely comments on my last post, and I'm sorry that I have not replied to you all! I just feel slightly down, but I'll be sure to make replies when I feel better about where I am. Thank you, I love you guys <3

ANYWAYS I went and bought clothes that I would never usually wear, but loved wearing, and I wore one of them to Wagamama! So here it is...

I don't know what the hell happened to my (your right) left arm... Think I might've held it over the camera or something... Hmm! 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Searching for my Identity

I’m not too sure where I am right now.
I’m just standing here wondering what I want to do in life, and realise that there are so many obstacles that I have to surpass that I’m drowning in the weight of the pressure bearing down upon me. I knew this was going to happen at one point; that I would come across this brick wall and would have to face it with a determined face.
But right now I don’t feel as determined, I feel… Lazy. I don’t want to have to break down that wall to surpass it yet there is no other way. I have lost all reason to keep on fighting for my dreams and just want to curl up in bed and sleep all of my troubles away. It’s not that easy, because reality is a bitch that bites you in the ass.
Don’t get me wrong; it’s my fault that I have put myself in this position. It’s my fault that I stopped learning Chinese and losing that side of my heritage, mine that I have given up trying to do something creative everyday, and my fault for being half-assed to pay any attention to my appearance. I’m so lazy. I need to get back on my feet and onto the path that I want to conjure before me. I need to get in gear…
I need to start searching for my identity.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Short and Sweet

Hey guys! How are you today?
So this is a post of a post that I was about to post before (confusing much?) but I decided to scrap it and write it all over again. This is because I write my old post when I was tired and feeling bleurgh, and didn't want to spread that vibe to you~ But now that I have some coffee at hand I feel tons better! I'm actually writing this during my break from uni work, so it's a sort of "reward" after doing two hours of it (even though I've only just done over a page, damn). 

I have to admit that I have been slightly naughty saying in one of my previous posts that I was on a break due to uni work when that wasn't entirely the case... The main reason for my break was that I was on holiday in the land of beautiful sunshine and unbearable heat, Turkey! I went there for just over the week with my family, and it was so nice to take a breather and enjoy the sunshine. Now I'm back to good ol' English summer that's not really summer. I miss the sun so much.
Unfortunately, because it was so hot I wasn't able to take many pictures of my outfits nor make as it was either too bright for it or because my makeup was wiped off during the first couple of hours of having it on. I didn't bother to go full out because of this, and besides, I was spending a lot of time at the beach and by the pool anyway!

However I do have some photos to share with you of one particular outfit that I really liked, yay! (Please excuse the not-so-good quality).


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hey there, beautiful readers!
I am still on my break but I thought that I'd break the break (tehe) by posting about Gal Vip! I was so happy when I got contacted about it, and feel really honoured.
Just to clear things up, I was going to be a model for GGM but there was a little confusion as I thought that was GAL VIP, as I wanted to be a model for GAL VIP. When I realised this I withdrew from GGM. I hope that the models and the creator of GGM are not offended by this, and I'm really sorry for the confusion.

Anyways, let's get on with the announcement and the brief intro to what GAL VIP is! Copied and pasted from Chaudie's post:

"To my fellow Gyaru...

Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives, we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look.
Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve.
To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures...
To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front...
To those of you that want something made just for us...

We hear you.

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