Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sweet dreams (are made of this)

Hey readers!
My brain is so dead right now because, as usual, I just have a huge list of all of the blogposts that I should've posted weeks before but I haven't. I was supposed to make a birthday post last week but... I'll just leave that for now. 

The reason why I'm doing this post first before my birthday post is that it's linked to my previous one, where I did a review on Soul Sister magazine. Ever since I read that magazine I'm re-inspired to try out oraora and ane gal, and on the day that I planned on doing the vlog I dressed up in this style.

Only realised that Stef was in the background playing on his phone 
only after I uploaded it to the comp -_- Hence the grey blob in the corner :P 

My make~ I'm trying to wear these lens more often because they're gonna' run out soon ;_; 

My coord for that day! It was actually warm enough for me to wear something like this for once. Damn you English summer! We used to have really really hot summers but this year it's just crap D: 
This was actually my first time wearing that top despite me having it for at least a year OTL. I should really wear my old clothes more often! Or at least do a wardrobe clean out. 

Sorry that this is a fairly short post... I'm just so tired right now. Should probably sleep more. Well that's all for now!



  1. Super pretty! <3 I really like your eyemake there!
    (T^T) your hair looks gloriously soft! haha, my hair is so dead :'3

  2. Love your eyemake!!

    We have hot summer all the year we you love the heat,but I think I'll pass XD

  3. Very pretty! And loving that leopard top!

  4. Those lenses look lovely on you! You should definitely try to get as much wear as possible from them. ^^

  5. You look so cute!! <333 I love your eyemake! I have the same lowerlashes XD <33 Those lenses are really pretty (*uu*) You are so skinny, I'm jelly XD <33 I have to try harder to lose more weight!! (>w<);;/

  6. Thank you so so much! :D You do? Awesome! They are my favourite pair <33
    Ahaha no! You are perfect the way you are ^3^

  7. Thank you! :D Yeah I'm trying to wear them everytime I doll up because I love them so much ;_;

  8. Awh thank you! :D
    Ahahaha well... Give some hot-summer-ness to us! ;D

  9. Awh thanks bby <333333
    Aha well I don't dye it soooo that might be why? :3

  10. Simple, elegant and beautiful!

  11. i love those lens so much! ^^ they look really good on you!

  12. Alicia Subirana Bruach17 August 2012 at 09:05

    When is your birthday? :D

  13. lovely :) really gorg' contact lenses :"> belated happy birthday ^^

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  14. Was last tuesday :3 Wait no, erm.. It was on a tuesday! I think it's two weeks ago now >_>

  15. you're very welcome! i was wondering what kind of lenses they were! ^^

  16. you are pretty!
    hope u could join my giveaway! ^^ here the link -->

  17. raspberry-juice.de19 August 2012 at 09:14

    This bra straps are cutea! never saw something like that before. where did you get them? :)

  18. Thank you! :D
    I got them when I went on holiday to Hungary aaaages ago~ But I do believe that they sell them in small Chinese stalls? I'm not actually sure where you can buy them.. I was lucky to find them >< Sorry D:


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