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Review: Hey, Soul Sister

Hey guys! How are you all today?
I actually have quite a few posts lined up but because I am so excited in starting a vlog I decided to post this one first. It's also because this is perhaps the only post where I actually dolled up!

On my last vlog post I mentioned that I was going to do a review for Soul Sister which I bought from Alternative Kei... And here it is! I want to carry on blogging still so I'm splitting this post into two parts; the blogging part and the vlog part. I'll be doing this for every vlog post I do just in case people prefer to read rather than watch vlogs~

Let's start off with an intro to Soul Sister:
Soul Sister is a magazine aimed at those gyaru interested in the substyles Oraora, Ane gal and 96gal. It is perhaps the only magazine aimed at these substyles so it's in high demand at the moment. I know that they do scans at Sukebans but I, and probably like many others, like the "real thing".

And now for those who don't want to read the review, but watch it instead, please watch the vlog below! I have managed to find a software for editing videos, but seeing as I'm still a newbie I haven't learnt all of the flashy bits and bobs yet.
I would really appreciate if you could watch it >//< 

Good things about Soul Sister:
The (lack of) a Spine - This was the first thing I noticed, and I really liked this because I could easily roll the magazine without damaging it's form. Great for travelling with!
Street Snaps - Instead of just using models, Soul Sister also do street snaps with gals they find just walking around Japan. This really interested me because their outfits are (slightly) more doable! It also makes me so jealous of their clothing.... And some of the "models" on there are as young as 14! (And they look way older than me, and I'm 19...)

They even have some shots of models in their bikinis~

Motorbikes and Cars - if you're really into this kind of stuff, this magazine is great for you! Oraora is based around these and is a major part of their culture.

The Tattoos - Not many gal styles support the idea of tattoos and peircings, so it's amazing to see a whole 4 pages dedicated to tattoos! I really wanted a tattoo at one point, and this makes me want one even more *_*

Hair Tutorials - These are really really detailed, and the show the styles that I haven't really seen before which is great because I find that magazines like Ageha are sometimes "old" as they repeat very similar hairstyles.

Gal Mama - They have some pages on gal mamas! So cute!
Purikura Section - Readers can actually submit their puri to the magazine to ave it featured in the next issue!

Downsides to Soul Sister:
Make-Up Tutorials - Unfortunately there are only like 4 pages for makeup tutorials, but instead of just having many small sections of tutorials (if that makes sense?) they have a whole page dedicated to just one makeup style, with a lot more detail. This is great for people who don't read Japanese because the pictures really do help!

Sorry for the blurriness!
A little bit about Alternative Kei SHOP:
I have to say that my experience with AKS (lololol I'm abbreviating it to make it easier for me) was amazing; she responded quickly to my questions, and I had it all ordered and delivered in a little under 2 weeks! Amazing! She's just started her business and already she has tons of products available including many other magazines and even alpacas! I would totally recommend buying from her.

To go and visit Alternative Kei SHOP, please click here!


  1. Thank you for sharing this!~
    Soul Sister is such an inspirational magazine ^_^

  2. Thanks so much Chaudie! :D Means a lot ^^

  3. You're welcome!
    Yes, it really is! It's a shame that I haven't got much of an oraora wardrobe ;_;

  4. Ohhh I like it! I like how you pointed out the good points of street snaps too. Definitely more doable :)

  5. Yay I'm glad you do! <3333 Yes they really are... Makes me wanna do something similar!

  6. Some of my favorite Models model for soul sister and i would love to check it out. I don;t know if i'd buy a copy though cause I'll always be an Ageha gal! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You totally should! They look really good ^^
    Yes I love Ageha <3 I'll forever be in love with that magazine ^^

  8. Aija_WanderHartje14 August 2012 at 16:44

    Oh my gosh, I am in love with this magazine! Love this style~

  9. Well done with the video! You did a really good job ^_^ xx

  10. Thanks so much! :D I really enjoyed doing it, despite it taking hours to edit ;_; xx

  11. Me too! I'm planning on buying more in future tehe :3
    You're welcome! Thanks for watching ^^

  12. Aww, you're so adorable on camera! You make me want to vlog ^_^ Cute mini review, I so want some Japanese mags!

  13. Awh thanks lady! :3 Ahaha you should try it out! ^^
    Tehehe :D Buy some! ;D

  14. I might try vlogging soon, if there's a demand for it on my blog, need to get myself a little more popular first. Mm. I don't know which Magazine to try first!

  15. Great review, thanks!
    You look gorgeous on video btw.
    I bought from Alternative Kei too, but an Ageha magazine and I can't wait to get it ^^


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