Friday, 31 August 2012

Girl's Night Out

On Saturday - nearly a week ago - I arranged to hang out with a couple of my friends as it had been forever since I last saw them. One of my friends came round to mine to get all dolled up and have Chinese before heading off into town~

Photo when I got back... No wonder it's blurry!

One of the main reasons of us going to town was because there was this live music thing going on. It was pretty crowded and freezing so after having a drink (or two in E's case) we headed over to this other place where they were playing live indie-rock music. At the end we all agreed that the music was vair depressing, but oh wells! It was good to just see them again.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vlog Post; Pet Peeves


Aherm, yeah, I'm really sorry for posting so much over the past couple of days but stuff keep's happening! Like I went out on Saturday night, I've got a review to post, and then I dolled up today of which I shall blog about this coming week.

But I promise that this is only a short one because it's about my latest vlog post! I'm not too sure where I got the inspiration to do such a post; I guess being spontaneous is pretty awesome.

Please check it out to see my video full of ranting, silly facial expressions and general pet peeves.

That's all for now~

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sponsored Review: After-Bright Long Luxuriant Eyelashes

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own.

I've been sponsored again by the company KKCenterHK for this product (After-Bright Long Luxuriant Eyelashes) which contained ten pairs of these wonderful lashes.

Because I have reviewed them before (click here to see that post) I shall skip the communication and packaging part as they are the same; their communication was wonderful and the lashes were sent to me almost immediately in a short amount of time. I am very impressed by their service!

One thing I must say is that their packaging was definitely better than last time as the box was much stronger and didn't have any creases or bends in it so that the lashes remained perfect.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Let's celebrate!

*WARNING: A lot of pictures, and I mean ALOT.*

This is my third draft that I wrote for my birthday post, simply because I really didn't know how to write everything up but today I FINALLY had an idea on what to do! ^^
My birthday was on August 7th - which, I know, was ages ago - and I celebrated it over a series of days. Here I have done a lil' breakdown on what I did! ^^

Thursday 2nd August
The first day of celebration of which I spent with my housemate! I did plan to host a birthday party but unfortunately everyone was either busy/working/on holiday, but I didn't mind because it had been ages since I've done something with her. She was really sweet and like did a “girly” night for me where she cooked this gorgeous Paella and we watched a couple of films with her homemade popcorn! Had so much fun despite having a migraine that day… It was so nice to relax! 


Friday, 24 August 2012

Diet plan, anyone?

I realised something quite shocking today; I've lost weight. Now normally this would be a good thing to some girls but to me it's the last thing I want to happen. 
Y'see, I am naturally skinny, but I'm forever pressurising myself to put on some weight. During my A Levels I had managed to slip down to an extremely unhealthy weight of 6 and a half stone - 41kg - and since then I've been obsessed with trying to put on weight. You don't know how many comments I get about my size, and even though I should be happy with it, I'm really not.
And now I'm at 45kg.
I just don't know what to do anymore, because the amount of shit I eat should make me a fatty but it's done nothing at all. I'm just so down about it as I don't wanna' be seen almost skeletal or unhealthy. I really hate exercising as well (I'm the laziest shit in the universe) and spend most of my time chomping away on Twirls or Rich Tea biscuits. 
It would just be nice to reach a "healthy" weight one day. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Inspirational Post: Makeup

I feel like I've hit a dead end when it comes to make up, because over the last couple of posts I realised that I was doing the same old style. So when talking to Amelie over AIM I decided to create an inspirational post just to get me generating new ideas. 

Gyaru Inspirations

This was the first of the images on Tumblr that caught my eye, and that's mainly because of the blue eyeshadow. Now let's just say that I'm not really imaginative when it comes to eyeshadows - settling mainly for browns and golds - so it'll be good to try something new. What amazes me as well is that she doesn't appear to be wearing lower lashes... Wish I had naturally long lashes!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sweet dreams (are made of this)

Hey readers!
My brain is so dead right now because, as usual, I just have a huge list of all of the blogposts that I should've posted weeks before but I haven't. I was supposed to make a birthday post last week but... I'll just leave that for now. 

The reason why I'm doing this post first before my birthday post is that it's linked to my previous one, where I did a review on Soul Sister magazine. Ever since I read that magazine I'm re-inspired to try out oraora and ane gal, and on the day that I planned on doing the vlog I dressed up in this style.

Only realised that Stef was in the background playing on his phone 
only after I uploaded it to the comp -_- Hence the grey blob in the corner :P 


Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: Hey, Soul Sister

Hey guys! How are you all today?
I actually have quite a few posts lined up but because I am so excited in starting a vlog I decided to post this one first. It's also because this is perhaps the only post where I actually dolled up!

On my last vlog post I mentioned that I was going to do a review for Soul Sister which I bought from Alternative Kei... And here it is! I want to carry on blogging still so I'm splitting this post into two parts; the blogging part and the vlog part. I'll be doing this for every vlog post I do just in case people prefer to read rather than watch vlogs~

Let's start off with an intro to Soul Sister:
Soul Sister is a magazine aimed at those gyaru interested in the substyles Oraora, Ane gal and 96gal. It is perhaps the only magazine aimed at these substyles so it's in high demand at the moment. I know that they do scans at Sukebans but I, and probably like many others, like the "real thing".

And now for those who don't want to read the review, but watch it instead, please watch the vlog below! I have managed to find a software for editing videos, but seeing as I'm still a newbie I haven't learnt all of the flashy bits and bobs yet.
I would really appreciate if you could watch it >//< 


Saturday, 11 August 2012

So I started this thing called Vlogging...

Hey beautiful readers!
I’m sorry that I haven’t really blogged lately and kept you all up to date with what's going on recently. Let's just say that the past couple of weeks have been really hectic, although I have prepared a post that I shall post in a couple of days time when I have all of the photos sorted. 

So for now I have a vlog post for you lovely readers! I was about to include this vlog post in the post that I was about to do, but I decided to do this post separately. I know that this is like an introduction kind of thing and that you may already know about me, but I thought I'd share it anyways. 
Yes, I have decided to give vlogging a go so please check it out and subscribe! *_* In my next vlog I shall be reviewing the Soul Sister magazine that I bought recently! :3

JUST REALISED IT CUT OFF THE "HI GUYS!" kdjfbg;kjabdfgkjdf oh well
Now I don't really know much about vlogging and the whole video thing, so if you have any advice please share with me! I really want to do more vlogs, because a) it's so much easier than blogging and b) I can just ramble on about whatever I want to. It saves me from trying to get a decent photos of my make and hair as well!
That's all for now, my beautiful readers <3

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shooting time! Well, not that kind of shooting...

Okay I probably deserve a slap on the hand for not posting in so long.
Truth is that I've been so caught up in work that I haven't been feeling too well in the past couple of days; so unwell that I just haven't been bothered to put on makeup let alone write a blogpost because I had massive headaches every time I looked at the computer screen. But the good thing is that I'm here now and ready to blog again!

So last Sunday through to Tuesday I stayed over at Amelie's and Bunny's house in the lovely town of Brighton. It had been ages since I've seen my girlies so it was wonderful to stay over more than one night to be complete loons and dance around to scary visual kei music. Well, I was the one dancing... They just sat there watching me as if I was some sort of lunatic or something :P

Monday was the day that Amelie dolled me up for the Gal VIP photoshoot! She herself was being lazy lazy, and didn't doll up (ahaha ilu really Amelie!) If you haven't already heard of Gal VIP click here to be directed to their FB page and here to their main website! It's basically a gaijin gyaru magazine, with it's first issue being launched in the first week of September! I am uber excited, because the people behind the scenes are putting in tons of effort so it would be amazing to see what they come up with.
Each model has to take their own photos for the magazine (obviously) and what better way for me to do this than to go to Amelie's place? She had the perfect room with a blank wall to do it in, which was just a bonus. I'm so excited to see what the other models have done! *_*

Progress shot~ Can't believe I'm uploading a no-makeup face on here OTL

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