Friday, 24 August 2012

Diet plan, anyone?

I realised something quite shocking today; I've lost weight. Now normally this would be a good thing to some girls but to me it's the last thing I want to happen. 
Y'see, I am naturally skinny, but I'm forever pressurising myself to put on some weight. During my A Levels I had managed to slip down to an extremely unhealthy weight of 6 and a half stone - 41kg - and since then I've been obsessed with trying to put on weight. You don't know how many comments I get about my size, and even though I should be happy with it, I'm really not.
And now I'm at 45kg.
I just don't know what to do anymore, because the amount of shit I eat should make me a fatty but it's done nothing at all. I'm just so down about it as I don't wanna' be seen almost skeletal or unhealthy. I really hate exercising as well (I'm the laziest shit in the universe) and spend most of my time chomping away on Twirls or Rich Tea biscuits. 
It would just be nice to reach a "healthy" weight one day. 


  1. I have never been naturally skinny, actually more like naturally curvy, and am always trying to lose weight. So this is just a guess at what might help, but I figure it's worth a try right? I'm thinking it might help you to eat more "good" fats like olive oil, seed oil, nuts etc. and more protein. And also do some weight bearing exercise (I know you hate me for saying that!) lol but it might help you put on at least some lean muscle mass if you can't gain fat.

    And if all else fails, remember that naturally skinny is beautiful too! Many girls probably would love to have your figure :)

    xo Aubree,

  2. I am obviously not as skinny as you, nor as tall, but I am losing a lot of weight too. It's not as visible as in your case because I accumulate fat on my legs a lot. But my ribs show in a horrible way, for example. At least I can hide with clothes. In the beach, I never take photos without a dress because I'm ashamed...

    Since I have a lot of stomach problems I am rejecting most food lately. It sucks to not be able to eat properly, and never feeling hungry, which causes more damage to my stomach. I also have thyroid problems... It's damaging to my health and a bit scary. I do not like it when people say I'm getting leaner, and my goal is the same as yours: staying at least with 45 kgs. I dropped to 43,5 kgs two months ago and managed to gain it back to 46 kgs.
    I hope you have success in your goal!

  3. In my opinion some protein bars could help, or protein fruit milks. And they taste amazing, really x)
    And what is also really good, but sweet and has high energetic index is chalwa (at least, in my opinion) and it's made from sesame etc. x)
    Hope you will gain weight to the point you will be content with x)

  4. Maybe you should try protein shakes and protein bars. You will gain weight from them fast, but don't eat too much or you may get too big >W< That's what happened to my friend when he didn't exercise as well -w-

  5. :( Well, eating healthy and getting all your proper nutrients including proteins would be good for you. I hope you won't take all the negative comments to heart. Some body types are different so it's not something you can control.

  6. I agree with the other comments- try to have more protein and do a little exercise to bulk you up a bit. Although I've never been really skinny (my height and shape don't really allow it even if I have a small waist lol), I completely understand not having much control on how much you gain or lose. Just try to get yourself in the best shape you can for your current size! ^^

  7. My mother always told me sweets and even fast food can you hold skinny, because your body isn´t able safe anything healthy of it. Mostly because it doesn´t have anything xD Maybe you should start eat more generall food. I don´t know what you eat so I am just able to guess hahah sorry v.v
    But yes maybe should start to eat normal. Sweets for sure but instead of fast food or so maybe a healthy selfmade lunch and dinner.
    I am sorry if I write things you already tried, I just try to help >_<

  8. Have you seen a doctor? I had an overactive thyroid which made me lose lots of weight without trying. Even if that's not a problem, they could refer you to a dietician! Otherwise I'd reccomend those gainer powders body builders eat lol (don't worry they won't make you bulky), they contain shitloads of calories without actually filling you up.

  9. Alicia Subirana Bruach26 August 2012 at 17:07

    Eat lots of carbohidrates and healthy fats, that's what I did when I lost too much weight :)

  10. I know what you mean, at my age i can still shop out of the kids section (actually saw something i want today >_<) and I get hand me ups from my little cousin, at this point I just embrace it. There are a lot of pluses to being a size 0 (dirt cheap clothes, sizes always available, rarely have to try anything on) plus time will throw some weight your way, trust me. And if you're not meant to be shapely, thick etc. then it just isn't meant to be *shrug*


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