Monday, 3 September 2012


I'm not supposed to be blogging right now as I'm in the middle of doing uni work, but I've just got told that I'm going to have a (yet again) really early shift at work tomorrow so I might as well do it now rather than in the evening where I stay up late just to get everything right OTL

Lately I've been really into the oraora/96gal/tsuyome scene, and even though I don't have a heavy tan I still admire the dramatic hair and makeup! So I wanted to try out oraora again, and the main reason being was that I received my new Listen Flavour hoodie (which is now one of my favourite items of clothing). I needed to have a bit of "me" time anyway because of being overloaded with shifts & uni work.

full shot of my outfit~

I'm wearing my deliciously-awesome new thigh high boots that Stef bought me from my birthday. Unfortunately when I started walking I realised that the top "flapped about" a bit ;_; Damn. Sucks so much D: Going to try and find a way to stop that from happening but for now it's only good for photos... Never felt so bad in my life ;_; 'cause THEY ARE SO PRETTY D:

My eyemake; still settling for the gold/black look... Oh well!
Wearing my new lens too ;D Going to be posting up a review soon!
So keep an eye out for it! ;D

This looks was... Different, to what I normally do. I normally go for the cute/elegant appearance but this time it was totally badass and rebellious. When I walked to work to get some stuff (as I work in a lil' supermarket) one of my work colleagues didn't know it was me! He was just chatting away over the little stall to me and then when I walked out to buy the stuff he was like, "Whao I didn't recognise you there!" But yeah :P I really do like this look and shall definitely be doing it again!


Last question of the day before I go: What time is it where you're at? I love seeing how people all over the world read my blog, and the time difference between us! Right now it's 14.55 for me ^^

Adios, amigos! Gotta' get packing for tomorrow and carry on doing uni work. Love you all!

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  1. In love with those boots! hng omg <3
    your makeup looks fab too girl! (*^*)
    you look good hardcore ;D

  2. Ikr? They're so pretty *_* Need to fix them though so they're not annoying when I walk ;_;
    Aha you're too kind bby ^3^ <3

  3. sososo gorgeous omgg ;w;

    try more glitter! like, between the inner part of your eye and your bottom lashes, just glitter 8D 8D

  4. Oooh okay! Thanks so much lady :D Shall defo' do that next time! ^^

  5. I think this style really suit you :D
    Maybe coz you're tall? XD

  6. Awh thank you! I really like it, tehe :D Hmm maybe :P

  7. you look great with your hair to the side :) oh and here in Sweden it's 17.20 right now.

  8. Awh thank you so much! :D
    AWESOME! So you're basically one hour ahead of me ^^

  9. You look very tall!
    Love this outfit very much~ And your face is cute >w<

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 XXX that is all :D

  11. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it ^^

  12. Right now its 12:54 :3 I love this look on you! You can rock so many different types of looks<3 Your hair looks so healthy and shiny and thick *0* Do OraOra more pwease<3

  13. Oooh wowie! So you're... 4 hours behind? ^^ Awesome :3
    Awh thank you so much :D <3 Ahaha, well I'm currently addicted to oraora so I might do ;D Just need the clothes for it! <3

  14. You look so cute! And those boots look great! :D
    I live in Canada, which I think is about 5 hours behind UK time! It's 5:15pm now~

  15. Alicia Subirana Bruach4 September 2012 at 10:00

    Nice hoodie!! :D

  16. You're so gorgeous T____T~ I love the new hoodie! It's cute ^^

  17. you did ora perfectly but you could DEF benefit even more from a little tanning/bronzing but your skin is beautiful and i could see not wanting to mess it up

  18. Ooh okay! Thanks so much :D I'm actually really interested in trying out a spray tan or something~

  19. Awh thank yoou! :3 Yeah I luurve it so much!

  20. Thank you! :D
    Ooh nice one! :3 That's awesome ^^

  21. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm sorry but I am so late to write a comment back...But i hope you like my comment! If you want please check out my new post! Its about my boyfriends visit in Germany!♥
    There are also more news :) I would be happy if you check it out ! THANKS

    wow so cute!! i really thought you improved so much when i saw your latest pics also on fb!!
    the last pic is my favoriteee <3 and the outfit is sexyyy (*-*) nice legs ><

  22. Awh no worries, that's fine :D Of course I will! ^^

    Awh thank you so so much, I'm glad you think so <3 Tehehe thanks! >///<


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