Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shooting time! Well, not that kind of shooting...

Okay I probably deserve a slap on the hand for not posting in so long.
Truth is that I've been so caught up in work that I haven't been feeling too well in the past couple of days; so unwell that I just haven't been bothered to put on makeup let alone write a blogpost because I had massive headaches every time I looked at the computer screen. But the good thing is that I'm here now and ready to blog again!

So last Sunday through to Tuesday I stayed over at Amelie's and Bunny's house in the lovely town of Brighton. It had been ages since I've seen my girlies so it was wonderful to stay over more than one night to be complete loons and dance around to scary visual kei music. Well, I was the one dancing... They just sat there watching me as if I was some sort of lunatic or something :P

Monday was the day that Amelie dolled me up for the Gal VIP photoshoot! She herself was being lazy lazy, and didn't doll up (ahaha ilu really Amelie!) If you haven't already heard of Gal VIP click here to be directed to their FB page and here to their main website! It's basically a gaijin gyaru magazine, with it's first issue being launched in the first week of September! I am uber excited, because the people behind the scenes are putting in tons of effort so it would be amazing to see what they come up with.
Each model has to take their own photos for the magazine (obviously) and what better way for me to do this than to go to Amelie's place? She had the perfect room with a blank wall to do it in, which was just a bonus. I'm so excited to see what the other models have done! *_*

Progress shot~ Can't believe I'm uploading a no-makeup face on here OTL

All of my makeup laid out and ready~ 

... It had to be done. 

And for one of the final pictures!

Oh well just look at that... It's all blurry! Guess you'll just have to wait for the issue to come out ;D

I also tried on her MA*RS set and jfdkbgkjfbdgkjdfg I'm in love *_* I'm so jealous of her of owning such a beautiful set... IF ANYONE IS SELLING ONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I really really want it D: It was the first time I wore stockings and I have to say I felt a little... Weird. The set looked so pretty though!

Guess that's all for now, my beautiful readers! I'm going to try and blog more often from now on as I have tons of ideas on what to post here! It's just finding the time and place to do them...

Adios, amigos!



  1. Are U a half asian?

  2. I'm glad you had a good time lovely <3 we miss you lots T0T -clings- I'm pleased with the result so I can't wait for the issue! (I'm glad you posted my fave shot of you here ;D Even if its blurry!)

  3. Indeed I am! Half Chinese ^^

  4. Aha I did indeedy! I forgot to upload photos of the lovely food you cooked ;_; Shall have to do a food post one day ;D
    Awh me tooooo! So excited *_* Can't wait! :D Aahaha of course ;D

  5. wooow! *o* you are so cute without makeup! <3
    I am also quite surprised that you can really see that you are part Chinese without your makeup on, but it is not as visible when you have it on :O


  6. You look increidbly cute without makeup!!!<3


  7. That Ma*rs set is gorgeous..! *o* I think we buy a lot of out makeup in the same places. :P Love Sleek, BeautyUK palettes, and 2True 09 lipgloss (wanted it for ages 'cos they only had the tester)! :) Haha, I know what the blurry picture looks liiike~

  8. LMAOOOO your derpface is hysterical! You're so cute without makeup. WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE AT EVERYTHING MS CUTEFACE
    The mars set and stockings looks amazing on you 8D

  9. LOLLOLOLOL awh thanks lady! :3 I do pull epic derp faces, I must say ;D
    Awh thanks bby! You're too kind <33333
    Yes I am dying to have a set like this ;_; Fell in love as soon as I saw it! <33333

  10. Yes it really is! I'm so jealous, I really want it ;_;
    Aah awesome! :3 I LOVE BEAUTYUK! One of my fave brands! :3
    Indeeedy you do ;D

  11. Awh thank yoou so much *_* <3
    Ahaha yeah Ikr? Not many people know that I'm mixed, lololol :P

  12. You got some beautiful skin right there! God I am jealous like it is nobody's business! I really cannot wait to see the shoot with you, I bet it is gonna be really pretty <3 And darn your legs are just made for garters <3

  13. You have the most amazing facial bone structure *A* Oh, and body too (but I don't wanna seem perverted lol). You look so cute in the MA*RS set!! Wah, I really wanna know what the end result looks like~ ><"

  14. YOUR BODY. ;u; It's amazing! And you have such beautiful skin~ >u<
    I can't wait to see the shoot~

  15. You look so cute without makeup! Love that MA*RS set on you! I wish i had the money to buy MA*RS XD

  16. You are cute with no makeup! And wow, that outfit is cute yet sexy ;)

  17. Welcome back ! ^^
    Your skin is so clear... @0@ I'm so envious !!!
    " Oh my, that is a shame for that picture to be blurred. " ^3^

  18. Thank you! ^3^ It's good to be back! ^^
    Awh bless ya bby <3 Would you like me to make a post of how I keep my skin clear? ^^
    Ahahahaha well you'll just have to wait until September! ;D

  19. Awh thanks bby <3333
    Ahaha yes. I really want it so badly ;_;

  20. Thanks so much doll! :D Awh me too ;_; So jealous of Amelie right now D:

  21. Tehehe you're too kind >///< Thanks so much :D
    I'll definitely put pictures up when the issue is out and what not ^^

  22. Awh thanks so much doll! :D Ahahaa no worries, you don't sound perverted <3

  23. Thank you so so much! :D Would you like me to create a post on how I kept my skin clear and what not? ^^
    Awh thanks >/////< <3 <3

  24. (TwT) baww why so dang pretty? <3
    ^3^ Your outfit looks really nice! <3

  25. Awh thanks so much >///< You're too kind <3
    Thank you! :D <3

  26. Alicia Subirana Bruach7 August 2012 at 09:15

    You look BEAUTIFUL without makeup!! And those stockings are sexy, man!! xD

  27. Awh thank you so so much! >///< AHAHAHA YESH! Unfortunately they're not mine ;_;

  28. hi! you are really, totally, gorgeous!!
    i like your blog so much!!!if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you likei'll follow you


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