Saturday, 22 September 2012

Getting there, soldiering on.

Still on a semi-hiatus~
I decided to take down my previous post because I just realised how personal it was; I do love you, my dear readers, but the day after when I saw the post it actually affected me and made me feel a lot worse... I'd like to thank all of those wonderful people who made comments on that post; it seriously does mean a lot.

I'm currently staying at my parents' house for a couple of weeks until everything is sorted, although because of the circumstances I didn't really bring everything I needed with me. Like warm clothes, for example. Boy it's getting cold now! 

I'm actually really excited for winter which is a first because I always hated it. I guess it's because I'm looking forward to finally having hot chocolate, snuggling in front of the fire, and wearing big comfy ol' jumpers! Thing is though, I'm totally unprepared for it.
So me, K and my mum went shopping to get some supplies, and these are what I bought~

Found this on the sales rack! Been reduced by 50% and seeing as it was the
 only one left in my size... Might as well!

A much-needed winter coat!

And, of course, some boots!
And now for a MA*RS skirt that my lovely boyfriend bought for me! I had been dying to buy this skirt for ages, and wasn't going to buy it at all until he was like, "I'll buy it for you!" And of course I had to say yes to that! 

Also, now that the first issue of Gal VIP has been released, I am "allowed" to show you some post-production photos! :3 I have two sets as one of them was for the cover shoot where I worked with Amelie~ <3

And let's end this post with a lovely cuppa' hot chocolate that K made me! :3~

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  1. absolutely gorgeous in those pictures! And I could really use some hot chocolate right now +_+ Last minute shopping! I would've taken a long time to pick stuff because I'm very picky! but those look really warm and believe me or not, I actually felt the warmth of that winter jacket when I saw it! HAHA I'm kinda cold in my home :/

  2. I hope you'd get through it and feel better soon >_<

    I really love your pics for Gal VIP!!

  3. aww I absolutely love that MA*RS skirt *o* idk how to get my bf to buy me burando...idk if he'll understand how. Maybe I should just ask him for the money so I can spends >:3 lol but you look lovely in those pics especially in that first set!

  4. It is so pretty! My favourite skirt of all time now. It's a pity that it's so incredibly short... Thank god for those "safety shorts" that came with them!
    Aha well my boyf just got them for me as a pressie ~ I kinda' argued with him at first saying I was paying, but he won -_- xxx
    Thanks! ^^

  5. Thank you, it means a lot <3
    Awh yay thank yoou! :D

  6. Thank you very much! :D
    Yeah I've been living on hot chocolate recently; especially because my sister makes it so tasty with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles <3
    You should definitely go to buy one! I haven't yet had the chance to wear mine, but the sweater is so naaice and warm *_*

  7. Everything in this post is so lovely..! XD Your gets, the hot chocolate, and of course you, pretty Lizzie! I'm ridiculously excited about autumn and winter this year. I usually enjoy all of the seasons and get impatient for the next, but this year I'm just crazy about autumn! :)

  8. Welcome back cutie~
    Still following you in tumblr!
    See ya <3

  9. Awh thank you so much Rinnie, I'm glad you like :D
    Aha me too! I'm not too sure why o_o I guess it's because I'm just looking forward to drinking lots and lots of hot chocolate :P


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