Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Inspirational Post: Makeup

I feel like I've hit a dead end when it comes to make up, because over the last couple of posts I realised that I was doing the same old style. So when talking to Amelie over AIM I decided to create an inspirational post just to get me generating new ideas. 

Gyaru Inspirations

This was the first of the images on Tumblr that caught my eye, and that's mainly because of the blue eyeshadow. Now let's just say that I'm not really imaginative when it comes to eyeshadows - settling mainly for browns and golds - so it'll be good to try something new. What amazes me as well is that she doesn't appear to be wearing lower lashes... Wish I had naturally long lashes!

This is another one that caught my attention, and that's purely because I am heading into this style already. But somehow it looks so much better on this person than in my makeup shots... Need to up my game. I especially like how she lined the corner of her eye! I have a feeling that she's wearing Diamond Lash Angel Eye for the uppers which is awesome because I have those lashes! WOOP WOOP.

Now this image of Tsubasa Masuwaka really surprised me because I've never seen her wearing such dramatic makeup before, and I love it! It totally makes her look more mature and "sexy", rather than the cute appearance she always goes for. And I'm in love with her lower lashes... It reminds me of my Feminine Eye, but mine didn't show up so well ;_; Guess I might just have to get some Dolly Wink tehe~

Can definitely recognise Angel Eye and Princess Eye being used here! This actually made me realise that a lot of gyaru's use Diamond Lash, especially Angel Eye. I would wear Princess Eye more often but I find that it breaks so easily... Oh well, it looks amazing! 

Now I really want to know what upper lashes she's wearing because omfg they look so amazing! 

So that's all for now! Sorry that this isn't more of a detailed post, but I've been lacking in "muse" to do anything recently, including uni work. Luckily I did manage to slip in a few hours to do some studying but I just... I don't know. I've been feeling on-off lately about everything, and hopefully it'll all be sorted soon.

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  1. Tsubasa looks gorgeous I think she should do heavy makeup more! I've been trying to experiment with my eyemakeup as well. I don't feel happy enough with it. Thanks for these pics they are very inspirational.

  2. Wow that's Tsubasa? Who whould have thought she could look that sexy? I love that heavy make up on her.
    Cannot wait to see what you will come up with in the future <3

  3. Ikr? I was so surprised, like WOW THAT'S TSUBASA? *instant like*
    Yeah I agree... I don't really like her makeup anymore, tbh D: But I do love this! ^^
    Awh thanks lady :3 <3

  4. Yeah me too! I agree :D
    Awh I'm glad that they helped yoou :3

  5. I like tsubasa's look when she goes sexy as well! And it's fun to change your eyemake from time to time! And lining the inner corners is something I really like, but my crease doesn't allow me to do it nicely ;A;

  6. Wow, when I saw that image at the top I had no idea it was Tsubasa..! I wish more gals wore coloured eyeshadow. <3 If you're not used to it you could try easing in with a more conservative colour like coppery brown or hints of purple-grey. :) Are those upper lashes in the second picture really Angel Eye?!? If I had to guess I would say they were Glamorous Eye lol. XD As for Princess Eye they still break a lot but I find it better to apply them if you cut the long piece into three (total 5 pieces per eye)! <3

  7. omg Tsubasa looks so different and amazing <3 she looks great.
    Waiting for your photos girl n.n

  8. Alicia Subirana Bruach23 August 2012 at 09:26

    Well, I think you look a lot like these girls, if it helps hahahaha

  9. I think the makeup in the second pic looks nice, not too heavy but still gal and it would suite you really well!

  10. Aha me too! I'm not too keen on her baby face though... So yeah :P
    Aha indeed! I am trying to experiment but I'm just too lately OTL
    Awh bby ;_; That happens with me sometimes too D: IT JUST GOES EVERYWHERE D:

  11. I don't think many did tbh, as it's so different to what she usually does o_o
    Yeppers they are Angel Eye~ Glamourous Eye has some cross-sections in between their "longer" lashes ^^
    I find it harder to break them when they're in a single lash line~ But might try that out anyways :3 Gah. Princess Eye and their fragility! :P <3

  12. Really? Wow, thanks so much! :3

  13. Yeah I'm in love with that one atm! ^^ Thanks :D

  14. The fuck, that's Tsubasa? I would never have known. She looks gorgeous.

  15. this post is hella old but just wanted to let you know I'm almost 100% positive in that last picture. She's wearing Diamond Lash angel eye.


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