Friday, 31 August 2012

Girl's Night Out

On Saturday - nearly a week ago - I arranged to hang out with a couple of my friends as it had been forever since I last saw them. One of my friends came round to mine to get all dolled up and have Chinese before heading off into town~

Photo when I got back... No wonder it's blurry!

One of the main reasons of us going to town was because there was this live music thing going on. It was pretty crowded and freezing so after having a drink (or two in E's case) we headed over to this other place where they were playing live indie-rock music. At the end we all agreed that the music was vair depressing, but oh wells! It was good to just see them again.
The Pimm's drink I had! Wow it was so delicious and magical.

I can't really write more on the matter as we didn't stay out for long; J had to drive back quite far to get home, and I couldn't be bothered to spend £100 or something ridiculous on drinks lololol. I did manage to get rather tipsy though! So tipsy that I actually made a vlog (which you can view here). CROAKY VOICE AND SHIZZ FTW!


I guess that's all I have to write today, I'm sorry for such a short post and not showing a lot of pictures! Tbh I didn't really take many as I felt awkward taking photos of my look when J was round (didn't wanna' be a poser tehehehe~) 

Until the next post!



  1. Aww you still look beautiful at the end of the night! <3 My family make fun of my when I take pictures lol. T_T Haven't watched that vlog yet but now I must go and laugh at drunk!Lizzie muahaha. <3

  2. Alicia Subirana Bruach1 September 2012 at 09:59

    I hope you had fun!! By the way, I saw the vlog, and it's not that bad, you look good :)

  3. Love your makeup. You're so gorgeous!

  4. I did indeedy! Really dying for a drink again now OTL. Awh thank you :D

  5. Awh thank yoou >//< <3 Ahaha yeah, hence why I take my photos like on my own so I don't get self conscious that I look like an idiot :P Tehehehe :3


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