Sunday, 26 August 2012

Let's celebrate!

*WARNING: A lot of pictures, and I mean ALOT.*

This is my third draft that I wrote for my birthday post, simply because I really didn't know how to write everything up but today I FINALLY had an idea on what to do! ^^
My birthday was on August 7th - which, I know, was ages ago - and I celebrated it over a series of days. Here I have done a lil' breakdown on what I did! ^^

Thursday 2nd August
The first day of celebration of which I spent with my housemate! I did plan to host a birthday party but unfortunately everyone was either busy/working/on holiday, but I didn't mind because it had been ages since I've done something with her. She was really sweet and like did a “girly” night for me where she cooked this gorgeous Paella and we watched a couple of films with her homemade popcorn! Had so much fun despite having a migraine that day… It was so nice to relax! 

Tuesday 7th August
So my birthday wasn’t really spent partying etc, but I did lots and lots of driving. Why? It was because my driving test was two days after... AND I PASSED, FYEAH! I'm so so happy! :D Here's a picture of my beautiful car, Lennie <3 

Kathy & Dad even bought me a cake to congratulate me! *_*

I've still yet to get used to the motorway so I haven't got it where I live, but soon, me and Lennie will be together foreverrrrr lolololol. 

I did manage to go out to a barbecue but then it started raining which sucked as the next day it was sunny and hot D: 
My friend made me a birthday cake! She has amazing baking skills, and I really appreciated her making one for me >< It was so unexpected~ 

We watched Puss In Boots after it and it was much better than I expected. There was one particular cat that made me laugh so much though:

I got a few pressies too but it was mostly money 'cause I need to save up to buy a DSLR camera for uni! Anyone got any suggestions on good cameras? I'm thinking of getting a Canon 600D as it looks amazing, but I'm not that experienced in this field :P 

Saturday through to Monday
Stef came down with me as I had the work, so working around work (oh dear) we spent lots of time just watching movies, eating KFC and Wagamama <3 There was also a lil' show at the town centre of the Royal Jewels, so I just had to snap a few pictures. 

Best breakfast ever!

We did lots of baking as well! For the first time I made Jiaozi and... Well, I'll let the pictures explain what happened lololol. The brownies turned out surprisingly well though! ^^

That's it I suppose! I'm sorry if it a pretty long post, but I did do quite a lot for my "birthday" tehehe~ I have loads of other posts lining up including two reviews, my time out last night, and maybe even about my gyaru wardrobe and my wishlist.

Until next time!

P.S I'd like to say thank you to all of the comments on my diet post. I'm trying to figure out a lil' regime that consists of lots of proteins to gain a bit more weight, and will be doing some research on exercising as well. Thank you! 



  1. Happy belated birthday gorgeous, looks like you had a lot of great celebrations ^^ congrats on passing your driving test! :D the cakes look delicious~ I have the 600D and the quality is amazing (although Im still not use to it, there are some downsides to it - you should google reviews on it, you might like the 60D better)

  2. Happy bday!!<3
    haha, me and Lea also love that cat from Puss in boots, he is just to funnyxD


  3. Happy belated birthday lizzie! :D glad to see a post from you again! The paella looks so yummy!

  4. omg so much food and cake (*__*) I need to eat now haha ~
    Those cakes look adorable! (^__^) It sounds like you had a good time <3

  5. sounds like you had a great birthday! reminds me i should be planning for my 21st T.T

  6. Aaha Ikr? I should've labelled this post as a food post :P
    Awh thanks lady! :3 I did indeedy :D <3

  7. Thanks so much girly! :D

  8. Awh thank you so much! :D
    Aha I'm so so happy about it >//< Took me so long! And I finally pass on my first go :D
    Ooh okay! I shall have a lookie~ Thanks so much! <3

  9. Happy late birthday to you! I need to get to finishing my driving lessons and get my own baby :3 ahhhhhh looks like you ate tons of yummy food! Don't worry I can't make jiaozi either and I usually leave it to my mom >.<

  10. Alicia Subirana Bruach26 August 2012 at 17:36

    Oh, happy birthday then! You must be so proud! :)

  11. Thank you so much! :D I am ^^

  12. Awh thank you! :D
    Aha you should, 'cause it's an amazing feeling ^^ I've still yet to do some more motorway driving~ Only been twice and it was scary ;_;
    Ahaha it sucks doesn't it? I really wanna learn how to do them properly ;_;

  13. Wow you look like you had fun! And you look gorgeous too! I learned how to make Jiaozi from my boyfriend's granny (mine never stood up though >.<) Hope you had great fun and congratulations on passing your test! :D

  14. mm a lot of delicious food <3 and lloks like you had fun that great <3 and congrats on passing your test you car is so cute ^^

  15. Mmm so much good food, hope you had a wonderful day! And yeah definitely go for the Canon 600D, can't go wrong with a Canon ^^


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