Monday, 10 September 2012

Inspirational Post: Sukebans

sukeban, oraora, ane gyaru

I know that I've just recently posted about my current inspirations, but because I rushed into posting it I completely left out one of my main sources of inspiration; Sukebans! I've been really interested in oraora and 96gal and I just love what they put on there.

Not only do they post pictures of oraora gals but they also have some lil' fact files about what's in fashion and what it actually means. I love these posts because they're just so interesting! Here they talked about the trends in oraora kei at the moment, and also about oraora culture . It's just amazing how I can just be inspired by looking at such posts!

But not only do they do that, they also upload Soul Sister scans for you to download. Here's volume 3, 4 , 5.

Here are some images that they have on their site just in case you haven't heard of oraora and 96gal.


I really want to get into oraora and rokku gyaru a bit more, so Sukebans is just the perfect place to get inspiration! I'm in love with Soul Sister. The only downside is that if I wore tracksuits here I'll just look like a chav which is so not good OTL. So I might just focus more on oraora rokku!

Anyways, that's all for now. Until next Sunday!

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  1. I have heard of Oraora before, but never really seen anything... They´re amazing!

  2. Im like.. reblogg all the posts

  3. Alicia Subirana Bruach11 September 2012 at 08:45

    I'm sure these looks would be great on you, Lizzie, you're perfect for this!! :D


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