Monday, 27 August 2012

Sponsored Review: After-Bright Long Luxuriant Eyelashes

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own.

I've been sponsored again by the company KKCenterHK for this product (After-Bright Long Luxuriant Eyelashes) which contained ten pairs of these wonderful lashes.

Because I have reviewed them before (click here to see that post) I shall skip the communication and packaging part as they are the same; their communication was wonderful and the lashes were sent to me almost immediately in a short amount of time. I am very impressed by their service!

One thing I must say is that their packaging was definitely better than last time as the box was much stronger and didn't have any creases or bends in it so that the lashes remained perfect.

This is what they wrote about the lashes:

Luxuriant Front Short - Long tail Design
Inner Part Of The Eyelash  :Around 0.6 cm
Middle Part Of The Eyelash :Around 1.5 cm

Outer Part Of The Eyelash : Around 0.6 cm
Materials : nylons artificial fibers

100% Handmade and Authentic 

As you can see they're very informative about their products, and very accurate! I found that I could get away with wearing these lashes without lowers which is strange as I never wore my uppers without lowers since... Well, a long time ago. 

The stem was pretty thick this time and maintained it's curved shape. I found this to be interesting because lashes normally do lose their shape so it was harder to put on then usual as it didn't allow me to bend it even further. I am however impressed by how strong it is! I could definitely wear these over and over. 

I can see myself wearing these lashes for normal day-to-day use like for when I go to uni without having to worry about breaking them. Woop woop! 

I'm going to give them five stars overall because I loved the design and their communication was top notch. The only little downside is that I can't really bend it a lot but seeing as it's already bent to fit the eye shape I'm not going to complain that much!

To purchase some of these pretty lashes click here ! They have tons of other lash designs and also sell some accessories like half wigs, hair extensions etc.



  1. OOh they are prettay~ I like how they are so fluttery :)

  2. ooo wow! I really like how these lashes look on you <3
    I'm more of a crazy dramatic lash person, but I quite like these (^__^)

  3. AWH THANKS :D <3
    I agree with you! I would probably wear these on lazy days or something, because it's nice to have "natural" makeup every once in a while ^^

  4. Awh thanks lady! :D And yeah me too~ It's my first really fluttery pair :3

  5. The lashes are gorgeous! I love how the bottoms look on you as well<3 Your skin looks so smooth XD

  6. Looks fantastic!!
    I'm looking for various of eyelashes now since I haven't found one that make my eyes look bigger.Or maybe it's just my skill is bad....XD

  7. Cute falsies! I still need to buy me some pairs ^^ def gonna take a look on their site.

    New outfit post + Follow

  8. Awh bless ya ;_; Maybe you could try spikey lashes or something? ^^


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